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    Scott Humphries

    He has been a great mayor of Tuscaloosa and will probably make a great governor

  2. 2

    Steve Hamner

    It was only a matter of time. He has done a wonderful job in Tuscaloosa. He will be missed. Was very progressive in promoting and updating Tuscaloosa.

  3. 3

    Scott Buttram

    He’s done well in many areas. I am concerned about his blind support of a controversial police chief who may have lost the respect of the rank and file officers.

  4. 4

    Kevin Small

    It seems like he has done a great job economically in Tuscaloosa. My concern would be is he a more moderate Democrat or would he blindly follow the fringe social policies of the new DNC. Specifically the move to abortion up until the second of birth.

  5. 7

    Paul Shirley

    He will never get my vote…… way way to liberal for me…. nothing but a puppet…..

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    Scott Buttram

    I’m not sure how I’ll vote. I think he showed great leadership after the tornado, but his stock really dropped for me when he threw Tuscaloosa police officers under the bus before a proper investigation. I would like to hear his plan for the main issues facing Alabama. He doesn’t seem to have a plan for the out-of-control violence in Tuscaloosa and neither does his police chief.

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    Boone Cummings

    I thank John Merrill would make a better governor the only people that know Walt Maddox are the people of Tuscaloosa that’s what I thank.

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