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    Mike Johnson

    I certainly do not mean to make light of the misfortune of those affected by these floods but aren’t people in Jefferson County paying for a $4 billion sewer system (plus interest)? I would think for that kind of coin they should have a sewer system that could make sure these floods don’t happen. I think they need a refund.

  2. 2

    April Fendley

    There’s a difference in sewer & storm sewer. Not defending the sewer system in any way.

  3. 3

    Mike Johnson

    April Fendley I guess if rains hard enough, fast enough it’s gonna happen.

  4. 4

    Tonya Hardin Yarchak

    It’s ridiculous. I live in Hoover now and the storm system shoots water back out in certain areas. This time and a few weeks ago, the storm system in Pets Smart on Lorna/hwy31 shoots water up like a fire hydrant, flooding the parking lot. I saw a picture of another spot in Hoover doing the same thing where all the flooding was near the bowling ally.

  5. 5

    April Fendley

    Mike Johnson you are correct. I’m not defending any particular city or sewer system, but when that amount of rain falls in a such a short amount of time any location can have flash flooding.

  6. 6

    April Fendley

    Tonya Hardin Yarchak Hoover doesn’t have a bowling alley. Are you referring to the bowling alley in Vestavia?

  7. 7

    Vickie Davis

    Vestavia bowling alley

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