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  1. 1

    Gene Startley

    Yes, B’HAM city crud moved in.

  2. 2

    Gwen Lackey

    Its always been a bad place to live in Center point , I move away from there in 96

  3. 3

    Paul Tucker

    If you drive through the area where homes with mowed lawns…wooded areas… litter free streets and businesses once were… you now find abandoned homes… taxpayer subsidized housing/apartments … broken down cars in the street and a few tastelessly lit businesses…
    I’m say Ms. Robinson is correct and that Trussville is next…

  4. 4

    Dennis Sherrod

    So little cooperation and actions by the city of Center Point mayor and council. They keep saying they will look into it and they are going to have meetings and talks. Meanwhile as the months go by, crime continues to rise here and more thugs move in because they are getting free rein. The Sheriff’s Department is doing all they can, but they are overloaded in work load and crime. Time to clean house and get some people that are willing and ABLE to do something to help rid the crime.

  5. 5

    Mandy J. Cockrell

    Trussville City and the taxes along with annexes prevent that

  6. 7

    Paul Tucker

    Mandy J. Cockrell as Center Point once did… be careful who we elect…

  7. 8

    Susan Woodham

    There’s a reason for that……..

  8. 9

    Greg Lang

    Move thugs in good people move out and who was there to profit .

  9. 10

    Mark Dale

    Oh no! Not the cask banking cards, what would the dead do without them!
    And I got a degree in this. Well not for murdering every post except for copy and paste.

  10. 11

    Ilean W Winton

    Disagree .. it USED to be a good place to live. We moved there in the early 60’s and it was a good family friendly community .

  11. 13

    Jeff Henson

    Doughnut shops been robbed??? I THOUGHT NOT!!

  12. 15

    Kevin Small

    Property taxes and home values will protect Trussville.

  13. 17

    Kevin Small

    Hey, but at least Mayor Tom has got that stop sign running under control.
    How many people are gonna be hurt in the next 12 or 18 months by this so nothing Mayor.
    Clay and Pinson watch out. At Mayor Tom runs this city into the ground it affects us as well as our neighbors in Center Point.

  14. 18

    Sonny Hopkins

    The crime there and the mayor and city councils lack of action is why we moved. Glad we did. The city council told me about 2 years ago that there was not a problem in center point. Well, yes there is and it starts with the council and mayor.

  15. 19

    Adam Bryant McAllister

    Center point has only been a city for 15 years Paul Tucker… Plus, there was never an outrageous property tax. As a matter of fact, lack of taxes are why it was once popular area for businesses, and still is for the car lots.

    So what the heck are you talking about?

  16. 22

    Tere Vermillion Sizemore

    It was perfect in the 70’s and 80’s. But it started going down in the 90’s. My family finally moved out in 2000.

  17. 23

    Jason Putman

    When I ran for city council in 2012. I and the other two challengers for council seats had a plan for a police force. We did our research, we were prepared to write grant proposals and goodness knows there was plenty of traffic camera revenue at the time sitting in the bank for helping with some of the upfront costs. We were laughed at and told that there was no way the city could afford a police force. Even when much smaller municipalities like Argo, Kimberly, and Margaret had forces at the time. No the Mayor and councilors choose to ignore the problems in the community. Now 5 years later, moving away was the best decision I have ever made. Reports of crime and violence are a daily occurrence. The mayor tries to blame the problems on Birmingham, “oh, that’s not within our city limits”, or outright states that there is not a crime problem.

  18. 24

    Susan Harper

    Sad, but true. Even further back. And our mayor and most of the City Council don’t think we have a crime problem!

  19. 25

    Allen Long

    Golly gee, what changed?

  20. 26

    Mick Phillips

    Do you think !!!!! It’s worse than Eastlake…

  21. 27

    Lauren Pearson Burch

    Idk. Trussville prices and taxes my “protect” individuals from moving in, but can’t stop them from coming. Geez look at the movie theater! Look at the bowling alley! I don’t even feel comfortable going to Trussville in the evenings. I’d rather go to Vestavia. I will say Pinson is definitely next. It’s already the mini Center Point.

  22. 28

    Deborah Coleman

    Glad I moved an live on Logan Martin now..

  23. 29

    Matt Coleman

    No I think they are both horrible ,and east lake has bham police ,and Jefferson county police ,and bham is at 62 murders for the year so far .you can have all the police in the world ,and not make a difference when the thugs move in it’s over .move to a better area like the rest of us have done

  24. 30

    Matthew Norman

    I’m afraid it is trickling over into Trussville

  25. 31

    Terrie Dollar

    Cp,, pinson, clay, and next trussville. You build they will come. To rob, steal,, carjack,, brreak in.

  26. 32

    John Ray

    1997-2000 was when that area started huge changes

  27. 33

    Michael Stanley

    It would seem Pinson mayor is on the same path.

  28. 35

    Chris Clark

    Wasn’t exactly safe in the early 90’s. Nothing compared to now but I figured that was the start of its decline. But I lived in the woods so any highly populated area that police constantly zoomed around and vagrants walked everywhere seemed like NYC to me. I was always told when we drove through there to get somewhere it used to be a really nice place.

  29. 36

    Doug Williams

    Lmao everybody knows Center Point has gone to shit. Many of us grew up there remember Parkway East was similar to Panamanian City strip back in the day. It all changed when they moved the inner city in and HUD took over. Your an idiot if you don’t see and know why it’s like it is.

  30. 37

    Tim McKee

    Wonder where the crime came from? I can remember when CP was a thriving low-crime community, in the 70s.

  31. 38

    Heather Marie

    Because of Bell’s ghetto liberal ass.

  32. 39

    Tim Hollis

    Almost as bad as trussville. At least the ppl I know in centerpoint Don’t think they are better than you and aren’t a bunch of rednecks. Trussville where the worst of the redneck racists and ghetto trash meet. You’ll never be mt.brook or 280. Get over it. You’re just trash in a gold bag.

  33. 40

    Debbie McAuley Frederick

    Trussville has Crime! They just keep it from being made public to protect what they (government) believe to be their image.

  34. 41

    Kathy Sills

    It trickling everywhere

  35. 42

    Larry Wilson

    …and we all know “what’ it is.

  36. 43

    Lisa Coyne

    We moved out 20 years ago because we saw the change , even then. So sad.

  37. 44

    Rhonda Sajjadieh

    I grew up here and always felt so safe, that was a long time ago of course……Very sad that it’s become such a dangerous place to be now!!

  38. 45

    Rhonda Sajjadieh

    It was so great then, went to pinson but so many friends went to Erwin and Huffman ….was a different wonderful time …. Seems some have lost all human decency

  39. 46

    David Walker

    That’s because Birmingham is pushing all the trash outta the city. Where do you think they’re gonna go! Centerpoint is nothing but title loan and check to go. Move trash business and trash will move out!

  40. 47

    Greg Lang

    And the realtors got rich!!

  41. 48

    Brooke Taylor

    It’s terrible. And they are moving into Grayson valley

  42. 49

    Casi Carden Selph

    Trussville is NOT next!! Keep it moving!!

  43. 50

    Bobbystarz Dewitt

    Image that. I moved there in 1963. Left yrs ago.

  44. 51

    Ron Orton

    I left there in 1980 after two break-ins, started down hill then.

  45. 52

    Fulmer Barry

    Hood rats! Trussville get ready it is coming

  46. 53

    Elizabeth McKee

    Really.. i alway lock my doors

  47. 54

    Mike Jay

    Trussville will be next….as Birmingham grows and welcomes the rich into the condos downtown, areas like Smithfield, Norwood, Crestwood, Avondale, and Woodlawn will be the next best subdivision to live. All the Section 8 applicants will start moving in Pinson , Clay, and Trussville, and Centerpoint…

    Trussville doesn’t have enough police force to stop crime like Hoover or Mountain Brook. Therefore , it due time Trussville will fall. Pack your bags and move to Argo or Gadsden.

  48. 55

    Kevin Small

    Trussvilles house prices and property tax will offer more protection from consumers than police will.

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