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    Greg Gunter

    I think we see enough of this everywhere

  2. 3

    Rhonda Gunn

    Stop it ! Just stop it! Enough! We all know who you are already. I wouldnt hire you because you now annoy me.

  3. 4

    Briana Moore

    Why is this showing up in my news feed under The Trussville Tribune?

  4. 5

    Bradley Jones

    Anyone’s car insurance go up this past year and wonder why?

  5. 6

    Joan Williams

    personally i think the trucking industries all need to get together and file a law suit against him, he definately is picking on them and i would imagine most of the accidents were not caused by the big truck, but by careless drivers, just as the government has a law about texting and driving, yet they want to put a specialized piece of electronics in every truck, for the truck to have to use to keep up with them while a car can drive 24 hours a day if it wants . yet thats ok. ALEXANDER SHAUNNARAH STOP PICKING ON TRUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. they get you everything you need to eat and shirt you put on your back and all your commercials need to be banned from tv

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