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    Daniel Ingram

    How can I objectively state, that on a daily basis, usually 2-3 times a day, I see the same people, committing the same violent acts. In Birmingham and the…. larger area that was known as only Birmingham 20 years ago, if you follow me. Is there a way to notice a blatant trend in behavior, and not be labeled a bigot? Do you know what im talking about though I have identified no one? If you identified them to yourself, does that make you one too? Sure, the other people you see from time to time. 1 here, month later, maybe another one. But that other group makes up roughly 60% of everyone. They surely should be in the news much much more often, everyone being equals and and all. Because the first people make make up 13? 15%? Something isn’t right here. They are given everything. Why are they still taking and killing? I speak of no labels or derogatory terms here. Im just tired of being forced to ignore the obvious, and claiming to be an intelligent being. I apologize for any offense, though I don’t think I should have to.

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