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  1. 1

    Allen Pugh

    Keep the geese get rid of the Clay Council if they remove our geese

  2. 2

    Heather Peacock

    Let the geese be geese. They were probably coming to Cosby Lake long before Clay was built and established

  3. 3

    Michelle Quick

    Responsible wildlife conservation calls for the thinning of a population when a certain species gets too numerous for the area it occupies. They will run out of suffient food and resources to thrive at the lake if the population continues to grow. Relocating some of them is a good thing and will insure their survival.

  4. 4

    Jeremy Horton

    When cities do this, they almost never relocate them. They are normally killed.

  5. 5

    Perry Seahorn

    Clay City Council, if you remove the geese, we will remove you all from city council next election.

  6. 6

    Robi Miller Cole

    Most need to be removed from city council.

  7. 7

    Michelle Quick

    Well I don’t support that. I’m sure there are people that are willing to help relocate. For the love, if there are crazy people willing to get snakes, I’m sure we can find people that want geese! Lol

  8. 8

    Heather Marie

    I think that speaks pretty loud and clear. Well done!

  9. 9

    Beth Taylor Gore

    Leave the geese alone. We love seeing them on our walks.

  10. 10

    Vicki Jordan Hardin

    i’ve read before where ppl complain too about all the poop and whatever else.i’m 100% animal lover but i thought there is dogs running all through my neighborhood over here off queenstown pooping all in my yard,do we get rid of the dogs too?we have geese over here too that hang out at the ponds and i think they are beautiful to look at!!

  11. 12

    Matt Coleman

    Some of y’all geese lovers need to get educated on this subject before you comment .they are destroying our water ,and property ,and are a health hazard .Canadian geese do not belong in alabama in the numbers we have them .dont y’all think it’s more responsible to manage wildlife correctly instead of ignoring a health hazard because y’all like to look at geese lol

  12. 13

    Matt Coleman

    I hope none of y’all ,or your kids don’t get sick because of those beautiful geese .how pretty would they be then ? They don’t belong here period

  13. 14

    Matthew Fredrick

    September 1st….. opening day

  14. 15

    Lisa Page Byrd

    Please, please, please get rid of the geese! When I walk around the lake, which I do almost every day, I have to be sure that I leave my shoes in the basement so that I don’t track it in my house. I live in Cosby Gardens and last week the geese were in my front yard. I do not want these prolific poopers in my yard! And finally, last year at the lake a child was feeding those “lovely white geese” and when the feeding stopped, the goose became aggressive towards the child. When my father literally pulled the goose off of the child, it attacked him, requiring him to need stitches. I despise these nasty things. Incidentally, so do my friends who live in Canada!

  15. 16

    Eric Bradford

    Just so yall know geese are carriers for avian flu they are not affected by it but carry it and spread it by their poo which they poo a lot. It would be hard to get rid of them sense they migrate every year so if you get rid of those geese there will be more. No good answer to the problem.

  16. 17

    Sherry Hair

    Heather Hair Meissen
    Wow, I’m glad someone spoke up. I wish I had been there.

  17. 18

    Nikki Smith

    I read somewhere that geese fly back to the same locations. I believe killing them was the only option according to the article I read but I don’t know how true that really is. So sad if so. 😞

  18. 19

    Michelle Quick

    Yeah most fowl do follow certain migratory patterns. Hmmm

  19. 22

    Daniel Ingram

    Welp… humans are here. Guess its time for us to go… get some community service people to walk around picking up the poop.
    Cosby lake is to America, as geese are to Indians.

  20. 23

    Drake Odeneal

    Thanksgiving is only 12 weeks away !

  21. 25

    Kay Fochtmann Mickel

    Please correctly call them Canada Geese.

  22. 26

    Matthew Vickery

    As someone who lives ON a pond, I fully support getting rid of the Canadian geese. I have not actually dealt with any issues with the geese myself on Cosby, but I have seen them chase after people before and see plenty of fights between them. And as someone who has to deal with them regularly on my ponds every year, they can be quite nasty.
    I would like the ducks to stick around. They are far less aggressive than the Canadian geese.

    Plus the area in general would look a lot nicer without them around.

  23. 27

    Tyler Young

    I’m not a resident of clay , but I do carry my daughter there and we love them there. My 3 year old loves them and they are not hurting anyone. Why hurt them ?? I grew up in that area and always have loved that lake. Shame on you clay if you get rid of them.

  24. 28

    Brooklynne Taylor Todd

    Fuck geese they can suck my ass
    Worst animals ever

  25. 31

    Jordan Belcher

    Like Benson said in Regular show, “Geese are highly territorial, warlike birds”
    That was not a joke lol

  26. 32
  27. 33

    Matthew Fredrick

    If you ever need to get rid of your geese, just let me know , opening season is first of September! 😆

  28. 34

    Craig Mix

    LEAVE NATURE ALONE! Residents unite and “Drain the swamp” of Clay City Council! Vote these losers out of office – they do not represent us!

  29. 35

    Robbie Allen

    Geese are nasty creatures.

  30. 37

    Brandon Watson

    Just wait til someone gets ecoli or salmonella poisoning… then everyone will be saying “the geese have got to go.” Canada geese are supposed to be migratory birds but these aren’t migrating.

  31. 38

    Jacki Bailey Riley

    Bravo, Lisa Page Byrd. But please do not relocate them in my direction!!!

  32. 41

    Robert E. Bryant III

    I think there are too many and they are nasty.

  33. 42

    Robert E. Bryant III

    I hate the too! They are nasty and mean. I saw what they did to your father. Glad at least one was shot that day!

  34. 43

    Leslie Nelson Martin

    Leave the geese alone it is their home

  35. 44

    Walter Coleman

    Not all geese migrate, many flocks h Ave become permanent residents here in Alabama. It’ll be a temporary solution. Another gagal will find the lake suitable for their needs……

  36. 46

    Don Baker

    Perry the City Council is not doing it. All we have done is hear public comment from 3 speakers. We did not bring the issue forward nor have we voted on anything

  37. 48

    Perry Seahorn

    Don Baker, that’s why I said “if.” IF it comes up for a vote among city council I will be paying attention to who votes for and against. IF you get rid of the geese I will lose all desire to go to Cosby Lake Park. And based on some of the other comments I’ve read I don’t think I’ll be alone.

  38. 49

    Don Baker

    My above statement was for clarification purposes only. Look forward to seeing you at a Council meeting sometime.

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