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    Vickie Aldridge

    “To be perfectly honest, I like sitting, and I’m very good at it.” Same.

  2. 3

    Matthew Williamson

    Hard work like sweaty work for a few hours a day on your same diet will probably lead to approx. 3 lbs in a week…it didn’t take a week to put on

  3. 4

    Carol Miller

    Now I loved this…..i have not succumbed to one yet but all my pals have them and many are counting “points” which I hear LOTS about.

  4. 5

    Kathryn Smith

    Liked ur article. I felt the same when I got mine but in a short time I meet my daily goals. If this 79yr old can do it u can too.

  5. 6

    Lori Leopard

    June, I haven’t bought into the fit bit trend. I figured it would only anger me considering how many steps I take daily at HTHS with no visible change in my physique.

  6. 7

    June Harper Mathews

    I need to get you to wear my fitbit to school one day just to show it what an easy life it has. It would probably be begging to come home – lol!

  7. 8

    Christine Lord Cantu

    I have one that Bob gave me; I use it for a watch most days. It vibrates and asks me to walk at the most inconvenient times, like when I’m eating or reading. “No, Mr. Fitbit, I don’t want to feed you 200 steps; I’m watching my show now!”

  8. 9

    June Harper Mathews

    Same “problem” here. They’re rather demanding little things, aren’t they??? :/

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