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    Deric Reaves

    Congratulations David! Great young man, we used to live next door to him years ago.

  2. 3

    Joel Blodgett

    Congratulations for him. This is why we need back in our schools to teach a trade not just computer classes

  3. 4

    Joel Blodgett

    I can remember when we had shop classes in schools only thing that made me want to go to school

  4. 5

    Becky Welch Gwin

    He has always been a great, hardworking, and friendly kid! Congrats David!!

  5. 6

    Natalie Adkinson

    Joel, I would love to invite you to come tour Shades Valley High School! I think you would be surprised! The future of education is in preparing our kids to be College AND Career Ready. We have 11 of the 16 national career clusters available for kids to take classes in. Most high schools in the metro area are moving to this model (from what I hear). Send me a message if you are interested in a tour. I would be happy to show you around our campus! 😊

  6. 9

    Steve Bromley

    I remember him from my teaching days at Rudd. Great young man. Congrats!

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