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  1. 1

    Kathy Sills

    I cannit grasp all this

  2. 2

    Philip Sharpe

    Confused. Robbed at apartments, shot at the gas station?

  3. 3

    Rusty Piersol

    Center Points reputation is bad enough. Please remember that both the gas station and those apartments are in the city of Birmingham.

  4. 4

    Jan Barnett Floyd

    That is not Center Point where this happened it is Birmingham City limits

  5. 5
  6. 6

    Louise Waters

    I think the news media needs to learn the area they cover. They never know where Woodlawn, East Lake, Center Point, Pinson and others start and stop. Wonder how many know Wahoma is located.

  7. 8

    Jason Putman

    The mayor would have you know that this is not CP. He doesn’t allow crime in CP.

  8. 9

    Connie Posey

    Don’t give it to Center Point aren’t both apartments and gas station in B’ham s limit.

  9. 11

    Michelle Quick

    That used to irritate me when they would report Robinwood or Inglenook as Tarrant. But now Tarrant is worse that all!

  10. 12

    Stephanie LeBerte McIlwain

    Because the reputation of our cities is more important than the fact a CHILD was injured… who cares what city… center point, Birmingham, Trussville…

  11. 13

    Stephanie LeBerte McIlwain

    ^^ I can’t believe the concern over the city limits rather than the circumstances…

  12. 14

    Sharon Mcclung Bahm

    Really?? not in C. P.??? It’s like one block away. Maybe not in the city limits , but it affects anyone who lives in Center Point. period. Many Many people don’t know how chopped up the boundary lines are. Center Point is more of an area to most people.

  13. 15

    Leslie Nelson Martin

    not to those of us who grew up there

  14. 16

    Leslie Nelson Martin

    just because it doesn’t matter to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter to others….we all have a right to opinions. A news report should be accurate.

  15. 17

    Stephanie LeBerte McIlwain

    Mrs.Leslie Nelson Martin I respect your opinion and it’s not that it doesn’t matter as much as I’m more torn about the crazy world we live in and children being injured… at the end of the day we are all somebody’s baby and I hate the violence period… in any neighborhood… I meant no offense to you or anyone else, only to bring light to the real issue…

  16. 18

    Sharon Mcclung Bahm

    If there is violent gun crime one block from center point it affects the city in every way. Morally,legally,economically.

  17. 19

    Stephanie LeBerte McIlwain

    But I totally agree with your point about news reports being accurate… I do believe that is the only job that you can continuously mess up and still keep your job 😉

  18. 20

    Jonathan Orr

    It was in BIRMINGHAM NOT CENTER POINT sheriff’s department would investigate if it was Center Point

  19. 21

    Jonathan Orr

    If it was in CENTER POINT the sheriff’s department would investigate not BIRMINGHAM

  20. 22

    Rusty Piersol

    Stephanie LeBerte McIlwain I could care less about the reputation of the cities involved in this incident. You obviously can’t see sarcasm when you see it. This is an absolutely horrible occasion where an innocent child is injured with senseless violence. What I am referring to is the fact that the reporters want to get the story out so fast that they don’t even check the facts of their reporting before releasing the story.

  21. 23

    Stephanie LeBerte McIlwain

    Rusty as you will see farther down in the thread… I agree that we should hold reporters to a higher standard of accuracy… it is the only job in America where you can mess up, exaggerate the truth, or just straight up falsify and not be fired…. I was only trying to bring the attention back to fact that a child was injured. I will leave the comment about “obviously not seeing sarcasm” alone. I’m not arguing to be right or important… I believe we are all in this battle together… to reclaim all of our cities and children… I meant no offense to anyone… only to point out that we had been distracted from the real issue…

  22. 24

    Daniel Ingram

    Everyone knows it as Centerpoint, regardless of jurisdiction. It’s ghetto. zombies walking around. going to the store to spend food stamps on bug juice and bubblegum.

  23. 26

    Chris Jameson

    Not in center point but still sad and craziness just wish something could be done about these apartments because I feel that is where most of center point trouble comes from and our great mayor and council can’t do anything about it because they have know say with it being in Birmingham craziness but true because they are doing a great job to make center point the greatest it can be

  24. 27

    Jessie Jay Phillips-Chaney

    What difference does it make where it happen an innocent precious child was shot, pray for him.

  25. 28

    Kelly L Washington

    By zombies do you mean the white people that go there to buy drugs? And suck black men dicks for a hit? Or by zombies do you mean white people that leave their trailers in Pinson to go there and get fucked behind a dumpster for a hit? IJA!!!!! Or are you, my gay friend, referring to zombies as black people? And how would you know unless you are one of the zombies buying bug juices with your food stamps after sucking dick and getting fucked in the ass behind the dumpster!

  26. 29

    Daniel Ingram

    I am indeed talking about black people. They kinda remind you of the walking dead don’t they. I’ll make you a deal, the day they quit dominating the news doing dumb and violent shit, is the day I stop looking at you that way. Actions speak louder. And your actions are all over everything every day. You have to actually matter, not just rely on white guilt.

  27. 30

    Bob Hood

    Like many others pointed out , this is in Birmingham not Center Point.

  28. 31

    William Lowry Jr.

    Kelly L Washington Sounds like if it’s not on your mind it is in your mouith………….

  29. 32

    Sharon Blackwood Wilbourn

    It’s not CP simply because the city of CP doesn’t want to be responsible for the apartments. Then they can blame it on Birmingham. This is 1 block from the mayors neighborhood. CP is on EVERY SIDE of the apartments so as far as those that live here are concerned it is still CP

  30. 33

    Sharon Mcclung Bahm

    Sharon Blackwood Wilbourn exactly. It’s violent crime directly across the street. It’s silly to quibble over boundary lines.

  31. 34

    Annette Stansell

    There’s a difference between zoning & location. The property is “zoned” City of Bham, however, the property location is in Center Point. The location is between CP Courthouse & Parkway Estates where Center Point Mayor Tom Henderson & council president Barlow lives.

  32. 35

    Annette Stansell

    only zoned bham. Property location is Center Point.

  33. 36

    Chris Jameson

    The property location is in Birmingham the apartments are Birmingham and that gas station is Birmingham parkway is in center point again it’s very sad that it happened and such but there is nothing the city of center point can do the leadership of our city is working hard to control things we can do things about people of the city just need to be more postive and work with them instead of being negative and against them all the time it gets the city know where being negative all the time

  34. 37

    Bob Hood

    Annette Stansell zoning is all that matters. I lived 59 years in Center Point and Pinson. I know where it is.

  35. 38

    Annette Stansell

    zoning doesn”t move the property from it’s location in Center Point.

  36. 39

    Chuck Biddinger

    What damn difference does it make? Center Point and the city of Birmingham are both in this area. The city lines go in and out like an S.

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