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    Kris Reeves

    “Our city has relentlessly invested in technology and infrastructure.“ Is this the same city that argued and resisted for two years before allowing Uber to operate?

  2. 6

    Dahc Xoc

    The same city that’s ran off countless businesses… too funny

  3. 7

    Rhonda Webb

    Amazon has a warehouse in Leeds already

  4. 8

    Dustin Reaves

    I have two distributors in the Birmingham City limits. Neither of them can find decent employees that show up on time and do the job they are hired to do. Orders are hardly ever ready when they are supposed to be and are incorrect almost as much as they are correct.

  5. 9

    Andy Rains

    To be fair, it was one city councilwoman Kim Rafferty that was blocking Uber’s progress. She was chair of the transportation committee. She was removed as chair, two weeks later Uber was operating in Birmingham.

  6. 11

    Scott Sizemore

    Not going to happen. No work force and too much inbred politics

  7. 12

    Jan O. Smith

    Maybe the jobs should be offered to retirees, maybe as part time work.

  8. 13
  9. 14

    Dustin Reaves

    Im certain if any applied and could operate a fork lift or do warehouse picking they would get the job. If your interested PM me and Ill tell you where to apply.

  10. 15

    Phillip Acton

    Wasn’t he on Larry Langford’s committee that was going to bring us a Beluga Whale and the Olympic Games?

  11. 17

    Carla Bailey Nelson

    Not gonna happen. I did some research on the top locations for Amazon they were considering awhile back. One huge consideration is a direct flight to Seattle. That is not the case for Birmingham, and they can go to Texas, Georgia, Ohio, Chicago, and I think it was North Carolina and have that without a stipulation. If they manage to pull Amazon off, then awesome, but everything I read did not even mention Alabama.

  12. 18

    Jennifer Chinnis Lawley

    I’m pretty sure Amazon is opening a distribution center in Mobile.

  13. 19

    Aaron Bruce

    With the high crime rate and the unbridled homicides in Birmingham I can’t believe anyone who does the research would want to come there. But hey, good luck.

  14. 20

    Thomas Burleson

    This isn’t a warehouse or distribution center. Amazon is opening a second Headquarters so they will be hiring office personnel.

  15. 21

    Thomas Burleson

    The crime rate in Birmingham is similar to the other major cities that are being considered.

  16. 22

    Kerry McCormick

    Good luck with that, you demodumbass. Nobody is going to bring something as big as Amazon to your city, even radical liberal Jeff Bezos knows better than that. He’s a businessman first, and liberal last.

  17. 24

    Mike McGrath

    What is the murder rate 1 or 2 per day

  18. 25

    Christie Henson Mckee

    What is this campaign costing the city of Birmingham?

  19. 26

    Brent Edwards

    He is so clueless! If I had to bet the decision has already been made with Amazon buying five huge warehouse in Jefferson Ga. They had job festival Friday and Saturday said they needed 1000. New workers.

  20. 27

    Mike Parker

    They wouldn’t even attempt to visit your city, much less open a business here. More political pandering by a desperate mayor.

  21. 28

    Sondra Martin


    Go, BIRMINGHAM, go!!!! This would be huge for the city and surrounding areas. And there has been a huge push around infrastructure in the city. The interstate project is an example of this. Downtown looks completely different than it did ten years ago…just think of Regions Field, Uptown, all the new restaurants and businesses. And we have a lower wage base than many cities. Sounds like we need a direct flight to Seattle to be competitive.

  22. 29

    Zeke Ward

    Must be election time!! He is going to do something!!

  23. 32

    Ed Hollis

    Yeah right.!!! High crime rate and dysfunctional city government
    Would make it so desirable!!

  24. 33

    Fulmer Barry

    Laugh so hard Tears ran down my leg

  25. 34

    Jonathan Hodges

    Just trying to win an election. It’s never going to happen.

  26. 35

    Diana Katrina Ingram

    The city can’t even manage the sale of toilets how can they possibly manage this?

  27. 36

    Briana Moore

    Good luck enticing them with the current crime rate + you throw in sanctuary city political BS…I’m sure Amazon has more sense.

  28. 37

    Lynne Elsberry Bates Ferrante

    Sounds like Alpharetta maybe. It’s exploded. Their wage base is low.

  29. 38

    Sam Modder

    Is that the wall around the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors memorial?

  30. 39

    Terry Yerby

    I love amazon, never had any problems with my orders, however I cant stand mayor Bell , especially after the memorial thing.

  31. 40

    Ralph Barber

    …who is it supposed to keep out?

  32. 41

    Stephen Hinton

    Funniest thing I have read in a while

  33. 42

    Tamara Pitts Mahaffey

    Wonder what this cost the city?

  34. 44

    Larry Pelham

    He would say enything to get back in office

  35. 45

    Matthew Pledger

    I’ll trust Jeff Bezos before William Bell any day!!!

  36. 46

    Susan Duke

    I’ll believe it, when I see it.

  37. 48
  38. 49

    Ken Armstrong

    There’s money to be put in his pocket somewhere in this silly attempt.

  39. 50

    KD Mooresmith

    The news said they are looking for a city with mass transit for the employees they hire – B’ham doesn’t have that nor does it have access to rivers etc. to transport goods – at least that’s what the news said … they said Pittsburgh is probably going to get it or something close to the Great Lakes

  40. 51

    Bryan Benson

    I aim to be a millionaire. That’s not happened yet either.

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