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  1. 2

    Brett Honeycutt

    Damn train just snuck up on him!

  2. 3

    Carolyn Angel Le

    I’m sorry for this family.

    People have to respect trains, they can’t stop like passengers cars.

  3. 4

    Anthony Busby

    They should put some lights or maybe a loud horn on those things

  4. 5

    Emily Walker Robinson

    Praying for the victim as well as the train engineer and conductor. They have to deal with this forever. Trains can’t just stop like a car can.

  5. 8

    Ray Songer

    I love about one mile from the tracks that go through Argo. There are at least 4 crossings within about a quarter mile and the trains blow their horns almost constant going through Argo. We hear the horns clearly at our home. Surely someone walking on the tracks would hear them.

  6. 9

    Ray Songer

    Oops…….I live about one mile……. Hate auto auto spell..

  7. 10

    Jan O. Smith

    Praying that he can be identified and his family made aware of his passing.

  8. 14

    Joseph Terrell

    Wondered why there were soo many first responders around..

  9. 15

    Angel Ique

    was it a man or woman? What time did it happen? I cant click into the link

  10. 16

    Jimmie Sue Bailey Mcguire

    Yes they do blow that horn I use to worked at Argo hardware It busted my ear drums.I am hard of hearing in my right ear.

  11. 17

    Glenda Weaver Johnson

    Dawn Hill Cotton David Cotton hope this wasn’t one of your trains.

  12. 18

    David Cotton

    I wasn’t on it but is the company I work for

  13. 21

    Mandy Broome Duncan

    A man with a backpack. Discovered around 4:45 am.

  14. 23

    Angel Ique

    wonder when he got hit

  15. 24
  16. 25

    Kimberly Butler Anderson

    You do know that you can edit your original post right?

  17. 26

    Ray Songer

    Kimberly Butler Anderson I was on my Iphone, Do not know how to edit on that.

  18. 29

    Nathan Shannon

    If you run and try to jump ON the train, it is possible you will get ran over.

  19. 31

    Cody Sikes

    Anna Raye Kite I told they found someone!

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