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    Becky Flippin Holcombe

    Love the Nelms, Love the Pharmacy. Love giving the high school students a job. My grandson’s first job was at Nelms Pharmacy 3 years ago. He is in college now but still keeps his pharmacy tech license active and helps out when he can. Can’t wait for the new building!!! Nelms Pharmacy and Nona Ruth’s are awesome!!

  2. 4

    Heather Sims

    We love nelms! We have to drive by the new building every few days to see the new progress! My daughter gets so excited every time we pass by! I can’t wait to tell her that they will be opening sooner than she thinks!(she says…I hope they will be open before my birthday-she will be 5 in January).

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    Christy Culpepper Hollier

    I love NELMS!!!!
    They know me by name and always w a smile. They have truly brought back the meaning of a small town atmosphere just like when I was growing up in Mississippi !!!
    Can’t wait to see the new building !!!

  4. 8

    Laura McCants Reddick- Reichert

    We love Nelms! We are so excited for you!

  5. 9

    Sylvia Marie Alldredge Griffin

    My dad absolutely loved this pharmacy. He had a wonderful friendship with Chase, and before he passed away in February, Chase even came to see him as soon as we told him that he wasn’t doing well. He was very good to my dad while he was here, and I can never thank him enough.

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