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    Chris Jameson

    No respect for our country regardless of who the president is you should respect our country and the men and women who fought for it if not leave and see how much freedom you will have just my opinion

  2. 3

    Kim Reid

    Obviously, the NFL doesn’t need our hard earned money for ticket/ merchandise sales, and they don’t need us to sit home and watch the games on TV. So lets find other, better ways to spend our time and money!

  3. 4

    Mod Lumpkin

    If these guys are losers and don’ t “respect” the flag, then what is Trump?

  4. 5

    Anne Snider Steward

    Not watching any of this. #boycottNFL

  5. 6

    Jenny Jones Montgomery

    Whatever. Don’t care what they do. Won’t watch them again.

  6. 7

    Patricia Chambers

    Good luck guys expecting me to support what you are paid to do which is play football and be disrespectful of the of the US flag, the people who love and respect it who also support your teams and sponsors buying tickets and watching your overpriced selves play football.

  7. 10

    Michael Murray

    Fake news. Nice try though.

  8. 11

    Mod Lumpkin

    Straight from his Twitter feed. Feel free to search it for yourselves. On another note, what are you guys going to do when a player for Alabama or Auburn, or better yet Hewitt-Trussville ,express their First Amendment right?

  9. 12

    Melanie Black

    On the plus side, this eliminates anyone’s ability to be disruptive. I’m actually ok with it.

  10. 13

    Anne Snider Steward

    You mean disrespect ALL of our soldiers from past, present and future. Sacrificing their lives for OUR freedom.

  11. 14

    Melanie Rozelle

    They weren’t even man enough to come out of the locker rooms. What idiots.

  12. 15

    Emmett Haislip

    They can stay there as far as I care. Everyone that can afford to should buy that Steeler jersey who was the only Steeler who came out of the tunnel for the National Anthem. I can’t remember what his name is but he was a Army Ranger.

  13. 17

    Reuben Barringer

    Instead of all these folks sitting around a tv eating junk food, drinking booze and getting fatter, they can go outside and get some sunshine and exercise.

  14. 18

    Peggy Cole Chance

    They are shooting theirselves in the foot. See how attendance drops off.

  15. 19

    Joel Blodgett

    I put my money in to my bike and ride

  16. 20

    Faith Connolly

    God forbid people actually exercise their freedom of expression.

  17. 21

    Jose Colin

    the nfl sucks anyways,college is way better

  18. 23

    Billy Weller

    They can stay in there till the end of the game for all I care. Over paid babies

  19. 26

    Helen Smith


  20. 27

    Bill Montgomery

    Good. I needed more free time anyway.

  21. 28

    Elliene Jackson

    They just need to stay there because we don’t want to see the sissies faces! Boycott them all. Bunch of sheeple.

  22. 29

    Kim Garrett Hendrix

    We have free speech in this country. It is one of our greatest freedoms. Just because you don’t agree with it does not mean you can censor it.

  23. 30

    Ronald Hagood Jr.

    Non story, unless your gonna mention every college team that stays in the locker room every week, or every high school team that does it. They have the right to stay in if they so choose.

  24. 31

    Scott White

    That is right. I am!!! Will never watch a NFL game again

  25. 32

    Scott White

    Your right we do. But when people fought for the flag either respect it or get the crap out and go live in Russia

  26. 33

    Tina DeLine

    Might as well go home my home is boycotting NFL! I am sure many families will now !

  27. 34

    Tina DeLine

    Absolutely correct Scott me either .

  28. 36

    Heather Marie

    Goodbye NFL. We did it to baseball not to long ago.

  29. 37

    Scott Wheeler

    It’s OK to express yourself,but not at the expense of the Fans when their dumb Butts hit that field they are entertainers, that’s what they are paid to do entertain I don’t care what they do outside that stadium, but inside they are there to entertain people, And when they came out the stadium should have been empty……but no, they are supported by idiots who buy the tickets,cable packages jerseys, and crap. ..They can jump back on a plane and go to another country that would kill them on the field for disrespecting that country….

  30. 39

    Robert Ferguson

    Let all the teams stay in the locker room during the national anthem , keep the media out of there and that would end the kneeling/sitting controversy.

  31. 40

    Lisa J. Markham

    Then just stay in there. Pretend your paid value is in just having an opinion Or an asshole, as my veteran daddy used to say, Then come outside and find that it is not. Best of luck privileged Rich players.

  32. 41

    Jack Gilham

    Might as well the freaked bleachers are empty! Pathetic Losers!

  33. 42

    Wanda Stack

    SHAME on both of those teams. I only watched titans because of Derrick Henry. But shame on you Derrick Henry. I watch you no more.

  34. 43

    Cathy Bean

    Fire them! Violating rules and policy insulting their fans country and President

  35. 45

    Danny Evans

    Who do these jackasses think they are offending? It ain’t Trump. It’s the country, the flag and all the great patriots who served and those that died to have this great country. Who would have thought that this country would reach this point? The liberals have no respect for this country. They are still acting out because they lost the election. They remind me of pouting children who do not get their way.

  36. 46

    Greg Gunter

    They all should be kneeling on both knees thanking God they are playing in the NFL making Millions.

  37. 47

    Donna Fields

    They should be unemployed now. Respect our flag, our national anthem, our country or leave.

  38. 48

    Sid Minton

    Boycott them. But if you really want to show your displeasure…boycott the companies who advertise with them.

  39. 49

    Kim Garrett Hendrix

    Scott White they also fought for or freedom of speech. To stop that makes us no better than Russia. You don’t have to support them but when we ban them or fire them then we are no longer free.

  40. 50

    Scott White

    Kim Garrett Hendrix
    Your right. I will not support them. But tell that to a veteran or a wife or kid who lost a parent. Lot better ways to protest your cause. And freedom of speech also doesn’t give you the right to yell fire in a movie. But to show disrespect for the freedom you are given is a joke.

  41. 51

    Schree Morris

    They should be fired too why get paid for being disrespectful

  42. 52

    Kim Garrett Hendrix

    Scott White yelling fire causes physical harm to others. A peaceful protest does not. That’s a terrible comparison. You may think it’s a joke. That’s your right. My point is when we ban free speech or fire them for it we are no longer free.

  43. 56

    Kenny Denham

    Idiots? Isn’t peaceful protest protected in the first amendment? STFU

  44. 57

    Melanie Rozelle

    No. Not here you little BITCH.

  45. 59

    Kenny Denham

    What rule was violated?! If anything DJT is trying to violate THEIR first amendment rights.

  46. 60

    Melanie Rozelle

    Kenny Denham. Get a life you little pervert TROLL.

  47. 61

    Heather Marie

    1994-95 Major league baseball showed its ass over money and went on strike. So, when they came off of it, they barely had fans to play for. Because, to us, it was about the game, to them, it was about that almighty dollar. It’s not until recently they got and actual fan base back. And if they take part in this disrespect against our fallen soldiers, they’ll be facing it again.

  48. 62

    Melanie Rozelle

    Here that little bitch is again.

  49. 64

    Melanie Rozelle

    And Heather Marie. It straightened their ass out too! Thanks for the reminder. Hope it happens to these NFL players also!

  50. 66

    Bradley Clark

    Jose Colin
    They are starting to kneel now.

  51. 67

    Bradley Clark

    Anne Snider Steward
    Yes Anne! OUR freedom to express ourselves peacefully! They fought and died so you can disagree with them and they can protest! See how that works? Doesn’t make either one of you a villain!

  52. 68

    Bradley Clark

    Scott White
    Where the hell were you when the orange god was disrespecting a gold star family? Where were all you butt hurt dumbasses when he said “we’ve done worse things than Russia”?
    Where was your outrage when he called the murdering KKK and Nazis ” good people but calls these American citizens peacefully protesting “sons of bitches”?
    Yep if the white players we’re kneeling I bet you’d say”we need to look into this”!
    Hypocrisy at its best!

  53. 69

    Wayne Richards

    But homosexual couple can sue a bakery because they have freedom of persecution of Christians?

  54. 70

    Jordan Wilbanks

    This doesn’t really effect Trussville does it?

  55. 71

    Eddie Waine

    Your right And president Trump Trump was standing up for Our Great Country Our Great Flag And Our Great MEN of the Military that’s why he said fire them SOBs asses

  56. 74

    Carolyn Angel Le

    I believe this will become the norm as it should be. It’s about football. People have a right in this country to salute our flag or not.

    People will complain no matter what.

    It’s too bad our schools can’t honor our flag.

  57. 75

    Donna Scott McGraw

    Protest all you want, but not our time. People go to games or watch them on TV to relax and forget problems of the world for just a little while. Do it on your time not the people’s time.

  58. 76

    Donna Turner Shaw McGuffie

    Bradley Clark you are so wrong! He NEVER disrespected a Gold Star family!!! How do you even twist things that far out of truth??? It has been proven.. since you brought it up.. that Clinton PAID those Gold Star folks a nice hefty payday to say the things they said! He did not defend white supremacists!! He condemned ALL of the non peaceful protesters including the BLM and just didn’t name names! Wow… you really can twist the truth when it works for your agenda!!

  59. 77

    Donna Turner Shaw McGuffie

    Bradley Clark you are so wrong! He NEVER disrespected a Gold Star family!!! How do you even twist things that far out of truth??? It has been proven.. since you brought it up.. that Clinton PAID those Gold Star folks a nice hefty payday to say the things they said! He did not defend white supremacists!! He condemned ALL of the non peaceful protesters including the BLM and just didn’t name names! Wow… you really can twist the truth when it works for your agenda!!

  60. 78

    Belinda Turnipseed

    They shouldn’t be allowed to play.

  61. 79

    Diane Davis Hebert

    Kenny Denham how do you think they got the 1st Amendment. From the people of the United States fighting for their freedom

  62. 80

    Aleyda Villegas

    Kneeling for the national anthem has exactly ZERO to do with the military. In fact, screaming that people have to behave a certain way for the anthem spits in the face of every service member who are here to make sure everyone has the freedom to express themselves and peacefully protest. Suggesting these players should stop or be fired is what is un-American. Not these protests.

  63. 81

    Jim White

    It is only a game,your country is much more,don’t support them by showing up at their games. Make them pay the price for disrespecting our country! The NFL should move to maybe dumbassastand I’m sure they would be happier there! Ha Ha

  64. 82

    Rick Peek

    Patriotism is not un American! I will never watch another NFL ball game!

  65. 83

    Thomas Enright

    Good thing EVERONE hates them already … this could have been bad….

  66. 85

    Cristal O'Loughlin Anderson

    Let me guess Bradley Clark, you were fed all this info thru the media..?

  67. 86

    Carla Bailey Nelson

    I am or should I say, I was a Seattle Seahawks fan and neither my husband nor myself watched due to protest last night. That’s fine because it was the only reason to have Direct TV, That went away as of today. Thank you NFL players for saving me some money!!!! But I will say that I always associated being an American to Football. When the towers came down on 9/11, our country came together, stood up and praised our founding fathers and what we believe in. We proudly sang the National Anthem. I stood in my Living Room that very day. Football was one of the first things that occurred to bring this country back together and it helped us all escape the problems that occurred. Today, there is no escape which is what football allowed. I just turned it off and watched a movie.

  68. 88

    Myrna Blackwood Hunt

    So they stand for GOD SAVE THE QUEEN and kneel for our National Anthem. Stupid liberal tactics.

  69. 89

    Myrna Blackwood Hunt

    Go protest on your job and see what happens, Cupcake.

  70. 90

    Carolyn Angel Le

    I really don’t get a crap what they do, I just want to watch football.

  71. 91

    Bradley Clark

    Cristal O’Loughlin Anderson
    No! I got it from where all the info wars guys get there’s! Mars! 😄

  72. 92

    Bradley Clark

    Cristal O’Loughlin Anderson Just kidding! I get my info from NPR! You know those crazy left wing nuts!

  73. 93

    Bradley Clark

    Donna Turner Shaw McGuffie
    Your today’s winner!

  74. 94

    Cristal O'Loughlin Anderson

    I guess some of us actually use common sense to see when the media is just brewing a bunch of hate and reaction…it is also known as propaganda and gullible people are easy targets. “Liberals” are worse than anyone else at throwing bigoted comments out there and pointing fingers. But whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

  75. 95

    Jack Barnett

    Need to buy the hell out of you we don’t need that mess start with

  76. 96

    Bradley Clark

    Cristal O’Loughlin Anderson where do you get your info from? Give me some pointers.
    I follow Fox News on my phone along with the Wall Street journal, NPR, Time,

  77. 97

    Bradley Clark

    Cristal O’Loughlin Anderson
    I didn’t feel like I attacked you and I’m not trying to ” make myself feel good” what ever that means. But I gather all the info and don’t just rely on “common sense ” because in most cases tRumpster usually don’t fall in the category of either. If what I posted lacked any semblance of truth, please enlighten me on what is the truth……… I’ll wait.

  78. 98

    Bradley Clark

    Cristal O’Loughlin Anderson
    #Resist. # NEVER STOP

  79. 99

    Cristal O'Loughlin Anderson

    #resist buying into the bullshit. # never stop believing in America 😉

  80. 100

    Bradley Clark

    Cristal O’Loughlin Anderson
    I still believe in America. I still believe in the America that was turning the corner on race relations by electing a black president twice by popular vote and the electoral college. I had no problem with friends that disagree with his policies because I didn’t agree with all of them neither. So, we had common ground. It’s hard to find common ground with anyone that is a supporter of the president now. Because there’s no discussion on any topic. Bring up the budget… nothing. Bring up infrastructure….nothing. Bring up health care and it’s “kill it” or nothing else. Why can’t you and I have a civil discussion about what would help everyone in this country?

  81. 101

    Cristal O'Loughlin Anderson

    I did not see any civility in your comments to Scott White…maybe our definitions differ 🤔

  82. 102

    Susan Williams

    Good. Let them stay in there the whole game cause nobody is watching and no one will miss them

  83. 103

    Bradley Clark

    What did I say that was not truthful? Where I gathered the info for my opinion is not relevant. But FYI, I got all the above on local stations. I’m just using “common sense ” to take all the media outlets, knowing beforehand that they all have an agenda! And go from there. Not a “sheeple ” that loves to sit in front of the tv on MSNBC and clap at everything Rachel has to say. You still haven’t answered my question as to where do you get you “news” info from to form your opinion.

  84. 104

    Robin Franklin

    on the bright side if you tell Direct TV you want a refund of the money for your NFL package because of the protests, you get a refund! Apparently a lot of customers have asked for this!

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