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    Danny Evans

    This will be a night mare for patients. I take my father there and I can’t imagine having to go to another location.

  2. 3

    Kay Dees Jones

    My husband and I came out of the elevator on the third floor and a truck was on fire. It looked like the fire was out but suddenly it intensified. We had to back out of the third floor but were able to get out as the smoke was increasing. Glad no one was hurt.

  3. 5

    Nancy A. Gafford

    Im supposed to go next Friday! 😖

  4. 6

    Amy Autin Waggoner

    They will be directing patients to park in the lot directly across the street from Kirklin Clinic entrance. Employee parking is being moved to remote lots.

  5. 8

    Amy Doss

    I shared this a few minutes ago

  6. 10

    Jeannine Hall Bailes

    The clinic is operating as usual. The parking deck for TKC is closed. Patients will park in the surface lot across the street. The entrance to the lot is off of Arrington and there will be attendance directing patients. Employees should have received messages regarding where to park.

  7. 11

    Cindy Morrison Darnell

    That parking deck is always a nightmare!

  8. 12

    Katie Kemp Buckner

    They have moved majority of the employees out to make more room for patients. I think they have finished construction from the new crosswalk they have built. Hopefully it will get better soon.

  9. 14

    Sheron Duckett

    Wow. Glad you and uncle Jimmy are OK.

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