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    Linsey S-Honeycutt

    So it’s the teacher’s fault for talking about current events, but it’s not either of the boys fault who could not have a civil conversation? It’s the teacher’s fault both boys have zero class or respect for others? It’s the teacher’s fault the kids have been taught racist things at home?

  2. 2

    Janet Nelson Eubanks

    Exactly. It is the teacher’s job to elicit thought-provoking discourse about events affecting the world.

  3. 3

    Tammy McCown

    Yeah, ok. What a crock of crap.

  4. 4

    Scott Landers

    I would venture to guess it’s just the white guy’s fault for not keeping his mouth shut.

  5. 5

    Michael Hogan

    Might as well take history out of the schools if discussing events are going to offend someone to the degree!

  6. 6

    Vicki Jordan Hardin

    never know it could’ve been the teacher.as a white kid i went to pretty much a all black school.everybody was cool with each other til it was black history month and we watched stuff about slavery and everything then it seemed the white kids we did have was being targeted because of the slavery days

  7. 7

    Matthew Norman

    So it’s the teacher’s fault for bringing up a current event? I guess we’re not supposed to teach our kids to be able to talk about things.

  8. 8

    Heather Williams

    Why do I feel like this was the white boys family giving this interview? The video I saw of him he called that girl the N word.

  9. 9

    Tammy McCown

    The student using a racisl slur stated in an interview he hoped people know where he is coming from.
    Yes, I think we do. We’ve seen racists before.

  10. 10

    Tammy McCown

    It would be his fault for using a racial slur.

  11. 11

    Patricia Sissy Farmer

    Because this is such a controversial matter for adults. I dont think its wise for teachers, to discuss this in class, if one person dont want to stand, dont make them!!

  12. 12

    Heather Williams

    Exactly but the white boy berated a black girl for stating she wouldn’t stand. Instead of just saying how he felt/give his opinion and let her state hers HE took it to another level. The black boy that posted a picture of him burning a flag was disciplined by his father and then the snap message about “hey Ns don’t come to school” was posted.

  13. 13

    Fulmer Barry

    It’s not the teachers It is the lack of teaching at home on all sides

  14. 14

    Thomas D Robinson Sr.

    If she didn’t want to stand she should have walked her ass outside. Nothing but DISRESPECTFUL

  15. 15

    Matt Coleman

    So it’s ok for a black to call another black the very sane word ? Lol

  16. 16

    Ricky Hogan

    Guess the parents take no responsibility for the way they raise there kids anymore huh.

  17. 17

    John Michael Brewer

    Both ignorant kids should be forced to hold hands and walk around campus once a day for the rest of the year.If the parents don’t like it they can both move ! No place in Pellcity for hate regardless of where it comes from. Pellcity is a very special place the school administrators have a great opportunity I hope that they don’t blow it!

  18. 18

    Rodney Sharp

    Matt Coleman yes it is. It does not hold the same meaning. When a white personal says it to a black persons they are making a hateful racist statement.
    A friend of yours could call you a name that some would consider offensive but YOU don’t take it that way. Someone who you don’t know could say the same and it takes on a whole different context. Imo

  19. 19

    Rodney Sharp

    Yes it is. It all hit FB that morning on What’s happening Pellcity. The parents were causing a shit storm. From those post you know why some kids behave the way they do.

  20. 20

    Tammy McCown

    The young lady professed no hate.

  21. 22

    The Trussville Tribune

    This is a complete fabrication. He was booed for his play and it had nothing to do with the national anthem.

  22. 23

    Matt Coleman

    I could care less if it’s true,or not .thats yalls job lol

  23. 24

    Tammi Hinds

    I think racist comments and threats might be the issue period!

  24. 25

    April Wallace

    It is everyone’s job as responsible citizens to not be a part of the problem of fake news. So if you know something to be untrue, don’t share it. Or correct your previous comment.

  25. 26

    Tammy McCown

    They prefer to believe the lies.

  26. 27

    Matt Coleman

    April Wallace I don’t know what’s true ,or not on the internet ,and the news these days do you lol,and I’ll share what ever I want to ,if I wanted your advise I would have asked for it

  27. 28

    Matt Coleman

    Tammy McCown Obama told us enough lies for a lifetime lol

  28. 29

    Tammy McCown

    You could def use some “advice”. And that would be that it is very easy to fact check.

  29. 30

    Matt Coleman

    Tammy McCown I’m not fact checking anything shouldn’t have too .as long as they are putting fake news on the net it will be shared no matter how much y’all don’t like it

  30. 31

    Toni Harrison Atkins

    And this is why nothing will ever change. These are high-schoolers. In the real world, you need to know how to use your words and have discussions. Maybe if some adults had learned critical thinking and debate skills relating to current events back in high school, we wouldn’t have so many thin-skinned belligerent jerks walking around.

  31. 32

    Brandon Johnson

    You have to blame somebody.

  32. 33

    Denise Nanee Gilbreath

    I have to laugh because of the situation! This racism crap goes BOTH ways! People take things out of context and run and scream and cry! Put your about clothes on and get over it! This will continue because nobody and be adult and walk away from Name-calling! If you feel the school is unjust to your child do to your skin color talk in private quit airing everything and creating more hostility!

  33. 34

    Denise Nanee Gilbreath

    Exactly! She started it by being defiant due to her skin color because others are doing it. This is not a “fad”. Does she even know why she is doing that or is she following the idiot that started it! I do not feel sorry for her. These people instigate this crap! She, more than likely, was told or taught at home she didn’t have to abide by the school policies and our country.

  34. 36

    Denise Nanee Gilbreath

    Matt Coleman exactly! I’ve heard refer to white people as NIG***s. So what’s the difference? I really want to know! And no I am NOT racist. I’m looking at all sides and wAtching in real life actions on the streets, in stores, everywhere!

  35. 37

    Denise Nanee Gilbreath

    Rodney Sharp than that right there says they are racist! They want to be treated different and don’t want to be one! They want diversity and segregation!

  36. 38

    Tammy McCown

    That is just a ridiculous statement. You are being obtuse if you dont understand the difference.
    And yoy dont get that your very words are racist. You need to look up what racism is. You seem to have little understanding.

  37. 39

    Heather Williams

    The fact that you are trying to defend the boy saying that by defaulting to “black ppl say it to each other” shows your own racism. My best friend and I greet each other with “hey bitch” and like Rodney Sharp said if someone I didn’t know said that to me it wouldn’t take it be a term of endearment like it is when she says it to me.

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