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    Pamela Whittington Shepard

    Why? Then it won’t be Boy Scouts ! I love girl time without boys!!!

  2. 2

    Judy Hulsey Acton

    If nobody’s happy about it, then whose idea was it?

  3. 3
  4. 4

    Charles Bush

    The Boy Scouts of America is DEAD. I was a scout a ling time ago but I would not be one today. And I would not allow my son in that corrupted organization. The scouts is a good example of just how bad political correctness and “leftist” thinking can destroy what was a great club.

  5. 6

    Sharon Seibers Keane

    Human individuality is quickly going the way of the dodo.

  6. 7

    Tombstone Ted

    We are doomed as a nation and a people…. as in the days of Noah…

  7. 8

    Susan Woodham

    The oath also reads to be straight. It’s a shame. Can you imagine a girl being on her period while camping with the boys in sub-zero temp? My son is an Eagle Scout and it is not the same organization when he was in in the 90’s. BTW, they camped in 16 degree weather one night. They got up early and headed home, though . Safety first.

  8. 9

    Casie Duggan Payne

    Because I’m on my period I can’t camp! That is just dumb!!

  9. 10

    Michael Stanley

    They will now have shopping badges and cookie sales. Would you eat a cookie that says BS on it?

  10. 11

    Amber Strongulus Ehrman-Jones

    Casie Duggan Payne I was JUST about to say….wth?

  11. 12

    Casie Duggan Payne

    Amber Strongulus Ehrman-Jones I know! Who knew you can’t camp on your period? No one told me.

  12. 13

    Amber Strongulus Ehrman-Jones

    Casie Duggan Payne just one more thing that girls can’t do bc of how it might affect the boys!

  13. 14

    Melissa Thompson

    Susan Woodham that’s the most ignorant thing that has hit my eyeballs today. Things I have done during my period: camped outdoors in Bastogne in December, backpacked part of the Appalachian Trail, ran marathons, bungee jumped, and so much more.

  14. 15

    Judy Williams Coleman

    I will no longer support the Boy Scouts! They have strayed away from all their morels! It’s such a shame

  15. 16

    Jimmy Goeb

    Can boys join the Girl Scouts?

  16. 17

    Josh Burgans

    A lot of people say that Girl Scouts doesn’t offer a lot of what Boy Scouts offers so girls should be able to join, but there are alternatives to Girl Scouts like Frontier Scouts for girls or Venture Scouts for teens that are more comparative to the programs and activities Boy Scouts offers.

  17. 18

    Laurie Pryor Brockman

    Yeah, sorry, but as a girl scout, completing part of the first class requirements, me and 5 troop members spent a weekend in January 1975, primitive camping ! Pitching tents, cooking over the fire we had to build, and digging our own crap hole. All, while in freezing weather and some even dealing with that wonderful monthly visitor ! Had no problem and all six of us became First Class Girl Scouts in May 1975 !

  18. 19

    Kelli Penque

    Ok but will the cookies be impacted? That’s all I really care about

  19. 20

    Kelli Penque

    I think if we’re so concerned about periods, now would be a good time to normalize it. I shouldn’t have to be worried to be a lady. I remember being in middle school and terrified to ask a friend for a feminine product. It shouldn’t be that way and the more we use that as an excuse the more it will stay that way.

  20. 21

    Patti Payne Apicelli

    Melissa Thompson bears smell blood

  21. 22

    Alexis Little

    I think the boys and girls scouts should just combine to form the scouts. Because girl scouts sucks. We didn’t learn anything cool like the boys did. We were trained to be little homemakers.

  22. 23
  23. 24

    Lori Chandler Pruitt

    Fighting for those who have not quit already I guess.

  24. 25

    Ron Cherry

    This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. When these kids get older are they going to go on coed camping trips. Haven’t thought about that. Hmmm

  25. 26

    Michelle Allen Houston

    If a girl is having her period while on a boy scout outing she’ll have what she needs, because scouts are prepared! Hell, even my son has a couple tampons in his backpack for friends. Because he’s a scout. He’s prepared. It’s kinda their thing.

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  27. 29

    Toni Harrison Atkins

    Melissa Thompson everyone knows you can’t rub sticks together to make a fire on your period, that’s how you summon demons.

  28. 30

    Judy Williams Coleman

    Toni Harrison Atkins like what ever you want it to be!

  29. 31

    Melissa Thompson

    Patti Payne Apicelli bears also smell stupidity, so you’d better watch your back. Give me a break and stop spreading ignorance. Bears don’t give a crap if you are on your period. They are attracted to food that you leave around your campsite and in your pack. Also, it’s not like it will kill boys if they figure out a girl is on her period. It’s abnormal body process that affects half of the population and no one should have to be ashamed of menstruating. 🙄

  30. 32

    Melissa Thompson

    Toni Harrison Atkins hey that only happened once!

    Okay, twice.

  31. 33

    Mary Jane Anderlik

    Michelle Allen Houston amen!!!!
    My daughter comes camping with my son and I on scouting camp outs and has been on her period a couple of times during these camp outs. Really, no one else should know because it’s none of their business. Not like she changes at the campfire🙄

  32. 34

    Cat Denham

    I’m confused. So they didn’t let girls go camping in girls scout so we’re taking over boys scouts? So girls can camp? Right?

  33. 35

    Rachel Alvis

    Looks like Nic got out just in time, sad is right.

  34. 36

    Tammy McCown

    So maybe girls should stay home from school when they have their period? Ladies leave work?

  35. 38

    Tammy McCown

    They di offer all that. All you have to do is google tne GS program.

  36. 39

    Judy Williams Coleman

    Tammy McCown so I can’t spell but I do have morals!

  37. 41

    Cheryl Stone-Hamilton

    That is my recollection from when my daughter belonged…briefly. Also how to properly wash her face and apply makeup.

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