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    Lindsey Maddox Bowman

    Freda Maddox Carmichael Lauren Carmichael Jared W Bowman

  2. 5
  3. 8

    Linda Albonetti

    Never heard of a crowed parking lot. Hmmmm

  4. 9

    KriStin CoBb Lindsey

    Kinley McDaniel Gardner SERIOUSLY!

  5. 10

    Miller Coop

    Oh no Julie Coop I’m sorry to ruin your day.

  6. 12

    Emilee Richards

    Tanya Coy Richards Christian Michelle Maxwell

  7. 14

    Kayla Crook

    Carlie Scroggins Debbi Clarke

  8. 15

    Melinda Lake Robinson

    Sounds like they do this regularly! Oh well….it’ll be their missed opportunity!

  9. 18

    Julie Coop


  10. 19

    Danny Evans

    Not surprised with the research I had done on the company and their money issues. Not good for Trussville for sure. Retail is going thru a reorg now with so much on-line shopping.

  11. 20

    Krista Shah

    I knew it…sprouts would be fantastic!

  12. 21

    Griffin Gulledge

    This is such a Trussville thing to happen.

  13. 22

    Lauren Aydelette Cooley

    Would LOVE to see Sprouts come in!!!!

  14. 23

    Julie Coop

    Griffin Gulledge this is why we can’t have nice things

  15. 24

    Becky Cullen

    I’d much prefer a Sprouts Farmers Market anyway! Would love to be able to convince them to take that spot instead.

  16. 27

    Janice Gafnea Gallagher

    Sprouts would be just as great!!

  17. 28

    Katrina Arnold-Feola

    Sprouts sprouts sprouts !!!! Please sprouts . I did speak to their manager last week at hoover he said he is always telling them to put another location here ..I told him please keep telling them it would be greatly appreciated and supported

  18. 29

    Terri Allen Finlay

    I wish we could get Sprouts or Trader Joe’s.

  19. 33
  20. 34

    Shonda René

    Sprouts Farmers Market come to Trussville!!

  21. 40

    Shelbi Tinnell

    Jason Alexander Askins you were right!

  22. 42

    Jonathon Dooley


  23. 46

    Mindy Lutz Shepard

    Katrina Arnold-Feola we need to call corporate office and get a campaign going😀

  24. 48

    Ann Brown

    If they come we will shop!!!!
    This is very disappointing!!!!!!

  25. 49

    Chris Liston

    Folks, this isn’t because of Trussville. That company is struggling. It would be better for the city to get a retailer that would be more fiscally stable and Sprouts isn’t it either. They have their own problems

  26. 52

    Diane Poole

    Mr. Gulledge, that is an unnecessary comment.

  27. 58

    Terry Schrimscher

    Sad news. They have great meat specials.

  28. 61

    Kimberly Bates

    Katrina Arnold-Feola I would be fine with a Sprouts, Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. I really hope one of them steps up and grabs the space.

  29. 62

    Adam Weekley

    Elizabeth Thacker Weekley I was wondering what was taking so long

  30. 65
  31. 66

    Adam Boyd

    Yes! We could so benefit from this type of store.

  32. 68

    ZachandAshleigh Crump

    Whole Foods please!!!! sprouts sucks!!!! Or Kroger please !!! Just not sprouts

  33. 69

    Dianne Bobo-Carraway

    It is sad after expecting and waiting!!
    Trader Joe’s would be great – we already get their mailers in Trussville! We don’t want the original plan Walmart Neighborhood Grocery!!

  34. 71

    Amanda Mabry Boyd

    Noooo!!!!!! I think that’s a big mistake for them! We need a place like this! Instead Homewoods get all our money!

  35. 73

    Christy Rainwater

    Trader Joe’s please! So tired of driving to 280!

  36. 74

    Adam Boyd

    Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or Sprouts….if we get a whole foods amazon may bring home delivery as well

  37. 76
  38. 77

    Donna Burrell Self

    Trader Joes!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. 78

    Katrina Arnold-Feola

    I would love wf or tj but I think that is far fetch a sprouts is more likely and I’ll take it..

  40. 79

    Lisa J. Markham

    That was a poor move on someone’s plate.

  41. 80

    Mai Gen

    Macy Courtemanche nooooooooooo

  42. 81

    Jeff Thompson

    If anybody would know about their “meal specials”, it would be you… 😛

  43. 83

    Ellen Murphree Morgan

    Diane Poole yet the most liked on this post so far 😒

  44. 84

    Kimberly Bates

    Katrina Arnold-Feola meeee too.

  45. 85

    Kristy White

    I would be so happy to have a Trader Joe’s!! When a door closes…..

  46. 87

    Ellen Murphree Morgan

    And now just cross your fingers that Sprouts Farmers Market jumps on this opportunity.

  47. 88

    Kay Honey Elkins

    Trader Joe’s! ❤️ that store.

  48. 94

    Kristi Garren Elacqua

    I wondered why it was taking so long.

  49. 95

    Gail Bailey

    Would love to have a Trader Joe’s closer!

  50. 98

    Lindsey Faucher

    Not surprised and half of the spaces are still empty… not to mention all the empty spaces at the pinnacle… seems we didn’t really need a whole
    New strip mall. The few places in the new one could have taken some of the empty ones half a mile up
    The road !

  51. 104
  52. 106

    Briana Moore

    Given their rep, it sounds like good riddance. A good organic foods store that is actually affordable would be great!

  53. 107

    Christy Kirkland McCormick

    I was wondering why they haven’t moved in yet

  54. 108

    Jerie Lynn Alexander Hathcock

    I love our new strip mall.
    We come from a little town where it never grows and no one likes change. So I am proud to live here. And I love all the new things coming up here.

  55. 109

    Danny Gober

    Whole Foods……extremely stable since being bought up by Amazon….and prices slashed by as much as 50% on many items!!!

  56. 110

    Katrina Arnold-Feola

    Oh I would take it in a heart beat I just don’t see it coming here now..Maybe one day ..

  57. 111
  58. 112

    Lisa Pettit Eagle

    Whole Foods Market would be great!!!

  59. 113

    Wesley Gooch

    They can’t compete with the trussville farmers market

  60. 114

    Stacy Baker Anderson

    Sprouts Farmers Market would be amazing! And by the looks of this post they would be greatly supported!

  61. 119

    Tammy McCown

    Whole Foods will never come to Trussville. We are not their demographic.

  62. 121

    Myla Thomas

    A good grocery store might bring in more customers to those existing stores.

  63. 123

    Leah Scharf Miller

    Master of the obvious👆🏼
    What I don’t understand is vacancies at every single strip in Tville including downtown. Shouldn’t that be a huge red flag to retailers? I wish the City would partner with the Chamber to grow industrial park instead of small, undesired retail chains and stop doing ‘fundraisers’…my goodness at the chamber fundraisers!

  64. 125

    Breanne Smith Cook

    Trader Joe’s-Birmingham-AL

  65. 127

    Theresa Jordan

    Not a good sign pray someone comes in that the community will support

  66. 130

    Pam Conry

    Where is it in Hoover?

  67. 131

    Katrina Arnold-Feola

    Off hwy 31 ..Almost vestavia across from red lobster .

  68. 132

    Pam Conry

    What about​ Chicken Salad Chick?

  69. 133

    Adrienne Whitehurst

    Overpriced anyway….lets get a Sprouts!!

  70. 134

    Carrie Ann

    What a shame. I was looking forward to this store.

  71. 135

    Sheryl Cooper

    Why dang it? We love the Fresh Market!

  72. 136

    Tiffiany Abel Ward

    RIP rotisserie chicken salad 😩😩

  73. 138

    Ron Orton

    Sprouts is terrible, 99% of all their food is imported . Trader Joe’s is owned by Aldi and is the exact same products. They put the Trader Joe’s in higher economic areas and rise the prices.

  74. 140

    Jacob Allen Hudson

    Trussville is one of the highest bussiness license city in the U.S. then their tax is horrific.

  75. 141

    Susan Alvis Morris

    I Love Trussville but something just keeps telling me that we are trying to be something that we will not ever be. Sad, but true.

  76. 144

    Michael Stanley

    No Coscos and no Fresh Market deprived of Organic food in Trussville.

  77. 148
  78. 149

    Sherry Duke Maddox

    Oh Boo! I was looking forward to this store opening!

  79. 150

    Lisa Sammons Pine

    Bad decision I think it would have done well. Make it a sprouts!

  80. 151
  81. 152

    Mary Frame

    Katrina Arnold-Feola – there is a Sprouts on 280 as well.

  82. 156

    Katrina Arnold-Feola

    Yes Mary Frame I just find it easier to get in and out of the one off hwy 31 than deal with 280😁 then I scoot the back roads to whole foods for my meat

  83. 157

    Amber Bowen

    Harris Tetter would be nice

  84. 158

    Polly Mccombs

    Would love to see Sprouts!

  85. 161

    Judy Wilson

    I’m so disappointed! I’ve been waiting and watching for the opening. We could have supported Fresh market, Sprouts, and trader Joe’s. I feel like we’re the little red haired stepchildren.

  86. 162

    Ian Maddox

    Griffin Gulledge I don’t think it has anything to do with Trussville. Research Fresh Market and you will discover financial challenges and a recent acquisition by private equity. These things happen all the time and should not at all reflect poorly on Trussville.

  87. 165

    William McKee

    Yes. I was not surprised. Lease problem plus money problems that Fresh Market faces now

  88. 168

    Griffin Gulledge

    Guys. I am from Trussville. I was referring to the bad luck of it, but it was just a joke (which I really only expected a close friend, who I responded to, to see). Like how the Pinnacle *was* supposed to be like the Summit, etc. It wasn’t a statement on the value of Trussville, but if you’ve been around 15-20 years, this stuff just makes you shrug and laugh a little. “Again?” I love Trussville! I’m sure a good store will come there.

  89. 170
  90. 171

    Mitzi Glidewell-Russell

    Well I don’t guess I will be supporting any of their other stores!

  91. 173

    Sondra Martin

    The Pinnacle was the Summit B-side until the bottom of retail fell out in the mid 2000’s and retailers all over the country closed. The country is still trying to work its way back, but the opening of numerous new retail and hospitality venues in Trussville signals that it’s recovering. I’m excited by the new growth.

  92. 174

    Sondra Martin

    Wouldn’t that be wonderful!?!

  93. 176
  94. 177

    Patrick Murphy

    Sounds like these guys do not know what they are doing….

  95. 178

    Cheryl Alphin Mathews

    So sad about that but love the shops and restaurants that are there !

  96. 179

    Kristin Myers Martin

    What about Kroger? Way better meat and veggie selection than even publix

  97. 181

    Chris Liston

    not the right type of footprint for them at that location

  98. 182

    Sharee Green

    Cicily Welch Mobley, have you seen this yet?

  99. 183
  100. 185

    Cicily Welch Mobley

    Jeff Mobley just told me. I say bring on Sprouts! It’s a better fit for the Trussville market anyway.

  101. 186

    Cicily Welch Mobley

    Plus most of us saw this coming.

  102. 189
  103. 190

    Elizabeth McKee

    William McKee I wish trader Joes or sprouts

  104. 191

    Debbi Clarke

    Well ….. on to Traders Joes!

  105. 192

    Sharee Green

    Cicily Welch Mobley , I was saddened, but not surprised.

  106. 195
  107. 196

    Taura Rush

    Sprouts Farmers Market !!!! Great opportunity!

  108. 197

    Kimberly Minton Freeman

    Trader Joe’s would be great. Save me a drive to the Summit. Never visited a Sprouts but it sounds good. I just hope they don’t make a bad choice in the rush to get it leased.
    We all called it on Fresh Market backing out when the info was posted in April. Just the smallest bit of research revealed that it wouldn’t ever open.

  109. 198

    Dallas Allen

    Hasn’t this been obvious for the past few months…

  110. 199

    Amanda Mabry Boyd

    Totally agree with them rushing to get it leased! I would rather they do it right!

  111. 200

    Branden Saccomani

    Hopefully, Trader Joe’s will take the spot. It’s perfect for them!

  112. 201

    Branden Saccomani

    Trader Joe’s and Aldi are nowhere near the exact same products. Also- the prices at Trader Joe’s are fantastic. I’m thinking you’ve never been to one.

  113. 202
  114. 203

    Branden Saccomani

    I agree that Sprouts is terrible, though.

  115. 204

    Christi Crowley Smith

    I would love love love to have a Kroger!! Plus they do grocery pick up!! I’m saying a prayer!

  116. 206

    Leslie Mauldin Mayo

    Just ridiculous. Empty stores at pinnacle, build a new mall, and it’s not full either…what a greedy waste

  117. 207
  118. 210

    Sid Minton

    How about a Full Moon BBQ in trussville!!!

  119. 211

    Kimberly Minton Freeman

    Oh Yes!!!!!!! That would be awesome. Or an Outback!

  120. 212

    Debbie McElroy Randolph

    I am so disappointed, I love Fresh Market. Hoping for Sprouts or Whole Foods now?!

  121. 215

    Janna Elliott Clark

    can we PUHLEASE get a western like the one in Mountain Brook Village with excellent butchers and wine selection?

  122. 216

    Paula Peeples

    Trader Joe’s. I love that store but don’t want to drive to the Summitt

  123. 217

    Cicily Welch Mobley

    If you are serious about Sprouts (I think they would be a better fit for our market than Fresh Market anyway and I drive to shop at both), submit this form online: https://sprouts.service-now.com/contact_us.do

  124. 218

    Tammy McCown

    Yes. That area caters to the affluent, the upwardly mobile couple’s, the progressives, the people that will spend that tyoe of cash on their products.

  125. 222

    Hali Key

    What?!?!?!?! How can they do such a thing!!!!

  126. 224

    Judy Wilson

    All stores make decisions based on finances but I believe this area has grown and is growing and could support some of the stores we would like to see in Trussville.

  127. 225

    Amanda Robbins

    Well, here’s to hoping for sprouts!!!!!

  128. 226

    Kendra Bess Moore

    Jason Stephens so close to having fresh food near us

  129. 228

    Karen Hubbard Clark

    Trader Joe’s please come to trussville!!!

  130. 229

    Debbie Kasdorf

    Rats!!! Sprouts would be good, too.

  131. 231

    Emmett Haislip

    Paula I haven’t been to a Trader Joe’s. What are their prices like and what is so good about them?

  132. 232

    Casey Hall

    Kirstan Tyler Parr Jesie Tanner Denson. Well this sucks!

  133. 235

    Lori Thompson

    Emmett Haislip the market in pcola is the best!!! Yes little pricey, but wonderful products!! Yum! Best coffee ever

  134. 238

    Camille Clark

    Disappointing-maybe Trussville will be able to snag a better grocer.

  135. 240

    James Cleveland

    Amazon, the company that killed brick and mortar retail… my stocks thank you

  136. 241

    Faye Palumbo

    Well, this store was built to be a grocery store. Will they find another grocery store for that spot?

  137. 242

    Keri Fish

    Write to Whole Foods: http://m.wholefoodsmarket.com/customer-service Select “store location request”

  138. 243

    Paula Peeples

    They are a little higher but you can find food that you can’t anywhere else. They also have a great wine selection. Check it out at the Summitt

  139. 244

    Marilyn Brown

    Want ever be shopping at one of these stores. They don’t have a sound business plan, and more importantly are totally unreliable. This is no way to do business, be a man of your word, or you are nothing,

  140. 245

    Sharon Shrader Groeneveld

    We already have a Fresh Value Market and I happen to really like it. So no disappointment here.

  141. 246

    Susan Duke

    Does anyone keep their word? Good job, morons.

  142. 247

    Susan Duke

    Welcome to Trussville. This is just pathetic. Now, who do we blame?Let’s just call it even, and move.

  143. 248

    Susan Duke

    Trussville business owners, who is benefiting from this? Not us.

  144. 249

    Susan Duke

    Lead or get out of the way.

  145. 251
  146. 252

    Candy Robertson

    We called it on a grocery store lol

  147. 256

    Pam Owens Knight

    Trader Joe’s would be good there.

  148. 257

    Steven Weingarten

    Krogers please.Their deli is unbelievable.

  149. 258

    Kellie Crittenden Yarbrough

    Take it from someone who is from here but now lives in North Carolina, it’s not worth even having. VERY EXPENSIVE and small. Trussville needs a Whole Foods.

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