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    Fayne Love Howle

    Message is more important than the language which, by the way, was typical for the era in which the setting of the book takes place.

  2. 6

    Kay Hicks

    It took longer that I thought. But it is a shame….Just like Disney’s South of the South. Who makes these decisions that offends me? Oh I forgot it was because of language!

  3. 7

    Jennifer Richards

    Some kids curse more than adults and having sex. You know fifth graders having babies now…..this is a great book.

  4. 9

    Faye Palumbo

    That is stupid….. That is an excellent book. It just shows the time period and how people were. It also teaches about love and justice.
    The past is the past no way to erase it.
    They are concerned about language? I don’t remember any bad words…. Like S. O. B., MFer, B**ch, F**k or anything like the words I hear today from kids.
    Find something worthy to worry about. This is ridiculous……

  5. 10

    Sandi Hill Talley

    Ridiculous!! Message is very important. Hopefully parents will be sure their children read this book!

  6. 12

    Paula Bumpas

    This is absolutely ridiculous,

  7. 13

    Connie Echols Alexander

    Shame on these stupid people.So sad.

  8. 14

    Heidi Schaffer Charette

    It’s a shame that people are so narrow minded!!!….. and now we are told what our children can read. I hope that parents stand up for their child’s right to read this book.

  9. 15

    PL Johnson

    JFK said it all………….we need to have the discomfort of thought.

  10. 16

    Suzy Maples Rutledge

    PE class is uncomfortable too. And algebra.

  11. 17

    Magen Nelson

    *eyeroll* This should be a REQUIRED read. Maybe the world would be a better place if we all read/reread TKAM.

  12. 18

    Kathy Forsyth Willcutt

    So would they rather have a book that teaches students compassion and empathy are dependent on race and education??? How stupid!

  13. 21

    Heather Woyak

    WHAT?! This is a classic!!

  14. 24

    Susan Gill

    Sad. That is such a classic book. One of my all time favorites.

  15. 25

    Rheanna Needham Poe

    I was one of the kids that didn’t like to read and skimmed through most books on the reading list. Not this book it had me from the beginning and I actually read the entire thing. Was one of my favorites off all the reading list in school.

  16. 26

    Angelica Headley

    My kids have read and and the littles will read it…. please stop pushing your agenda on what people find offensive off on my kids….

  17. 27

    Tammy McCown

    It is supposed to be uncomfortable. Racism isn’t a garden party.

  18. 28

    Melissa Thompson

    If they are taking it off of the reading list because they are uncomfortable, then they missed the point of the entire book. It’s okay for 8th graders to be uncomfortable when talking about racism because hopefully they are learning something that they will take away with them.

  19. 29

    Diana Dimon Dwyer

    The educational system of today is messed up. I worry about what it’s teaching my grandchildren.

  20. 31

    Toni Graves Whitten

    If these same people were to read some of their kids phone messages they might be even more uncomfortable. Wake up America!

  21. 32

    Terri Phillips

    Political correctness comes to Trussville. This just opens the door for more.

  22. 33

    Karla Harrelson Gealow

    You have got to be kidding me!!!

  23. 34

    Nieshel Pronounced Kneeshul

    This is a school district in Mississippi. **sigh**

  24. 35

    Terri Phillips

    Nieshel Pronounced Kneeshul sorry my bad. I didn’t read the fine print.

  25. 36
  26. 37

    Brent Edwards

    This is sad. Only a hand full of books grabbed me as a child and made me realize even though I had a hard time reading and was in the LD classes I could and did enjoy reading! This book and My Side of the Mountain, Where the Red Fern Grows, Jake, Old Man and the Sea. All great books if you have a son that struggle enjoying reading. Thankful my mother was so persistent into getting these books into my hands.

  27. 38

    Laurel Stanek

    So if it makes one “uncomfortable” that it is now missing from the reading list, can it be put back?

  28. 39

    Tammy McCown

    Where the Red Fern Grows. I still cry.

  29. 40

    Trish Lawley

    Omg this crap is going too far!! Just because you remove everything to do with racism, you can’t change the past!! So why keep pushing and pushing to have everything taken down or away when it’s still going to be talked about. Just because you take down monuments and remove books and such, doesn’t mean it will erase the past.

  30. 41

    Dave Williams

    Here we go again… Why now? Nobody complaining about it 30+ years ago! Power trip.

  31. 42

    Kathy Mims Clements

    Gone with the wind and now this…two classics ! Next will be the Wizard of Oz!

  32. 44

    Patricia Gabler

    I thought that a school was a place for learning. What so said is the language used in these classic book are some what tame compared to the music these kids listen to.

  33. 45

    Julia Bullock

    Chris Wood this is Crazy! I will never forget reading this book in your class!

  34. 46

    Gene Startley

    But listening to rap language is OK? Who’s the fools here?

  35. 50

    Michael Stanley

    Next thing you know the Marxist educational system will be burning books.

  36. 51

    Denise Hall

    Absolutely crazy. Mine will still read it.

  37. 52

    Jennifer Chinnis Lawley

    It wasn’t fine print, it was the actual article.

  38. 53

    Gail Smith Wright

    Song of the South was banned years ago because it had slavery in story. You probably can’t find the movie anywhere. Such a shame.

  39. 54

    Gail Smith Wright

    If I understand correctly, they only took it off the required reading list. It is still available in library and bookstores.

  40. 55

    Tina Thorn George

    Fahrenheit 451! Someone better start memorizing this classic before it’s erased from history!

  41. 57

    Sherina Evins

    Read it as an adult and it was and is a good book. Everyone should relax and stop trying to make everything so “non-existent and pretty” life is just not like that.

  42. 58

    Alicia Thorn Chambless

    This mirrors the Nazis burning books in the 1930’s of authors like Ernest Hemingway, Leo Tolstoy, and Jack London… The list goes on.

    The blind writer Helen Keller published an Open Letter to German Students: ‘You may burn my books and the books of the best minds in Europe, but the ideas those books contain have passed through millions of channels and will go on.’”

    It’s getting out of hand. What’s next?

  43. 59

    Laura Long Goolsby

    It’s meant to be uncomfortable. The whole story is horrifically “uncomfortable”. My oldest read it in school and my little will read it too, regardless of any school list or library.

  44. 60

    Kelli Wilkinson Phillipson

    Just because the school system says it will no longer be read as part of the school curriculum doesn’t mean you can’t have your children read it outside of school.

  45. 62

    Barbara Gream

    Oh my, this is a classic. No matter what they do, they cannot erase our history!!

  46. 63

    Dustin Knowles

    What’s next, Huck Finn?

  47. 64
  48. 66

    Matthew Norman

    You have GOT to be damn kidding me

  49. 67

    Ronda Odom

    No!!!! This is a classic book the moral of the story is so worth the read! Atticus Finch is a hero! Sad sad sad to read this! My favorite book ever! Go Set A Watchman is my second favorite book!

  50. 70

    Jeff Odeneal

    Yay. Lets burn some books too.

  51. 71

    Lisa Cohron

    Banning books is a dangerous step toward socialism.

  52. 73

    Cathy Bean

    This book is a classic teaching the history of the Great Depression and race relations bar none the theme of innocence is one of the best in literature students usually enjoy it immensely… this is wrong! Save our classic literature…

  53. 74

    Cathy Runels

    I wonder about so many of these nuts!

  54. 75

    Matt Mookie Moor

    Oh good greif! This politically correct bullshit is getting out of hand and fast.

  55. 77

    Teresa Kilburn Loggins

    Why cant they just leave the classics alone!! Soon, there will nothing left of our world!

  56. 78

    Tammy McCown

    Actually, it has always been controversial since it was released. People always try to destroy anything that may make their world view uncomfortable.

  57. 79

    Kevin Roper

    God forbid someone may sometime ever experience being “uncomfortable”. Good luck in the real world, snowflake.

  58. 81

    Louis Ronan

    Whats next burning them ??

  59. 82

    Fayne Love Howle

    The slavery, language, attitudes and STORYLINE of these novels is important in order for us ( in the present) to understand and place ourselves in the character’s place ( the past)in order to… key word coming here… learn!

  60. 83

    Felicia Schlafer

    Wow. I guess The Color Purple will replace Mockingbird. That was part of my Advanced English reading in tenth grade.

  61. 85

    Dave Williams

    People can turn the page, it’s easy to do! Tolerance is nearly dead now.

  62. 86

    Pamela Loudon

    Uncle Tom’s Cabin has language that made me very uncomfortable but it is a great book that makes you think, feel, and hurt for people. Our kids need these works to understand the world we live in today

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