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  1. 1

    Jay Bonner

    All racist are cowards,they sneak and do racist things or have to get in a crowd with their buddies when there is one person of color present,but never! Come to a real man face one on one with that BS!!

  2. 2

    Carolyn Angel Le

    Who has raised these people? I find nothing funny about this?

    Prosecute them for hate crimes.

  3. 3

    Richard Norton

    Racial slur and swastika? Yep that’s hate. They learned that somewhere. They were not born with it.

  4. 4

    Danny Evans

    Don’t jump to conclusions. I read a report today about ‘KKK’ being painted on some bldg or something up north and all were running to blame white hate group. As it turned out it was a black man doing it. Let the facts come out.

  5. 6

    Richard Norton

    Mr Evans, 50 years ago it was said they were bombing their own churches and homes. That turned out to not be true.

  6. 7

    Danny Evans

    Richard Norton I;m going to assume that you are saying this Wash Post is a lie> I guess you were there and know that this guy is being framed.

  7. 8

    Richard Norton

    Danny Evans no Danny, I’m just not one to assume that black people routinely do this, simply because they are black. I was raised a little better than that.

  8. 9

    Roland Hill

    We don’t play that ish anymore . They talk that BS and play crazy.

  9. 10

    Roland Hill

    Since the Washington Post is a credible source. We shouldn’t hear anything else about Fake News

  10. 11

    Wallace Wahdstein

    All racist are not white my friend. It works both ways.

  11. 12

    Jay Bonner

    99.9% are, my friend!

  12. 15

    Tonya Hardin Yarchak

    Well it had to be someone who knew that was his room. So it’s either some one he invited there or someone that lives on the same floor as him. Is there no cameras in the hallways of these dorms? Hope they catch whoever did this. This poor kid is probably scared to walk the halls of his own dorm that he’s paying a fortune to live in.

  13. 16

    Karen Jones

    That’s CRAP Jay Bonner…..Plain and simple CRAP!!

  14. 17

    Jay Bonner

    Karen Jones Only other racist disagrees!

  15. 18

    Kelly Gorman

    That’s sad that you would think that 99.99% of racists are white people. I’ll pray for you.

  16. 19

    Daniel Cooper

    Could be him as well doing it for attention. Happens a lot unfortunately. Hope they catch whoever.

  17. 20

    Isaac Apellido

    Hate crime “suspected”? How in the world did they come to that brilliant conclusion?

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