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    Teresa Terri Johnson Brown

    Just curious – Is this the actual Hilldate Baptist Church or a building they own. Did not realize the church was no longer operational

  2. 2

    Jimmy Goeb

    Wow where did that money come from

  3. 3

    Tina DeLine

    So they can afford this but no police department hmmm where are their priorities for the citizens here ?

  4. 4

    Tina DeLine

    Increasing the sales tax

  5. 5

    Emily Serafin Hatchett

    This is the actual church. They merged with another church last month.

  6. 6

    Emily Serafin Hatchett

    This makes me sad. I grew up at this church. So many memories…

  7. 7

    Tjo Johnson

    Meanwhile on the streets people continue to get shot and killed and the youth have no safe places to go hang out and end up on the streets… #priorities

  8. 8

    Drake Riley

    Hilldale merged with another church

  9. 9

    Robin Lee

    Jimmy Goeb, I was thinking the same thing. centerpoint has more revenue than what they let on and they could make thy place more safe. I know for a fact the 5 0’s are paid off

  10. 10
  11. 11

    Deborah Coleman

    I didn’t know they wasn’t there

  12. 12

    Sondra Martin

    Doesn’t it say in the article that this is going to be used for a community recreation center?

  13. 15

    Tjo Johnson

    Sondra Martin possible… it reads more like it would be a center to hold community events as well as a new space for city hall. If they actually do use the space for a youth community center that will
    Be awesome. I frankly don’t care other than for the youth there. Every week we hear about someone getting robbed,shot or killed in that area.

  14. 16

    Michael Stanley

    If they absolutely had to have a rec center which they didn’t. Centerpoint should have used all those illegal revenues gathered from the illegal traffic cams from giving poor people tickets by third party out of state contractors. Instead, they will raise sales taxes on all the “businesses” you know whatever is left like pawn shops and title loan places.

  15. 17

    Mike Haynes

    10% now even less revenue because people will now go elsewhere and spend their money

  16. 18

    Charles Moore

    Don’t know about anyone else but this pisses me off no money for police no money for street lights but city buys old church building. Where did money come from who made decision ?

    I think Tom Tom pulled one over on us again

  17. 19

    Amy Lovell Blalock

    Read the article. They are increasing sales tax.

  18. 20

    Amy Lovell Blalock

    Which church did they merge with?

  19. 21

    Chris Jameson

    They are going to use it as a youth and rec.center it is going to be great for the city just have to be positive great things are happening in center point for sure with that new warehouse and the new civic center and with the food trucks that are going to be allowed to come into the city now it’s going to be a awesome city I think

  20. 22

    Chris Jameson

    It’s going to be awesome for our great city way to go Mayor and council they are doing a great job for the city for sure more people need to get on board and stay postive

  21. 23

    Susan Davis Shelton

    Wow. Who appraised that property?

  22. 24

    Shannon Parris Mccray

    Palmerdale Cross Baptist on 75

  23. 25

    Michael Murray

    It will be a great place and opportunity if the city council actually puts the money back into the project. That is what I didn’t read in the article. How they will completely fund this project.

  24. 26

    Michael Murray

    I’m on board. I grew up in center point. I just want to know where the money for the revocations will come from and the up keep

  25. 27

    Chris Jameson

    They are raising our taxes two cents

  26. 29

    Tommy Dodson

    Bradens all over again..Wait a second..What?

  27. 30

    Liz Trucks Willingham

    IKR!!! Its freaking CP…it’s such an armpit!! I wonder it they have a title pawn???

  28. 31

    Celeste M Blair

    Sad. The last thing Center Point needed was to lose another Baptist Church. 🙁

  29. 32

    Jeff Tuck

    Yet another reason not to purchase goods in Centerpoint

  30. 34

    Gina S Vines

    I grew up in that church 😕

  31. 35

    Kenneth Eaton

    Wanda Wilson Smith read this

  32. 36

    Allen James Hudson

    I was just about to type out the same thing. I know they are making a killing off those cameras.

  33. 37

    Kevin Small

    Let’s try this logic: you already don’t want to shop in Center Point because the council refuses to invest in public safety. Let’s charge people more money to shop in a city that we refuse to keep safe.
    Mayor Tom is adding fuel to the dumpster fire.
    But hey, those stop signs are safe.
    Makes you wonder where all that money is going. Oh that’s right, it’s going to an out of state third party company.

  34. 38

    Terry Knight

    That’s great sponsoring the mayor church
    What a great deal,
    He also provide a Place for the thugs,
    And will not have a police Department.
    Centerpoint Al home for the thugs

  35. 39

    Sharon Blackwood Wilbourn

    The mayor of CP told a reporter that there’s no plans of moving city hall to the church. How is it legal for him to be outright lying to not only the media but the citizens of CP???

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