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    Deborah Wesson Gibson

    Wowww… I could understand if you hit a small opossum or something and you had no idea what you really hit, but hitting a human being and driving away is unthinkable! The accident I saw tonight was in Palm Beach County, but the cyclist was taken by ambulance to the local emergency room to be checked out.

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    Jeffrey D. Bramer

    It is simply unbelievable the way some people drive and the way they treat cyclists!

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    Gigi Green

    May god be with him.. Prayers

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    Eddie Brooks

    Sad to hit someone and want stop to make sure they okay and get them help

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    Charles Bush

    I hate that this person is hurt but the lesson here is just because you can play in the street does not mean it is safe to play in the street. We need bike lanes and bike riders should have to buy tags to ride in the bike lane. Common sense goes a long way if we just use it.

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    Jeffrey Wilson

    Charles Bush, not that this is the place for your tired comment about buying tags, but since you brought it up, every cyclist I know also owns a car with a tag and they also pay taxes. While I agree that AL is severely lacking in bike lanes, that doesn’t change the fact that if people would show some common decency and obey the 3 foot law which is in effect in AL, these accidents would be avoided. But it’s much easier to blame the cyclist than to suggest that motorists pay attention and maybe slow down for 60 seconds until it’s safe to pass the cyclist.

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    Leah Martin Pass

    The area where we live has tons of bike trails – some of the larger cities have dedicated bike lanes – because biking is 1) a popular outdoor activity and 2) a common mode of transportation in college towns or larger cities. That being said, there are still too many unfortunate car/bike interactions that happen. Even in college towns around campus where you would expect to see bikers, I’ve seen people riding without lights or visibility aids at night. I’ve seen bikers dart between cars in high traffic. But by the same token, I’ve also seen drivers seem to be totally unaware of their surroundings, who don’t seem to realize they’re in the proximity of bikers. You can legislate ’til the end of time, build trails and bike lanes, impose licensing restrictions etc, but until drivers/riders learn to be hyper observant, to drive/ride defensively, and to use common sense when operating a vehicle capable of causing injury or death (to self or others), this will continue.

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    Joan Wade Carroll

    What is the three foot law? (I’m from Georgia.) We have no bike lanes out in the country where I live. I worry about the bikers always. 😕

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    Jennifer Terry

    I agree! Bike lanes are needed if people want to continue to ride bikes on the road. It isn’t legal for golf carts, four wheelers etc…yes this is a tragedy but it will continue to happen.

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    Charles Bush

    Jeffrey Wilson Oh Jeffery, Jefferey, you missed the point totally. And your insult proves it. Maybe my point is too deep for you? Have you ever been behind a gang of riders? No, you are probably IN the gang of riders. They do not get over and they block the road making it impossible to observe the 3 foot rule. You buy a tag for the privilege of driving that tagged car on the road. The tag you bought for your car is for your car. Surely you are intelligent enough to realize that purchase does not cover every vehicle you want to put on the road. So grow up, quit playing in traffic and putting everybody in danger!

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    Jr Campbell

    Praying for you and your family

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