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    Jennifer Little Savage

    I’ve noticed this is a huge issue! Cars do not stop at all at the crosswalk. Parkway Dr. in front of the school needs crossing guards as well!

  2. 2

    Gretchen Larsson Bichler

    This is a MAJOR problem!!! The school and the city need to take responsibility for helping its smallest citizens get to and from school safely. There should be crossing guards in front of the school and on Chalkville road. The police has no problem directing traffic getting people in and out of churches, and Paine. Why is it a problem to direct traffic so our children can cross the street????

  3. 3

    Erin Mathews

    This is an everywhere problem. Designated crosswalks, crossing guards, speed bumps, flashing lights…sometimes I feel like a wall in the middle of the road wouldn’t make people take notice and slow down.

  4. 6

    Anne Snider Steward

    What year is Trussville still in? These people are so out of touch with reality.
    “Council President Brian Plant brought up the liability the city might have to assume if it incorporates crossing guards near the mall where the school is located. He said school officials declined to accept legal responsibility for the crossing guards.”
    This quote right here shows how truly oblivious they are to having a school that is advertising and encouraging walkers and bike riders to go to school.
    I lived in Gwinnett County, GA, TWENTY years ago and ALL of the schools which children were able to walk to, had school crossing guards. I guess they’re waiting on a child or parent to get hit by a car before it actually sinks in. The ignorance here can be embarrassing here at times!

  5. 7

    Anne Snider Steward

    Churches pay for police to be there. FYI

  6. 8

    Gretchen Larsson Bichler

    If that’s the case, so could the school! Do they pay for the police to be directing traffic at Paine?

  7. 9

    Gretchen Larsson Bichler

    Exactly! Trussville is soooooo far behind in many ways. Schools all across the country have crossing guards. The need to have “safety patrol” opening car doors at the school is ridiculous….. we need real safety patrol on the street corners! Pay someone for that. My kids have no problem opening up their door and getting out of the car.

  8. 11

    Kristal Kizer

    There are no police directing traffic at Paine any longer, unless they come before or after I’ve been through there.

  9. 12

    Anne Snider Steward

    Gretchen Larsson Bichler I see you’re not originally from here either? Lol! I think this is why we oppose the way the city council thinks here. We’ve seen other school systems.

  10. 13

    Harold Clements

    Orange County Schools in Orlando have crossing guards. How do they do it? Let volunteers sign an agreement with the city stating the city isn’t liable for the time they spend during the time they are needed for children to go to school.

  11. 14

    Anne Snider Steward

    School crossing guards are normally hired through the police department and trained to know the laws. They can also write tickets for offenders who do not obey the law. This is the only way it will work legitimately for people to abide and respect the law.

  12. 15

    Gretchen Larsson Bichler

    No, I’m not from here. Everything is done soooooo different and the hard way here. I struggle daily.

  13. 17

    Joanna Shepherd Edge

    Whitney AndBeau Mosley Mandy Shepherd Flournoy

  14. 18

    Melanie Smoke-Kollars

    We have no police officers at Paine anymore. But we really need one.

  15. 19

    Laura McCants Reddick- Reichert

    Anne Snider Steward , I agree. Our church has to pay for officers to direct traffic at our exit/entrance during weddings and funerals.

  16. 20

    Gretchen Larsson Bichler

    Whether a church pays or not is not the issue…. our kids on bikes and walking should be more important.

  17. 21

    Elizabeth Thames BeShears

    Also a problem for runners and walkers in the area. I’ve almost gotten hit multiple times because drivers don’t seem to realize a pedestrian has the right of way in a crosswalk.

  18. 24

    Jana Lile

    I was complaining about this when you went to school there, Katie Karhan Amberson

  19. 25

    Jana Lile

    We needed crosswalks on chalkville road & speed bumps on the mall. Remember when they tore up the road on south mall? That would have been the perfect time to add a speed.bump, but they added some on oak street instead.

  20. 26

    Katie Karhan Amberson

    Jana Lile yes!! They need something at these crosswalks. People do not yield to the pedestrians!

  21. 27

    Hilary Vrocher

    This is all over trussville – not a very runner friendly area 😕

  22. 28

    Dawn Armstrong-Allen

    Saw 2 kids on bikes almost get hit yesterday!!!

  23. 29

    Jana Lile

    It would be expensive, but a “walk” button would be nice with flashing red lights to stop traffic when someone pushes it.

  24. 30

    Allen Long

    Put some cops out there helping direct traffic in the mornings and afternoons. Chalkville elementary and the odenville schools have them out directing traffic and it works great. If schools in those smaller communities can do it so can Trussville.

  25. 32

    Alex Deal

    Seems to me the police could/should do it. What about the SRO? I know Alabaster had uniformed police (one of which is the SRO) with flashing lights, whistles and all. They direct traffic at the most congested area but also stop all traffic to let the children cross. Wouldn’t think there’d be any liability issues. Maybe some extra work for PD- hire more if we need them.

  26. 34

    Gretchen Larsson Bichler

    That is one thing that drove me crazy last year…. the police officer on duty was standing in the doorway of the school greeting the children. Kids don’t need another greeter at Cahaba. That officer should have been out helping little ones cross the street!!!!

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