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    Christy Hodgson Long

    Katie Hodgson Vance
    Janet Baker
    Alyna Smith
    Samantha Laubenthal

  2. 3

    Sabrina Beck

    Halley Danielle Hammonds Tracie Freeman Hammonds

  3. 5

    Wendy Byess Lane

    Christine Chapman Morrow , Brett Morrow , Chad Byess , Allen Harrell , Lenette Harrell , George Byess

  4. 6

    Wendy Byess Lane

    Andy Chapman , Amanda Snow you guy’s be prepared to leave the high rise penthouse suit.

  5. 8

    Amanda Snow

    I am offended! Its a tree house! 😂😂😉😉

  6. 10

    Scott Key

    Mickey T Jacobs Kenneth Beavers

  7. 11

    Mickey T Jacobs

    That’s why I evacuated today to beat the crowd

  8. 13

    Lisa Hopson Spruiell

    Laurie Hopson Green Cindy Spruiell Cox

  9. 15

    Cindy Spruiell Cox

    It’s still a bit early for that!

  10. 17

    Laurie Hopson Green

    TY Lisa Hopson Spruiell… We are watching the weather closely!! Boat and wave runner out of the water and we are moving all outdoor furniture inside tomorrow!! I’ll keep you informed!! Love y’all!!!

  11. 18

    Lisa Hopson Spruiell

    Y’all just all be safe! 😘

  12. 20

    Mickey T Jacobs

    That’s a hairycane where I come from

  13. 29

    Marta Fallas

    Hagan caso, lo que hizo Nate en Costa Rica fue destrucción por todo lado. Increíble las tomas aéreas del día de hoy. Me siento muy triste por la situación de mi país.

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