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    Josh Kloepfer

    So that means “suspicious activity” will be on the rise.

  2. 5

    Eddy Bonner

    Now maybe some real penalties for distracted driving.

  3. 6

    Donna Santos Griffith

    What about driving without a valid driver’s license? I know plenty who are driving everyday without one. When did a non-drivers ID become the same as a driver’s license?

  4. 7

    Faye Palumbo

    Exactly what I was thinking. Steep fines for texting and driving.

  5. 8

    Scott Landers

    Keep in mind this only applies to us American citizens…. the dreamers walk free.

  6. 10

    Anthony Busby

    How is it even possible to be uninsured this day and age. Have to have it renew tags and the moment you drop it they notify the dmv

  7. 11

    David Garrard

    Not true. I have a son with an undocumented woman in Blount county. When they were pulled over, their tickets were triple. For example, driving without a license which is normally 500, was 1500. Or they would be threatened with deportation. So they payed. I know. I sit there and watched this many times.

  8. 12

    Melanie Black

    Still much more lenient than Ga. There, you would risk jail time, immediate license suspension, mandatory driver’s education, and reinstatement. And every step of the way, the fees rack up.

  9. 13

    Dale Taylor

    Easy to see who is buying auto insurance next week by the comments. Lololol

  10. 14

    Tamara Pitts Mahaffey


    This has been a law since 2013. WHY is this a thing now? And why are the fines lower than originally when it FIRST became a law. (See attachment.)

  11. 15

    Tracy Layfield

    people buy insurance to get a tag therm drop it until is time tho get a tag.

  12. 16

    Dave Williams

    All for it. Legal, always been legal.

  13. 17

    Dave Williams

    But… a $40.00 tic in this town = $200+ after court costs. Cop said I was driving 19mph over limit… Speedometer had stopped working on way to work. Truth, fact, and i proved it at stop! Did that legit excuse matter? No! Scamming speed trap city! Judge not worthy to serve.

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