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  1. 3

    Tommy Dodson

    That’s a lot of meowin

  2. 7

    Paul Pinson

    Annice Pinson I’m glad they said trussville and not Leeds. I was about to call you and Amanda Pinson. Ashley Pinson

  3. 9

    Kathy Mims Clements

    I wish people would take care of their elderly parents .

  4. 10

    Tammy McCown

    This is the time to step up and adopt a cat or kitten. No way tbe GBHS can handle that many

  5. 11

    Christina L Boggan

    My old address of Pentland drive in Grayson Valley had an across the street neighbor who kept letting their cat (turned into many cats) breed and would leave the garage door partially open so they could go in and out. Another neighbor started feeding some of them. Our yard had a lot of natural area which looked like a litter box to the cats. It was horrible. Should’ve called the humane society. No way you can properly care for that many animals. Disgusting!

  6. 12

    Carrie Anne Chapman Willingham

    SO sad! Is this was the neighborhood “smell” letter was about, Brandy Dunn Shotts? Is this your neighborhood?

  7. 13

    Vickie Aldridge

    Wendy Sizemore Aaron Hannah Lowe Alicia Keene Wilson Yall this explains that smell!!

  8. 15

    Sharee Green

    Barbara Green. Lauren Green

  9. 19

    Vickie Aldridge

    If they’re hoarders, and I’m almost positive they are, that is exhausting to help. I can almost bet there is a lot more in that house than just cats.

  10. 20
  11. 21

    Debra Hendrix-Hill

    I hope they do not charge the elderly couple.

  12. 23

    Sissy Denney Ray

    Sure is. Breaks my heart

  13. 24

    Heather Morgan

    I doubt they are as healthy as the article says. Feline leukemia is very contagious and speads through saliva in cats.

  14. 26

    Michelle McCurry

    No doubt this started with a wanting to help heart….

  15. 27
  16. 28

    Judy Morrow Rice

    Off hwy 11 at soccer fields

  17. 29

    Tara Bradshaw Sellers

    Behind the ballpark and left side of highway 11 between downtown trussville and deerfoot.

  18. 31

    Michael Fleming

    Emilee Rae Phillips is this Elizabeth Padgett future house jk

  19. 32

    René Self Davis

    So sad. I agree, it probably started with wanting to help them and then turned into an illness of sorts. Its really sad that they have no friends or family who stepped in to stop/help them a long time ago before it got to this point. I too hope that there are no charges brought against them. They have lost their home and their animals. That is punishment enough.

  20. 33

    Elizabeth Padgett

    1st of all ive never put my cats in cages lol

  21. 34

    Elizabeth Padgett

    Yall they said there were so many cats they cant even count them they think its about a 100 🙀

  22. 36

    Linda Carroll Lockett

    Norma Carroll….
    right up the street. That’s why all those SUV’S where there yesturday!

  23. 38

    Lauren Green

    Gross!! I knew something had to be up when I passed this morning Sharee! There is a red piece of paper on the front door and it’s the only time I have ever seen animal control trucks. They were there this am getting them out I guess. That’s crazy!!

  24. 39

    Retta Johnson

    Michelle McCurry you are probably right. Just a sad situation

  25. 40

    Morgan Coston

    TJ McGettigan is this you?

  26. 42

    Dianne Vick


  27. 44

    Patty Gargus

    If they have children, it can still be very difficult to claim authority over your parents.

  28. 47

    Shannon Parris Mccray

    Charges? Seriously. If they are an elderly couple they need help not charges! I am sure things just got beyond their care ability and they didn’t know what to do. So sad that someone didn’t step up to help before now.

  29. 48

    Vickie Aldridge

    Absolutely.. If you’ve ever done reading on hoarding it is a horrible disorder. It’s deep rooted and has probably been around for a long time. I hope if they do have children they will be willing to help.

  30. 49

    Joy McKee Brewer

    A neighbor just told me this today! This used to be a nice house with a beautiful yard!

  31. 50

    Gail Smith Wright

    Gives an entirely new meaning to the word “ho-meow-ner”!

  32. 51

    Joy McKee Brewer

    The couple that used to live there were not elderly, they were in 60s. Maybe they moved. Why would anybody allow this to happen?

  33. 53
  34. 55

    Emilee Rae Phillips

    Lmao that’s 100 cages 😂😂

  35. 56

    Myra Clem

    Wondering about the couples mental health and dimensia! Sad

  36. 60

    Jim Dunn

    Wasn’t this in the neighborhood where the homeowners association was writing letters trying to find the odd smell in the area. Brandy Dunn Shotts

  37. 63

    Marsha Motes

    Please don’t call us to clean it lol

  38. 65

    Kaitlin Bowman

    Bell Price is this where you’re hiding your other cats?

  39. 66

    Laurie Pryor Brockman

    I just have to wonder, did anyone in this neighborhood ever check on this elderly couple before ? Did anyone know their names ? If they had no children to check on them, then wouldn’t a caring neighbor look in on them from time to time ? I pray they get the help they need.

  40. 68

    Rita Pauls

    A fund and help team needs to be set up to relocate this elderly couple if they aren’t able mentally or financially to do it themselves. It sounds like they would welcome some help. Praying for them. <3

  41. 69

    Tjo Johnson

    This elderly couple needs help, not charges. I will be glad to pitch in if the community or an agency gets something going. It would be sad for them to lose their home to this. Wondering where the family is, if there is a family???

  42. 70

    Brandy Carpenter

    Girl you know that’s not my house lol

  43. 71

    Melissa Maylon Collins

    Yvonne Schnellenberger Maylon

  44. 72

    Yvonne Schnellenberger Maylon

    This is so sad. I hope it wasn’t our old house.

  45. 77

    Amanda Dunn Eubanks

    Eric Gay are you and Jamie Gay hoarding kitties?

  46. 79

    Yvonne Schnellenberger Maylon

    Which street? We used to own a house there.

  47. 81

    Fredreica Atkins Speyer

    Heartbreaking. I feel so sorry for the elderly couple. I wonder if they had kids.

  48. 82

    Emily Shelley Dunn

    Jessica Minor Linda Carr Shelley Jeffery Shelley

  49. 83

    Vickie Aldridge

    103 post oak? Almost positive that’s the house.

  50. 84

    Hannah Lowe

    Does not surprise me one bit.

  51. 85

    Yvonne Schnellenberger Maylon

    Ok thank you. Different street. The house we had was on a cul-de-sac. Chestnut Oak Lane

  52. 86
  53. 90

    Jill Williams

    They are not criminals…they need help

  54. 91

    Tim Hollis

    Love how it’s a low drive way shot. If this was in a ghetto it would have been full blown with the address in the corner. Trussville always forgets where it came from. I knew trussville when chalkville road was chalkville MOUNTAIN. I remember trussville before it had a McDonald’s or Wal-Mart or anything on that road. Back when the liquor store,gun store,and trailer park where all a block from each other. Trussville will always be nothing but rednecks and ghetto trash blending to think they are better than everyone else. But for those of us who remember you’ll never be anything but annoying trash ppl.

  55. 92

    LeeAnn Perkins Ratcliff

    This couple lives two doors up from us and they are not elderly!!

  56. 93

    Danielle Fuller

    Brandy Carpenter lol. Ummm at least you dont have 100 cats…yet.

  57. 94

    Vickie Aldridge

    You can’t see the front of the house because there are a million trees blocking the front. Also it’s probably because they wanted to show the cats in the cages. Just throwing that out there. Also the people aren’t redneck trash.. maybe instead of being bitter and a little insulting we could be nicer about people whom we don’t actually know. I don’t know you sir, so I’m going to hope you’re nicer in person rather than on the internet.

  58. 95

    Brandy Carpenter

    Sadly this is my second time being tagged on this one….I only have 4 lol Annabelle Keane

  59. 96

    Brandy Carpenter

    And my mom even mentioned it so that would be 3….3 times

  60. 98

    Tim Hollis

    I’m really not. Especially to strangers. I hate ppl in general. There’s only a select few I care about. Mostly Just my family. Id be happier if about 85% of the world’s population died

  61. 99

    Della Ingram Lynam

    Sounds like somebody is just looking for attention with their comments…..oh well, move along.

  62. 100

    Erin Mathews

    Our cat went missing close to the soccer fields last year. Now I’m wondering if they had it!

  63. 101

    Wes Rogers

    Jessica Rogers this will be you

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