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  1. 1

    Kathy Sills

    Wow..carrington?..i guess the weed business must be doing well

  2. 2

    Jeremy Hyde

    Heroin. Get the heroin.

  3. 3

    Stan Man

    its sad she will get more time in prison than a child molester or a killer just for some weed.

  4. 4

    Amanda Rains

    2 plants in her home… oh boy.

    Back to the heroin, meth, pill, and crack dealers please.

  5. 10

    Deborah McCord

    Yep a much higher bail than committing a murder!

  6. 12

    Kathy Sills

    Still illegal…
    Agree with some of your points

  7. 14

    Mary Frame

    The article stated that they recovered other drug paraphernalia and a gun. Why do you always have guns with illegal drug trade. Get the crack dealers as well.

  8. 15

    Amy Nesbitt Brackett

    No wonder she can afford to live in Carrington! Selling them drugs !

  9. 16

    Stan Man

    the gun could have been simply for home defense as pot smokers are not violent unless they are hi on somethin else as well and wanna steal weed as somethin easier to get at the time

  10. 17

    Jordan Sellers

    Your tax dollars at work.

  11. 21

    Tammy McCown

    I doubt with 3 plants she’s rolling in money. Lmao

  12. 23

    Jason Putman

    Two plants PLUS weed already packaged. The plants could have been some kind of employee of the month prize. The article does not state the amount of marijuana that was actually seized.

  13. 24

    Amy Nesbitt Brackett

    Probably selling other drug’s. They just haven’t caught her with!

  14. 25

    Gloria Langley Vaughan

    Y’all don’t have anything better to do ? MJ really , when there is drugs that are killing people ! What a waste of resources !

  15. 26

    Rachel Holt Cushing

    WTG Trussville police. Get the harder drugs too.

  16. 27

    Randy Mealer

    no victim no crime…plea “NO MENS REA”

  17. 29

    Stephy Sierra


  18. 31

    Deborah Coleman

    Trussvegas on the radar again..

  19. 33

    Jessica Ellenburg Worsham

    I saw yesterday. Not a very big bust for the amount of attention that it is receiving ☺️

  20. 34

    Diana Katrina Ingram

    Contrary to popular belief, people with a good education and an excellent job DO in fact smoke pot. Wake up!

  21. 35

    Haley Amber McElroy

    If only “they” would follow the law…. Enforce one, but ignore the ones that don’t generate $

  22. 36

    Randy Mealer

    they should operate within their means and not make people criminals over a plant

  23. 37

    Kathy Sills

    Theres more to this for sure

  24. 38

    Kathy Sills

    Nor does it tell the entire story

  25. 40
  26. 42

    Kathy Sills

    Love trussville
    Where do you live deborah coleman

  27. 43

    Mack Kilpatrick

    Nobody cares about marijuana. How about Trussville PD stop wasting your time and tax dollars on a war on a PLANT that heals and has ZERO history of EVER causing harm. Especially when there is such an obvious opioid epidemic that IS causing harm & casualties in the community. Ridiculous.

  28. 44

    Chris Clark

    Oh no not the weed plants!! Come on

  29. 45

    Kathy Sills

    Doing their job..illegal still

  30. 46

    Karl Waag

    Weed is Medical stupid State. Should be a misdemeanor.

  31. 47

    Mack Kilpatrick

    Kathy Sills do you know why it’s illegal? Did you know it’s also illegal to collect rainwater? There are laws set in place solely to profit government that do no harm to people or their communities. Collecting rain water is one of them and marijuana is another.

  32. 48

    Brandon J McArthur

    Yet you can light up in Colorado I’m not a smoker but weed should either be legal or illegal

  33. 50

    Zephaniah El Getachew Yehudah

    It’s tells exactly what was found

  34. 51

    Emmett Haislip

    If she was selling marijuana at least nobody died from it, unlike meth, cocaine and heroin. It’s time to legalize marijuana.

  35. 52

    Zephaniah El Getachew Yehudah

    this is absolute bullshit and the gun wasn’t hers and nothing else was found. Just plants

  36. 53

    Kristen H Bird

    Wish they’d spend their time and our money on catching real criminals.

  37. 55

    Greg Drake

    And that my friend why it should be legal and we wouldn’t have as crowded jails and waste of tax money

  38. 56

    Rusty Welch

    Omg!! What a major drug bust! 2 whole pot plants that I’m sure were for personal use and not to distribute! Trussville pd must be very proud of their BIG accomplishment! It sure seems like it in the pic with the dog… So glad we have you guys to keep us save. Keep up the good work

  39. 57

    Rusty Welch

    If there is more to the story maybe they should put it in there before publishing the story and getting people all fired up.

  40. 58

    Susan Duke

    This is total bs. How about it Trussville? Another reason to move.

  41. 59

    Josh Trimble

    Complete waste of resources.

  42. 60

    Tammy McCown

    ASSume much? Nothing in this article implies that. When there is”more” to the story, fine. Til then she had 2 plants.

  43. 61

    Brenda Panter Richards

    Well that’s stupid to arrest her nothing wrong with some pot

  44. 62

    Rusty Welch

    That, meth and racism is the main issues in today’s society.

  45. 63

    Sarah Beth Shubert

    Kathy Sills I doubt it, probably some nosy neighbors who reported her.

  46. 66

    Staci Folse

    The picture shows 2 plants & 2 baggies with a couples of grams in them. That’s not exactly a “dealers” normal stash!

  47. 67

    Chrys Black

    The SWAT team was called out. It was a scary sight in our neighborhood :(. Sad. Hope nothing else crazy happens here.

  48. 68

    Phillip Acton

    The new Center Point (tongue planted firmly in cheek) 🙂

  49. 69

    Sarah Beth Shubert

    Why does this lady look so familiar!? And no she is not my dealer

  50. 70

    Rusty Welch

    It’s all about the money! If it doesn’t bring in revenue not much effort is put into it.

  51. 71

    Kathy Sills

    The media chooses what they want us to see…

  52. 72

    Rusty Welch

    Bet they would arrest the monkey 😂😂😂

  53. 73

    Sarah Beth Shubert

    Kathy Sills I agree with that but the Tribune?

  54. 74

    Mack Kilpatrick

    Rusty Welch 100% in agreement.

  55. 75

    Rusty Welch

    And if they were doing their job violent crime rate would go down.

  56. 77

    Jason Putman

    They didn’t mention the bag full of pills either.

  57. 80

    Zephaniah El Getachew Yehudah

    Why even put her picture up for some petty ass bullshit like this, like she went in a church an killed nine people… FOH

  58. 81

    Summer N Eric Johnson

    Terrible. Getting arrested for something that’s legal in America, just not our lame ass state

  59. 82

    Deborah Coleman

    Use to live in tville.. Logan martin now

  60. 84

    Kathy Sills

    I love the tribune lots..the most honest media ever

  61. 85

    Mack Kilpatrick

    If pot was legal violent crime would go down. But our states overly conservative views refuse to look to the other legalized states and recognize its benefits. Not one negative has come from the states that have legalized. Crime has gone down. Opioid overdose cases have drastically decreased. Taxation on marijuana has made these states record amounts of money that they are using to house homeless. Build schools, roads etc. Not to mention the medical benefits. The list of positive effects of legalization goes on and on.

  62. 88

    Shawna Stone

    Hahaha. Oh dang Monique got busted lol

  63. 89

    Rusty Welch

    Apparently not because there is supposedly more to the story but the Tribune didn’t add it to the story.. Why was there a search warrant from another county? Seems like they were just testing out the new pup

  64. 90

    Briana Moore

    Carrington Lakes? Isn’t that the upscale gated community? Interesting.

  65. 91

    Michelle Bate

    Please leave the weed alone. Real drugs kill. Weed has not killed anyone. It should be treated as the medical item that it is. Alabama needs to move with the times. If Alabama legalized weed the amount of taxes could help our schools and pave our roads. This is nonsense. Have you guys not got bigger fish to catch? I am sure there are worse things going on in the world to check on.

  66. 92

    Charlie Philpot

    Sounds like there are a few more houses to check by some of the comments!

  67. 93

    Kathy Sills

    Rusty…we are wasting our time..you are in the know😅

  68. 94

    Dennis Gray

    All I wanna know is who snitched?

  69. 95

    Daniel Cooper

    I feel so much safer. I can’t stand plants. People shouldn’t be able to own plants or do anything with them that isn’t tightly regulated and monitored by government overseers.

  70. 96

    Daniel Ingram

    She should be glad she isn’t a man. There would have been more, steeper charges.

  71. 97

    Susan Gill

    Can we worry about real crime please? It should be a crime to lock someone up for weed

  72. 98

    Susanna Renee

    How bout lets focus on all the meth, heroin and other stuff that’s in Trussville or that comes through there then weed! or how bout all the people under the influence who get a slap on the wrist even if they take a life or not! #WakeUpItsLegalInManyStates. #AlabamaNeedsToCatchUp

  73. 99

    Mack Kilpatrick

    Millionaires enjoy liquor. So do the homeless. Why would marijuana be any different?

  74. 100

    Paul Pale Coney

    Nobody agrees with marijuana arrests. Can we all agree that the way the war on drugs has been waged is a failure?

  75. 101

    Marie Ash Jones

    Erika Freeman is she ur neighbor

  76. 102

    Tyler Blake Bigbee

    I know right?! That’s insane!

  77. 103

    Shawna Stone

    I know. I wouldn’t have thought that she would get arrested

  78. 105

    Rusty Welch

    Opioid overdoses murders fatal dui accidents ect in their eyes is all about population control

  79. 106

    Daniel Cooper

    The War on Drugs has been won… by drugs. Continuing to fight it is no different than a redneck telling you the south done gone rise again.

  80. 107

    Allen N Linda Cunningham

    She was probably under secret squirrel investigation for months and months

  81. 108

    Jordan Sharbutt

    Congratulations TPD, you successfully spent thousands of tax-money to stop one woman from smoking HER OWN weed

  82. 109

    Jordan Sharbutt

    Y’all are seriously overthinking this whole situation. That woman is not apart of some big drug ring

  83. 110

    Josh Burgans

    I agree with marijuana arrests. I’m not sure why people have a hard time avoiding illegal drugs. My dog is more obedient that many adults it seems.

  84. 111

    Josh Burgans

    That’s like saying murders still occur so what’s the point of continuing to try to stop murders.

  85. 112

    Josh Nichols

    Being arrested and given a criminal record on something the government has a patent on (US6630507) is asinine.

  86. 113

    Josh Burgans

    Because you can’t focus on multiple things at once? I’m sure if the TPD got a tip on a meth lab, they’d raid it too.

  87. 114

    Valerie Cole Woodall

    That is what I call Stepford town! They thibk it is all so perfect! Give me a break…when I went to school there they had drug busts in Jr High! They just cover it up or somebody’s daddy with deep pockets probably pays someone off to keep it hush hush!! What a joke!!

  88. 115

    Josh Burgans

    Smoking weed has almost no medical benefit. In fact marijuana smoke has many of the same carcinogens that tobacco smoke has, most in higher concentration since marijuana is usually smoked without any filter. If you want to fight for actual medicine based on cannabinoid extracts, that is one thing, but saying people should be able to smoke weed for medical purposes is pretty much baseless.

  89. 117

    Valerie Cole Woodall

    Marijuana is still illegal I believe because they woukd lose out on the money they get for fines and court fees from busting people! It grows out of the ground! Why not make alcohol and cigerettes illegal…they are known killers!!

  90. 118

    Josh Burgans

    Marijuana is a schedule one drug at the federal level and thus illegal. So how is it legal in America? It may be legal in some states, but federal law trumps state and local laws.

  91. 119

    Sarah Beth Shubert

    Rusty Welch spill the beans Rusty!

  92. 120

    Matthew Richardson

    Valerie Cole Woodall the state and local municipalities would generate more in taxes by legalizing mj than they do from arrests and fines. When you add up man hours, housing, feeding etc more money is wasted than is generated for an mj arrest/conviction. Colorado is a prime example of the positive economic affects from legalization. Tax revenue has increased greatly and crime has dropped noticeably.

  93. 121

    Josh Burgans

    Valerie Cole Woodall I think enforcement of drug laws creates a net loss. As for growing out of the ground, how is that relevant to anything?

  94. 122

    Susanna Renee

    You must be against Mary Jane right? Point is there’s more serious things going on all around then weed plants! They wanna do something good for the community stop the other things, get these people behind bars who are killing innocent kids and people, get the ones dealing deadly drugs! You know why this story isn’t important my aunt was killed by a driver under the influence of drugs not weed! Do you know she isn’t behind bars yet after almost two years??? But this woman who has plants ((she was not caught smoking keep in mind)) but shes behind bars?? The people who take the lives of others should be behind those bars not people who have freaking plants in their home/possession

  95. 123

    Seth Austin

    Woah way to go Trussville pd!! You ruined someone’s life for possessing a harmless plant. Meanwhile alcohol kills people every day but we’re all so excited for the craft beer joint coming to Trussville right?? What a joke

  96. 124

    Robert Empresario Bates

    So why haven’t the government sent agents to Colorado to arrest have the state? The real so called war on drugs was a tactic to keep control over paper mills because one candidate wanted to introduce hemp to the country because hemp was cheaper to manufacture and the 2% would have lost money if that control was taken over.

  97. 125

    Zephaniah El Getachew Yehudah

    TPD could have just destroyed them lil plants an let her go

  98. 126

    Robert Empresario Bates

    Let’s outlaw alcohol because it kills millions of innocent people every year due to drunk driving. Yet we are encouraged to drink and celebrate drinking as a pastime for many. Turn 21 go drink! Then elected to drive home without incident from Police. Weed just kills the snack aisle at WalMart.

  99. 127

    Summer N Eric Johnson

    Because those states it’s legal in is apart of America? (T_T)

  100. 129
  101. 130

    Zephaniah El Getachew Yehudah

    it’s illegal to wear blue jeans while walking down Noble Street.

  102. 131

    Dean Bradford

    Under federal law, it is illegal to possess, use, buy, sell, or cultivate marijuana, since the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug, claiming it has a high potential for abuse and has no acceptable medical use. Since Alabama has no “exemption” for medical or recreational use, she broke the law!

  103. 132

    Susan Michelle

    It does not say she was charged with illegal possession of a handgun, so why even print they found one? What difference does it make?

  104. 133

    Jacob Aaron Tortorici

    Nathan White Vickie Carr White

  105. 134

    Michelle Bate

    What I see here is that you seem to equate Marijuana to Cigarettes. So why is it OK for Cigarettes to be sold at every gas station in America but not Marijuana? Cigarette smoking has been proven to cause cancer and many other medical conditions. Weed. Not so much. Science has proven that Marijuana helps with epilepsy as well as anxiety.

  106. 135

    Shanekia Vashun Mobley

    Get a job is what she should have done

  107. 137

    Zephaniah El Getachew Yehudah

    Go teach your class an stop speaking on shit you don’t have facts on

  108. 138
  109. 139

    James Kelly

    I blame it on the outrageous HOA fees

  110. 140

    Robinson Kimberly

    What a fucking waste of time and they just post this shit to bust anyone that states they smoke weed , PLEASE DO NOT POST ANYTHING IN HERE !!!

  111. 141

    Frog Price

    That hair is illegal in most states.

  112. 142
  113. 143

    Zephaniah El Getachew Yehudah

    I guess you don’t have mirrors in your house

  114. 145

    Hillary Jones

    Josh Burgans I didn’t see where Michelle mentioned smoking in particular, did her original comment get edited? As I’m sure you know, there are numerous other ways of introducing THC/CBDs into the human body besides smoking. There are also ways of smoking that are less toxic than others, for instance, taking a butane lighter out of the equation (as how cigarettes are lit) would certainly cut down on carcinogen exposure from inhalation. As for current medical use, beyond the recent findings of CBD (which is not THC) helping with seizures, Marinol has been pharmaceutically produced for over a decade to help with weight gain / appetite stimulant treatment for those with cancer in addition to other medically related treatment uses. When I worked as a PharmTech over a decade ago, Marinol came in the form of a capsule.

  115. 146

    Hillary Jones

    Rusty Welch I think the reason there was a warrant issued from St Clair is because Carrington may fall within St Clair and Jefferson County lines. The very back part of the Neighborhood was a few years ago, and may still be (although I think this was brought before the Board in recent years) zoned for Springville schools despite a Trussville address. So I think the multiple county warrant has more to do with zoning than anything else.

  116. 147
  117. 148

    Rusty Welch

    Kathy Sills I’m not sure what you mean lol

  118. 149

    Rusty Welch

    I didn’t know that. I thought the county line was closer to Springville? I could be wrong but I’m not familiar with where the county line start and end.

  119. 150

    Hillary Jones

    It seems that the idea of a gun makes drug busts that much more scandalous, when we all know that over half the population has a gun in their home (whether they are committing other crimes or not). Should the kitchen steak knives be mentioned too? To me, it falls under that same mentality, and I think your original comment leans that way as well. The possession of a firearm, whether legal or not, does increase the severity of a crime and bond if the crime that is committed is a felony or the person being charged has a previous criminal history, so that also may be why such extra weight is placed on mentioning a gun in a story about a crime being committed even though the gun wasn’t specifically involved in the crime being committed.

  120. 151

    Rusty Welch

    I doubt 2 pot plants will pay a house note in Carrington 😂😂

  121. 152

    Hillary Jones

    Rusty Welch I’m not knowledgeable about the exact part of the County line either, but I do know that a few years ago several of the homes in the back part of Carrington were zoned for Springville schools despite Carrington being predominantly zoned for Trussville schools, so that’s what made me think that perhaps the warrant from St Clair County had more to do with zoning.

  122. 153

    Rusty Welch

    That makes sense I never knew that. Learn something new every day. That would be a long drive to school of the kids went to Springville and lived in Carrington

  123. 154

    Evan Dobbs

    Legalize it already.SMDH

  124. 155

    Lee Jeffrey

    Way to go guys! You nabbed two more plants! Incredible job! Keep up the good work protecting us from the violent and poisonous trees of evil! Lock her up and throw away the key. She’s an illegal Gardner from hell!

  125. 156

    Scott Hollon

    Good ole worthless as crap tpd…..same trash. As ever.

  126. 157

    Ken Armstrong

    Why did she need scales and a 9mm to smoke her own stash ?

  127. 158

    Taylor Sheppard

    I’m so encouraged by these comments. Legalize Alabama

  128. 159

    Jordan Sharbutt

    Why do you automatically assume scales and a 9mm are related to her weed plants?😂😂😂

  129. 161

    Pamela Whittington Shepard

    Wow! Sounds like she may have been distributing. Hope there were no kids living in the home.

  130. 162
  131. 163
  132. 164

    Lee Jeffrey

    “A search of the residence produced two marijuana plants, marijuana packaged in plastic baggies, digital scales used to weigh the marijuana and a 9mm handgun”

    I guess it depends on the legality of the handgun to you then right?

  133. 165
  134. 166

    Sandy Walters Dempsey

    Debbie Hutton isn’t this on your street?

  135. 168

    Lee Jeffrey

    Wow. Seeds. It just keeps getting more and more horrible.

  136. 169

    Lauren Spaulding

    I hope trussvillians sleep easy tonight knowing this ruthless criminal is off the streets. Meanwhile in clay a man can confess to murder and spend the next few months peeing in his yard and staring down neighbors.

  137. 170

    Chace Walker

    this…probably posted while driving

  138. 171

    Shelbi Tinnell

    😳my stomach just turned. 😔

  139. 172

    Roland Hill

    I’m glad you don’t work at St. Barnabas School anymore making those racist comments. We now know how you really felt working with the students

  140. 173
  141. 174

    Steven Land

    She was using her 9mm to protect her 2 little bitty plants! Trussville is surely having a party over this one

  142. 175

    Erika Freeman

    Lol 😂 no and I hate I missed the swat and that cute baby K9!

  143. 177

    Brooke Baker

    Josh, never say never. You may find yourself with a son/daughter who suffers from serious epilepsy/seizures and the only thing that will help him/her happens to be the plants you bashed that woman for having back on 9/14/17.

  144. 178

    Antonio Smith

    They dispatched a Whole unit for 2 plants of weed. What a waste of resources. It’s amazing what people assume, if your staying in a nice neighborhood you gotta be a drug dealer. Hell most people smoke pot on the regular. People!!!!!

  145. 179

    Lea Corley


  146. 180

    Marie Ash Jones

    Erika Freeman u know where ever u live there is always drama & a swat team! 😳

  147. 182

    Elijah Harrison

    How you figure the gun is related?

  148. 183

    Elijah Harrison

    Wow what a waste of resources….
    Curious what the warrant was even for or how they even decided to go after her..

  149. 184

    Gary Bowers

    What do you expect from a neighborhood on the other side of the tracks.

  150. 185

    Dennis Tina Spencer

    The smile on the cops face next to those plants is like someone just shot bambi, and they are posing like they shot a 10 pt buck! Trussville PD….smh

  151. 187

    Skyler Williams

    He’s real pleased with his big bust.

  152. 188

    Quita Waldrop

    I think it is ridiculous that MJ is illegal. How many people die from it? VS how many people die from all that man made crap with side effects that make you want to kill yourself before it does! SMH

  153. 189

    Skyler Williams

    Surely this is just a joke. There is no way they posted this on Facebook being serious.

  154. 190

    Summer N Eric Johnson

    Exactly. It’s a scam. Everyone knows its something that can help our country and medically it does wonders. I don’t see how people can vote against such an amazing breakthrough

  155. 191

    Kaitlyne Elizabeth Blizzard

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Marijuana charges have to be the most idiotic thing you can be arrested for. Unless she was endangering a child by having the pot around, she shouldn’t have been arrested. This is a waste of time and money on a ‘drug’ that is basically universal now in 2017 and provides numerous medical benefits.

  156. 192

    Dwight Trunnell Jr.

    Bonnie Lett Trunnell wasting tax payer money!!

  157. 194

    Jules Minton

    Staci Goldsby those lil ass plants tho

  158. 195

    Sarah Arwood

    Joshua Jarboe At SerraToyota

  159. 196

    Donald Sims

    The want people to quit smoking, but legalize this Junk..? Where is your brain…

  160. 197

    Lori Loftis

    Cocaine , heroin , IV drugs rampant in Birmingham … Hold on let me get the girl with 2 marijuana plants … Smh

  161. 198

    Linda D. Crumpton

    No wonder she can afford a home in Carrington Lakes….

  162. 199

    Kelsey McClure

    Let me know how I can help. This is ridiculous.

  163. 201

    Samantha Cole

    Wow. I bet most of your Trussvillians still think your city is Beverly Hills and crime free. Lol

  164. 203

    Mallory Anderton

    While people are making a killing off weed in Colorado and California – opening businesses, paying loads of taxes that benefit the community, and having a booming tourist industry – we are busting into people’s homes and ruining their lives over it. What a damn shame.

  165. 205

    Matt Willis

    Marijuana possession! LOL Let’s start actually putting real felons in jail!! I can’t believe owning a plant is illegal!!

  166. 206

    Paul Allen

    Oh no! A woman had pot plants, meanwhile your priest is raping your kids, your senator is robbing you blind to pay for his 5th house and 12th car, your police are killing you in the streets and getting away with it. But thank our imaginary jackass of a skydaddy this woman is behind bars. SMDH

  167. 208

    David Garrard

    If in anyone in 2017 thinks spending billions of dollars a year fighting the “war” on marijuana, locking up non violent offenders on the tax payers dime and clogging up the court systems is a good idea, then they’re insane. The state’s that have legalized are reaping the financial benefits and bringing thousands of jobs to their states. Prohibition does not work. Period

  168. 209

    David Garrard

    How is that the same thing josh. Prohibition hasn’t worked. The war on drugs is an epic failure that has criminalized a health issue. Much like failed alcohol prohibition empowered organized crime, drug prohibition has empowered the cartels. But we are talking about marijuana here. No man or woman should lose their freedom over this. Ever.

  169. 210

    Eric Baumann

    We just had a drive by shooting in our neighborhood at the local trap house the other night. Cops kinda drove by. But thank god that got this lady and her two plants.. Jesus

  170. 211

    BenandLindsey Brown

    Shawn Emanuel ‍♀️ our old neighborhood lol

  171. 212

    Trey Roberts

    You don’t make the money to own a home in Carrington Lakes by selling marijuana or any other drug for that matter. No one gets rich or even brakes even selling drugs except the big cartel leaders and government agents that get paid off to look the other way. Too much Miami vice and rap music has warped the truth about drug dealing and the money to be made off of it .

  172. 213

    Dave Green

    Two marijuana plants? Two?

  173. 214

    David Garrard

    Wow Josh Burgans you seem to know more than the medical industry. How interesting

  174. 215

    Matthew Beverly

    Haha!!! Look how pitiful those plants look

  175. 216

    John Nichols

    Thank God we got that evil drug kingpin off the streets!

  176. 218

    Jason Carey

    Phillip Acton Yep…slowly creeping that way.

  177. 219

    Joanna Miller Lucia

    I see some of you posting it’s only marijuana plants. Just remember it’s against the law.

  178. 220

    Amanda Williams

    God, mine too. Let this woman live! Wasn’t like she had bricks of it. It looks like she threw a few random seeds from her own in a pot to see if they’d grow.

  179. 221

    John Nichols

    You cannot legislate morality, no matter what you do.

  180. 222

    John Nichols

    So is feeding the hungry in some jurisdictions. Something being against the law does not mean it’s wrong necessarily. What is lawful and what is right are NOT the same thing.

  181. 225

    Joshua Graham Winn

    Let’s talk about this: police arresting a black woman in Carrington Lakes for some weed. Anyone else see a potential problem here? SWAT team for some pot plants? A little stereotypical police work here? Overkill much?

  182. 227
  183. 228
  184. 230

    Joshua Graham Winn

    It’s not overkill to send a swat team in to arrest a woman for marijuana? Are you insane?

  185. 231

    Joanna Miller Lucia

    I agree it was overkill with swat team.

  186. 232

    Joshua Graham Winn

    Contrary to what you think, pot is harmless, non addictive, and much less dangerous than alcohol or the prescription drug epidemic in this country. Let’s fight a real fight against prescription drugs and heroin. This is just silly. Waste of time, our money, our police force, the medias time for covering this. who else wasted time on this? It’s a joke this is a crime. A complete joke. Joanna – how many laws do you break daily?

  187. 233

    Joanna Miller Lucia

    And I am not insane Joshua Graham Winn.

  188. 234

    Joanna Miller Lucia

    Unless your family has been affected by drug addiction you don’t have a clue

  189. 235

    Michael Gibbs

    It’s the Charlie Brown strain

  190. 236

    Robert Empresario Bates

    Having a cocktail and driving home is breaking the law as well but I assume you already knew that, Einstein. As we already knew what you stated.

  191. 237

    LaTrelle Grayson

    Pot is illegal. And all of you who point out benefits are forgetting that it is illegal. Did I point out that it is illegal? Great job TPD.

  192. 238

    Morgan Laine Turner

    Marijuana is not addictive though…

  193. 239

    Morgan Laine Turner

    Exactly. She could have got a warning but we treat marijuana the same as heroin. If she had like 20 Ibs I could see it being I bigger deal than two small plants.

  194. 240

    Joanna Miller Lucia

    Blah blah blah. All you people make me tried. You do not have a clue.

  195. 242

    Ross Jacobs

    I thought prohibition didn’t work the fist time and it caused more problems than it solved by creating high profit margins and dangerous incentives for organized crime.

    What’s different about prohibition 2.0 that somehow works?

  196. 243

    Matt Brownlee

    I busted out laughing when I saw the picture of the seized goods! It’s like saying we got a drop of rain out of the ocean. What a joke.

  197. 244

    Jenny Melville

    Nothing^^ because now we have synthetics that are killing people instead of the natural stuff curing people.

  198. 245

    Mack Kilpatrick

    Again. Like I said above. So is collecting rain water. Some laws are set into place solely for the benefit of the government.

  199. 246

    Morgan Laine Turner

    I believe I do considering I used to smoke. Weed is non addictive. Literally cigarettes are worse for you because the nicotine is habit forming.

  200. 247

    Morgan Laine Turner

    I could understand if it was coke, heroin, meth, etc but weed is far from needing this kind of police force. They could have destroyed the plants and given her a fine. No need to plug up the jails with minor criminal offenses. Driving drunk is far worse than what this lady did but its illegal so we sent a swat team even though we haven’t finished the park on Mainstreet since it got started back in 2010.

  201. 248

    John Nichols

    Feeding people that are hungry is illegal in some jurisdictions. What’s your point? Being illegal and being wrong are NOT THE SAME THING. Just like being legal and being right are NOT the same thing.

  202. 249

    Jimmy D Uptain

    Ross Jacobs They better not let me on the jury #nulification

  203. 250

    Jimmy D Uptain

    Ross Jacobs They better not let me on the jury #nulification

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