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    Karri Ward

    Someone should get her out of office

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    Matthew Williamson

    When it comes time for actual Americans who make it tick to take to the streets over something, no one does…it takes an act of war before people use their right to assemble and this right here? Hoping a sitting US president is assassinated? What kind of lesson is that to young folks to wish death on anyone?

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    Robert Downer

    If a white state senator said this about Obummer there would be rioting in the streets. Since it’s a white President and a black lady, crickets. Ignorance.

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    Sara Hettich

    What human being wishes something like this? Horrible.

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    Tameika Shaw Childs

    F—- trump he said everything he wants since he been in the evil house who care

  7. 10

    Bryan Watkins

    FIRE THE PERSON PUBLISHING THIS IN THE NEWS!!!! Stop giving them headlines, that what they want… idiots!

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    Linda Taylor

    F—- you!!! We all should care about something besides our next welfare check.

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    J Jewell

    You work for Children’s Hospital and yet your Facebook spews as much hate as you say you stand against. How do we know you do not treat children different because their parents have a Make America Great Again hat, or voted for him. I am sending ALL your post including this one to the director of operations. As a former patient, I am disgusted you work there and all this hate comes from you.

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    Nancy Evans Routson

    Had this been said about Obama, she would be arrested as a terrorist!!! Obama caused all the racial tension.

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    Jeff Strickland

    How could you expect anything different. We are engulfed with fake news!!!!

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    Mark Eason

    Someone should get her out of office we all stood by Obama even the ones who didn’t vote for him we just watched as he brought the country down and stood behind him he stirred the pot while he was in office we need to stand behind and let him lead the country no president is perfect.

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    Cindy Owens

    I think Children’s should see this also

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    Jeffrey S. Little

    She seriously must be arrested! O

  16. 22

    Martha Junkin

    I hope she is locked up!

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    Chris Shelton

    Trash is trash. What a loser.

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    Peggy Cole Chance

    Are there no repercussions from the FBI?

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    Joanna Miller Lucia

    She needs to be arrested or something. Trash.

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    Kathy Paesano

    Only certain people are allowed to talk like this. Others would be treated like Trump. She needs to be voted out. No senator should talk like this. I guess she almost got her wish of killings with the Repub senators playing baseball. Remember that??? I guess not.

  21. 29

    Debbie Chamblee

    Good idea! I did a screen shot and I’ll be sending as well.

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    Linda Keyser-Cleveland

    I hope she’s out of a job!

  23. 32

    Patti Drake

    You are an evil person why would you say that about anyone? I guess you are immoral with no. Christian values or more sad than that, no values at all – be careful what you say, God is in control

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    Angela Wright Osborn

    There was also an NRA lobbyist, as well as many other who uttered the words that President Obama should be killed.

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    Chuck Maske

    Sure, because there was NEVER been racial tension in this country prior to Obama’s election. SMH

  26. 35

    Chuck Maske

    Probably not, as she didn’t actually threaten the President.

  27. 36

    Matthew Williamson

    I love the Internet. People write so differently than speaking in person.

  28. 37

    Matt Clay

    I wonder what would be said if a white state senator said, “I hope Obama gets assassinated”. This is the problem, idiots on both sides. No one should say things like that.

  29. 38

    Angela Wright Osborn

    Republicans love free speech until you hurt their feelings. Tameika didn’t threaten anyone. She has the right to her opinion.

  30. 40

    Chuck Maske

    What about people with non-Christian values ? I guess they have no value in your world ?

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    Kathy Goforth Bernklau

    That is so true. Secret service needs to get her and she has to resign

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    Patti Drake

    everyone has value but some have no morals and I feel sorry for you if you think what she said has morals

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    Penny Huie Brink

    How is this ok for anyone to say much less someone in the position she is in.

  34. 46

    Tameika Shaw Childs

    Linda Taylor I work I don’t know what a welfare check look like maybe you do don’t come for me if I didn’t come for you

  35. 47

    Jennifer Green

    Where the FBI on this one?

  36. 48

    Terry Jones

    Should be kicked out of her position.

  37. 49

    Tameika Shaw Childs

    J Jewell I don’t care what you do are say I do a dam good job at my job you worry about your I don’t care what my parents come in wearing because we don’t talk politics at work I treat all my patients the same way don’t come for me if I didn’t come for you look in mirror

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    Tameika Shaw Childs

    Debbie Chamblee how about you screenshot trump tweet and get him out

  39. 52

    Herbert Yates Jr.

    I hope you are prosecuted for saying that.

  40. 53

    Lissa Johnson

    Inexcusable behavior for a State Senator, or anyone for that matter. She needs to be relieved of her position.

  41. 54

    Christopher Lee Argo

    Some people write EXACTLY as they talk i.e. poor English

  42. 55
  43. 56

    J Jewell

    Funny how you felt this way, and then back tracked and tried to cover your hate.

  44. 57

    Jean Sanchelli Adamsky

    SHAMEFUL..Should be arrested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. 58

    J Jewell

    What you put out is what you have in. So good luck explaining your “frustration”.

  46. 59

    Tameika Shaw Childs

    Get off my page j jewell worry the people around you

  47. 60

    J Jewell

    Also. Linda…you are no better calling her out for a welfare check?? That’s not right either!

  48. 61

    J Jewell

    I do, you are around me and my loved ones as a care giver. You posted it. Don’t hide now. I’m done. They either will or will not do anything but at least someone knows that others feel afraid of your level of competence.

  49. 62

    Kevin Small

    Gotta love that tolerance.

  50. 63

    Kelly Womble Christian

    What if someone had said that about a former president. Would there be outrage? Such unfairness. He is given 0 respect. What a frustrating place Trump must be in.

  51. 64

    Kenneth Mcintyre

    I hope this black bitch senator dies over night

  52. 65

    Anita Singleton

    That is an awful disgusting thing to say..

  53. 66

    Joanna Miller Lucia

    She must be a nut Kevin Small

  54. 67

    Katy Hummel

    Not only is this PURE HATE….it is treasonist too isn’t it to say The President of the US should be assassinated?

  55. 68

    Tjo Johnson

    The face of ignorance… look familiar?

  56. 69

    Robert Downer

    Angela Wright Osborn your article isn’t about what an elected official said. A ‘woman in the crowd’ made the comment. My comment is about an elected official making these comments. Typical of fake news that Dems love to feed off of.

  57. 70

    Rod Johnson

    Even though I despise the man, she definitely took it too far to post that on social media.

  58. 71

    Marlene Little Appleton

    That kind of talk should be against the law

  59. 72

    Mary Lenihan Richards

    After Ferguson how can she open her mouth.

  60. 73

    Matt Clay

    Well thanks for proving my point

  61. 74

    Johnny Nichols

    People like this is whats wrong with this world now

  62. 75

    Jay Wilson

    Karma is a hell of a thing.

  63. 76

    Melissa Thompson

    I’m a democrat and I absolutely condemn this. I can’t stand Trump but it isn’t appropriate for an elected official to call for the death of another elected official. We need to all be better than this.

  64. 77

    Kenny Denham

    Fake like she didn’t say it? Or fake like it goes against trump and you disagree so you call it ‘fake news’?

  65. 78

    Lisa Harris

    I was thinking the same thing! Esp for a senator to say that!?! I thought that would be considered TREASON and THREATENING A TERRORIST ACT?
    Sad sad times we are living in! Come Jesus Come 🙋🏼🙌🏼🙏🏼

  66. 79

    Kenny Denham

    Yes he did because you people couldn’t accept a black president who, by the way, happened to be a hell of a lot more ‘presidential’ than the buffoon we have now.

  67. 80

    Kenny Denham

    How did he bring the country down more than white supremacist Trump is now? It’s country over party.

  68. 81

    Kenny Denham

    Kenneth Mcintyre reported.

  69. 83

    Kenny Denham

    It must be so hard shitting in a golden toilet and trying to relate to people without high-rises that live paycheck to paycheck.

  70. 84

    Kenny Denham

    Lisa Harris yes I’m sure Jesus would approve of white supremacist Trump and his grab em by the pussy attitude. R U SERIOUS?

  71. 85

    Kenny Denham

    Agreed but the people on here saying what they wouldn’t say if she were white and O was president is sickening.

  72. 87

    Kenny Denham

    Repost: Agreed but the people on here saying what they wouldn’t say if she were white and O was president is sickening.

  73. 88

    Nan Waddell

    And that doesn’t offend anyone?!?!

  74. 89

    Kelly Womble Christian

    I live paycheck to paycheck myself. I haven’t seen a poor president but I respect the title of President even when I didn’t respect the person.

  75. 90

    Melissa Thompson

    Kenny, I totally agree! I saw photos of people lynching President Obama in effigy and saw thousands of posts wishing for his death and calling him every name in the book. A lady at the Trussville Y called me a “n****r lover” and a man at the Walmart told me to “go back to Africa” because I was wearing a shirt that said “Democat” (it had a cat on it). I do condemn the remarks by this senator but I also condemn the white supremacy and ignorance of so many others.

  76. 91

    Dan Burns

    Well there is your racist comment. Now look who is calling it. She needs to be fined and removed. Zero tolerance. How sad for her black heritage for her to be so full of hate.

  77. 93

    Meredith Arnold

    I’m sure the senator is not living paycheck to paycheck either.

  78. 94

    Lisa Harris

    Kenny Denham , no I’m sure Jesus does not like his actions either. Just like I’m sure he would not like your not so polite comment to me. But, like Trump that’s between his God and him too!
    But back to the comment I replied to…if a senator or other elected official publicly states they hope…wish…are ok with their BOSS THE PRESIDENT OF THE US be assassinated … that is considered Treason! ☹️
    I don’t agree with all of his statements or everything he does. But he is our president! I did not support everything Obama did or say either, and if a senator said the same thing about him, I WOULD SAY THE VERY SAME THING! 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦‍♀️😳

  79. 96

    Tammy McCown

    Ummm….President Obama had numerous threats of assassination.

  80. 97

    Lisa Harris

    Kenny Denham , just for me personally…I don’t care what color she is, she went to far. I would feel the same if she was white. Wrong is wrong. No matter what her skin color is and no matter who is president. ☹️

  81. 98

    Kelly Womble Christian

    Maybe so, but how many senators publicly called for it. No matter who you support this shouldn’t be considered acceptable by ANYONE.

  82. 99

    Mike Carroll

    She must be a product of the modern public education system in the Inner City. in other words, woefully ignorant and doomed to a life without ever really having an adult thought. I pray that God will reach down and open her eyes to wisdom and her own foolishness.

  83. 100

    Shirley Carmack

    She must be the dumbest woman in America.

  84. 101

    Reggie Wright

    More Secret Service Work

  85. 102

    Scott Reed

    Evidently a lot of people voted for this racist.Tells a lot about Missouri. the SHOW ME state. really? what are you showing?

  86. 103

    Carmen Horne Nunn

    What makes her racist?…she didn’t say anything about his race or imply black people are superior to white people. Inappropriate yes but her comment was in no way racist. I don’t even think people know the definition of racist any more the term is used so loosely

  87. 104

    Arlene Sanders

    This is what is wrong with this world

  88. 105

    Kerry Sewell

    Let’s not forget that there was a Senator who prayed for President Obama’s death.

  89. 107

    Kenda Haynie Davis

    You should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  90. 108

    Ann Brown

    Has she lost her mind!

  91. 109

    Kimberly McLean

    And this is how we “adult” these days…. What is sad to me is that we have become a nation where we believe it is ok to pitch a temper tantrum and tear people, monuments, flags etc down. This is great behavior to teach our youth. Our children see these actions and I don’t see it getting any better. We, as parents, would scold our children for acting this way and yet these so called adults do the same. What an example we are setting. I am not sure if this woman has children, but she has set an awful example for them. What a disgrace.

  92. 110

    John Greene

    Should loose her place in the Senate!

  93. 111

    Harold Dickinson

    Totally uncalled for and out of line.

  94. 112

    Kimberly Allen Crumpton

    Praying for this woman’s heart!

  95. 113

    Judy Womble

    This is what is wrong with society now, no morals , respect for anything but your own agenda and no respect for life!!!

  96. 114

    Lisa Harlan Belcher

    That’s a wicked thing to say.

  97. 115
  98. 116

    John Riley Meek

    Disgraceful!! I hope she is picked up by the Secret Service or FBI soon.

  99. 117

    Lucinda Walker

    Shows how stupid she is.

  100. 118

    Lucinda Walker

    Does not have a thing to do with this except shows how ignorant some people are. Two remarks, from two stupid people.

  101. 120

    Carol S. Patterson

    No matter what you may think, this is so wrong. She should be fired and prosecuted for this kind of remark. You should never wish this on any person or on our country. Her heart needs to get in touch with the “One” higher than us all.

  102. 121

    Mae-Ann Anderson

    She should be prosecuted for making that statement and she should lose her status as senator…jail time and huge fine…

  103. 123

    Ricky King

    Let’s not deviate on a technicality. This is encouraging the assassination of the president. This should be punished to the utmost of the law. It’s one thing to think whatever you want, no matter how ignorant it may be. It’s completely different going public with domestic terrorist thoughts.

  104. 124

    Carmen Horne Nunn

    Again I never said her comments were right….you can’t put things like that in print and definitely not if you are a government official and yes she should at the least vacate that office…..however I legitimately want to know what made the comments racist? She may be dumb not racist

  105. 125

    Carmen Horne Nunn

    My point was everything is racist now so the word has no merit

  106. 126

    Fayne Love Howle

    She should lose her senate position immediately.

  107. 127

    Gail Smith Wright

    Her constituents should recall her. She is the bigot, she is the embarrassment to those who elected her. If you or I said what she said we would have the FBI on our doorstep the next day. She should be forced out of office and receive no benefits at all. She is a traitor to our country.

  108. 128

    Missi Crenshaw Howle

    Treason is still treason and should be punished as such!

  109. 129

    Fran Owen

    What if we would have said that about Obama?

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