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  1. 6

    Kenneth Mcintyre

    I wouldn’t waste my time going to murderham to see them. Perhaps they are coming because the confederate statue got covered up

  2. 8

    Tina Finch

    Kelly Rice Hall Stephen Hall

  3. 10
  4. 11

    William Kennedy

    Ooooooo! If I go into the big city the scary black people will get me!

  5. 12

    Mick Crawford

    William Kennedy yep, small town people with small town dreams lol
    I have a friend who’s scared of going downtown. I can’t wait to live there in a couple years

  6. 15

    Drake Riley

    Both of your witty remarks doesn’t deny the fact of Birmingham being one of the top murder rates in the nation.

  7. 16

    Jeff McDaniel

    Are they going to play in Larry Langford’s dome stadium?

  8. 17

    Kenneth Mcintyre

    William Kennedy , you can bet your snowflak ass. I’m not scared of you ,or any blacks. I just chose not to spend any of my $$ in a slum town

  9. 18

    Kenneth Mcintyre

    Mick Crawford , small town people.. LMAO

  10. 19

    Kenneth Mcintyre

    Let the snowflakes spend their $$ where idiots govern. Not for me. Maybe they’ll get their ass robbed, etc, while they are there having a good time !

  11. 20

    Jody Franklin

    Can’t wait to miss that !

  12. 21

    Jason Wells

    Ashley Kilgo Brindley, thought you might like to see this.

  13. 22

    Ashley Kilgo Brindley

    You’re right Jason! Thanks! ☺️

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