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  1. 2

    Sam Modder

    Sounds like he has it all figured out.

  2. 3

    Scott White

    Or not developing players..

  3. 4

    Don Baker

    It’s there for him to receive. Sounds like it’s him. AU’s defensive line isn’t the problem

  4. 5

    Cliff Bagwell

    Another one with substance abuse problems? Such a waste of natural talent

  5. 6

    Brian Hoyt

    You make it sound like it is the coaching staff’s job to keep him from smoking marijuana.

  6. 7

    Scott White

    Brian Hoyt no!!! Is that the reason? If so he should have been gone along time ago. Lots of players don’t develop to some coaching styles. You know that. It wasn’t bashing Auburn.

  7. 8

    Brian Hoyt

    Just the second time in a matter of minutes that someone mention failing to develop players. The first referenced Shawn White. Both these players have made poor, off the field, decisions. I just don’t see the connection to that and coaches developing players.

    I don’t know that his marijuana use was a factor in his decision to leave. I do feel that those kind of choices have affected his ability to be effective on the field.

  8. 9

    Scott White

    Brian Hoyt it probably has. It makes you lazy

  9. 10

    Ken Armstrong

    Don’t know where you got substance abuse issues on him from. His issue was that he’s to big to play DE and not enough ‘want to’ to play DT. He kept getting beat out by players with equal talent but a lot more heart. Never shy from drama, he’s decided a third stringer with no true position will be best suited to quit mid season and start focusing on the draft.

  10. 11

    Cliff Bagwell

    Ken Armstrong…. I read the article. He has past substance abuse issues. That’s why I put a question mark, as a question (imagine that, using punctuation to mean something!)

  11. 12

    Marc Ward

    Cliff Bagwell where does it say he had substance issues?

  12. 13

    Cliff Bagwell

    “Arrested in 2016 with 3 others for marijuana possession” . It is a drug, it is illegal, and if he’s in possession, he’s using. Why are you trying to sugar coat this?

  13. 14

    Marc Ward

    Cliff Bagwell where did I say I was sugar coating?

  14. 15

    Lana Brown

    Another one bites the dust.

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