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    Jessica Ellenburg Worsham

    Julie Lawrence Northen Nancy Lawrence

  3. 5

    Melanie Black

    Krissy Meredith Stevens…next time you guys come down we’ll have our own MELT!!!

  4. 10
  5. 11

    Denise Logan Vaughn

    Jim Vaughn Cindy Gilbert Tina Jones Watson Lee Marlow

  6. 13

    Ginger Arnold Prentice

    Reagan Morton and Madison Nicole 🙂

  7. 16

    BrandonWendy Brasher

    The buffalo chicken sandwich is awesome!!!!

  8. 19

    Amanda Mulligan

    Michelle Stanley Collier

  9. 21

    Joy Thompson Smith

    Angela McRae-Hooks the cheddar bites are gonna be too close

  10. 23

    Zoraya Pontious Nollet

    That looks bomb! I love grilled cheese

  11. 25

    Ron Orton

    uggg over priced sandwich shop that isn’t really good.

  12. 30

    Jennifer Amick

    Fabulous restaurant! We love to eat there.

  13. 31

    Mandy Hornsby Catrett

    Ann Coltrain McMillan. Move back!

  14. 32

    Angela McRae-Hooks

    I’ve never heard of this

  15. 33

    Ryan Jennings

    Eddie Dawson we need to have that convo about getting you in touch with these guys.

  16. 34

    Lee Marlow

    I know….it’s so exciting!!!

  17. 37
  18. 45

    Abby Binion

    Alex Binion Tracee Binion

  19. 46

    ZyKeisha Randle

    Yeeeeeeeaas! Ray Randle we don’t have to drive to Avondale anymore

  20. 53

    Shannon Grissom Harvison

    Melissa Lopresti Brittany Cook Walters

  21. 55

    Amy Suzanne

    Yes Alexa just told me about this !

  22. 57

    Harold Clements

    If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up. Thank you.

  23. 58

    Nicki Patterson

    Ashleigh Silas whaaaat!?!

  24. 59

    Ann Coltrain McMillan

    The best news ever!! Hobby Lobby & Melt!!!!!!!

  25. 62

    Nadine Brownfield Mathews

    That’s it Morgan Faulkner Sparks you have to move back!!!!

  26. 63

    Kimberly Hazel Johnson

    It’s a SIGN, Ann! Start packing.

  27. 65

    Susan Belk Suttle

    Lauren Suttle Gilmer, Taylor Suttle

  28. 68

    Christopher Vaden

    Emilie Taylor Carl Zigler

  29. 69

    Misty Garrison-Whaley

    This is beyond exciting. We LOVE Melt!!!

  30. 70
  31. 72

    Ann Coltrain McMillan

    Oh how I wish we could!!!! We miss Trussville SOOOOOO much!!!!

  32. 73

    Ann Coltrain McMillan

    I could eat Habanero’s AND Melt anytime I wanted!!! Heaven!

  33. 76

    Morgan Faulkner Sparks

    😭😭😭😭 I miss trussville!!!

  34. 77

    Jocelyn James

    Scharmelle Young Van James

  35. 80

    Elizabeth Fletcher Hartley

    Isaac Scot Duncan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  36. 82

    Gail Palmer

    Yay! Sonia Treadwell I don’t have to go far now!

  37. 84
  38. 86

    Coty Batemon

    Amber Taylor Haefner. Melt coming to Trussville.

  39. 87

    Amber Taylor Haefner


  40. 88
  41. 91

    Ian Maddox

    Ron Paul is president!!!

  42. 92

    Wallace Wahd

    A brewery-driven development next to the police station. Very interesting stuff Chris Donaldson. 9/10 people leaving a high-gravity-beer serving brewery are well over .009. Something will have to give*

  43. 93

    Delaney Murphy

    I’m crying real tears

  44. 94

    Dana Simmons Nolan

    Amber Sue Barnes Priscilla Phillips McDonald

  45. 96

    Suzanna Black Rager

    Yay!! You have mad my day!!!

  46. 98

    Amber Sue Barnes

    Yesss!!!! I love that place!

  47. 101

    Valerie Weaver Hydrick

    Oh my gosh !! I love melt !!

  48. 102
  49. 103

    Valerie Weaver Hydrick

    Is this is the new development where Hobby Lobby is ?

  50. 104

    Amy Lawson

    Rachel Clark Tidmore

  51. 105

    Dore' Atwill Kesterson

    Elizabeth Molett Howard check this out!!!

  52. 106

    Mark Dale

    Valerie Bertinelli we must do this next time you are in town! You will love this. Maybe take it back to your show!

  53. 109

    Cindy Gilbert

    I can’t wait to add a few more pounds. Thanks Trussville for all your help.

  54. 110

    Bill Lowery

    This area is behind the new downtown Keller Williams location.

  55. 111

    Jennifer Carr

    Jaime Hayes Thornburg!!!!

  56. 114

    Kara Price

    Jennifer Knight Mamucud

  57. 115

    Jennifer Knight Mamucud

    Right down the street. Can’t wait.

  58. 116

    Jennifer Knight Mamucud

    Now if we could just get some good Vietnamese places and a Taco Casa I’d be happy. 🤗

  59. 117

    Kara Price

    Jennifer Knight Mamucud jealous

  60. 118
  61. 119

    Justin Wood

    One of the best places in Avondale too!

  62. 120
  63. 122

    J Jewell

    If they send out people trashed, they’ll not last but you shouldn’t condemn it just because they serve alcohol that true does have higher content but also flavor. I’m a former heavy drinker and it doesn’t matter , if someone wants to get wasted. They will. But don’t group 9/10….you can’t assume because they sell it means it’s gonna be abused. That’s a whole lot of tax money for the city. Bring it on, hold em accountable but let them have the free will to act responcible. Guess I’ll be that 1/10 who will go for the food…

  64. 123

    Valerie Weaver Hydrick

    Bill Lowery ok awesome. I wasn’t sure and that road didn’t ring a bell.

  65. 124

    Wallace Wahd

    J Jewell Not condemning at all. I’d love to see it work …. Not for “tax money” though ….. Tax money just breeds more government. We need more government honks like I need a brick in my rectum….. I digress…. I’d love to see this work.

  66. 126

    Peggy Dorriety Jones

    Yea!!! Joy Bassham Dorriety, great place for lunch!

  67. 129

    Chloé Adkins

    I know!! I’m so excited!

  68. 133

    Linda Gilbert

    Awesome! Can’t wait!!!

  69. 135

    Heather Attaway Lawrence

    No it’s kinda across from Lowe’s closer to the Pinnacle Shopping Center

  70. 136

    The Trussville Tribune

    The location is Morrow Avenue in downtown Trussville. You may be thinking of Morrow Road.

  71. 138

    Nathan Warner

    Yep I know. Going to be awesome.

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