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  1. 6

    Pamela Whittington Shepard

    Sad, but he is like every other college kid and adult who goes out to have fun. He just got caught.

  2. 8

    Kyle Greek

    RMFTR!!!!!!! Sorry yall

  3. 12

    Debbie Carr Jarvis

    Can have fun without getting wasted. There are a LOT of people who do it all the time. Don’t put “every other college kid and adult” into the same drunk boat.

  4. 13

    Anita Harbison Jackson

    Allyson Harbison Jonathon Harbison

  5. 14

    Tommy King

    At first I thought this was going to be a joke saying ” Arrested for impersonating a Quarterback”, sorry.

  6. 19
  7. 20

    Anthony Busby

    Omg a college kid was drunk in public? This world today ‍♂️

  8. 21

    Jan Hudson

    Debbie Carr Jarvis amen!!!!

  9. 23

    Jan Hudson

    Debbie that’s the world we live in. People excuse peoples bad actions instead of holding them to a higher standard.

  10. 24

    Michael Rodgers

    Hunter Williams Ryan Coleman Tyler Johnson Dexter Lewis

  11. 26

    James Miller

    that has to be it for White….

  12. 27

    Pamela Whittington Shepard

    Never excused this action! Just don’t throw stones!

  13. 28

    Becky Watwood-Gay

    He’s on a team. Suppose to stay in great shape! Be an example for his school. Suspend him from a few games & make him watch the game from home. .

  14. 29

    Michelle Quick

    I’m a die hard Bama fan, I care absolutely nothing about Auburn but pulic intox is such a bs charge. If people only knew how easy it is to get this charge. Smh

  15. 30

    Terry Simmons

    Don’t hide Shannon Harris ! Lol

  16. 31

    Jamie Snyder Mentel

    Typically, I would agree BUT he just returned from a two game suspension so you’d think he would try to walk a straight line for a while.

  17. 32

    Scott White

    He just came back from being suspended the first three games for pot

  18. 33

    Anthony Busby

    Jamie Snyder Mentel people hold these KIDS to too high of a standard. He’s 21 and in college. This shouldn’t be news

  19. 34

    Becky Watwood-Gay

    Then playing around is more important than school & football. Kick him off team.

  20. 35

    Joey Cobb

    …. 21, in college, homecoming night, give this kid a break. Shesh. If he was smart and didn’t blow, he can fight it.. good luck. RTR

  21. 36

    Lauren Danielle Smith

    A 21 year old being drunk is not a victory. ‍♀️
    Some people here celebrating like they did something special.

  22. 38

    Paul Ray Daniel

    You don’t have to blow if charged with public intoxication

  23. 39

    Karen Miranda Gravlee

    All of us should be held to a higher standing. We are human and we all make mistakes. He may be crying for help. The coaching staff at auburn needs to listen. Help him not degrade him!!!

  24. 40

    Anthony Busby

    Karen Miranda Gravlee exactly. Kid makes dumb decision and it becomes state wide news. I made plenty of dumb decisions at 21 but thankfully the trussville tribune never posted them on The internet

  25. 42
  26. 44

    Mike Desilvestri

    Except he’s in the public eye, has a responsibility to represent the program, and therefore is not “like every other college kid.”

  27. 45

    Allyson Harbison

    Well he’s not going to ever play again

  28. 48

    Brian Wells

    And the downward spiral continues.

  29. 53

    Shannon Harris

    Why would anyone want to drink alcohol? Makes no sense.

  30. 55

    Gena Ray Cranford

    Imagine it is YOUR son or daughter.

  31. 56

    Gena Ray Cranford

    When you get “ran over” ??? We Auburn grads know it should be “run over” Wonder where this person went to school?

  32. 57

    Vicky Watson Elrod

    Gena Ray Cranford – That’s okay – all Auburn fans have a right to be angry & frustrated. LOL.

  33. 60

    Gena Ray Cranford

    Vicky Watson Elrod I’m not angry or frustrated. Just educated and can use proper grammar.

  34. 61

    Caleigh K. Messer

    This sounds real fishy to me. If he was at a bar, more than likely everyone there “appeared to be under the influence.” While it doesn’t disclose the environment, I’m a little confused about the charges.

  35. 62

    Caleigh K. Messer

    Also, I am an Alabama fan..but making crude remarks about this boy or screaming “RTR” makes you, as an individual, look very poorly.

  36. 63

    Vicky Watson Elrod

    Gena Ray Cranford – so glad you’re the grammar police & so highly educated. I’m sure you’re a joy to know.

  37. 64

    Barry J Smith

    The kids whole identity has changed… no fault of his own. He has always been the qb and now he isn’t. Trust me, that’s hard for a kid to come to grips with when he’s been playing since the age of 5.

  38. 65

    Gena Ray Cranford

    Vicky Watson Elrod , I wasn’t bashing your grammar, just the meme trying to bash my team. If bashing us they should “get it right”. We retired teachers can’t help ourselves. Plus, he is someone’s son.

  39. 66

    Gena Ray Cranford

    I agree, Caleigh. If this was an Alabama player, it wouldn’t cross my mind to say #wde. That has no part in this incident.

  40. 67

    Jeremy Clasen

    This is pretty low class.

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