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    Gene Startley

    Because they wait till the last sec to move over to get off. They don’t like waiting so they stop and block the road till someone let’s them in. Now notice who is doing this dangerous crap. And why doesn’t BPD stop it, because them people will scream bad cop, they only did it because I’m black, instead of stupid.

  2. 2

    Eva Gaston Allen

    What are you talking about? The issue is with the center median. Who are “them people”? The same people you are supposed to care for while you work for fire and rescue?

  3. 3

    Terry Knight

    Pam Owens Knight, Jeff Knight, Christin Mize Knight this is exactly where my wreck was

  4. 4

    Adam Bryant McAllister

    Just because stupid would be your excuse, doesnt make it “theirs.”

  5. 5

    Trey Whisenhunt

    Cable guiderail will be installed from 1st Ave all the way to the Chalkville Mountain road exit by Christmas in the median to prevent these crossing over into the other lanes of traffic . The cable really works . I’ll post some videos of it

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