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  1. 5

    Leslie Mauldin Mayo

    Prayers for this family and first responders

  2. 6

    Jessica Harris

    It’s going to be a hard day. Please pray for our students

  3. 7

    Kathy Stanley

    So sad, prayers for the family!

  4. 8

    Samantha Ballard Tingle

    Jessica Harris already started! Love you ❤️

  5. 10

    Andrea Bearden Quick

    Lord, please comfort this family as only You can

  6. 12

    Jessica Harris

    Samantha Ballard Tingle love you too

  7. 13

    Wendy Dunn Treglown

    Oh gosh. My prayers are with Rudd and this family. I’m so sorry.

  8. 14

    Paula Walker Benyo

    So sad…. for family and classmates!

  9. 15

    Rita Morgan

    Praying for this family for the responders and for the friends and for Rudd comfort them Lord as only you can

  10. 17

    Keisha Lee

    Heartbroken for this family. Prayers.

  11. 21

    Nellie Gallagher


  12. 22

    Tonya M Mayer

    So devastating for our community.

  13. 23
  14. 24

    Tameika Shaw Childs

    God put your hands on this family it hard to loss a child my heart cry out

  15. 25

    Patricia Shadix Potter

    Praying for this family and his friends at Rudd.

  16. 26

    Gretchen Vann

    May the peace that passes all understanding lay on this community.

  17. 27

    Carla Clayton

    Kelli Wood Kearns was Steve on this call?

  18. 28

    Gwen Lackey

    So sad , Praying for the family right now

  19. 29

    Christy Rainwater

    Our prayers are with the family. My son was friends with this student and often sat next to him on the bus. The kids on the bus left handwritten notes in his seat today.

  20. 30

    Agerrle Isnowon

    I just read this on 33/40s website. My heart is broken into a thousand pieces. He reminds me so much of my son when he was young. I can’t stand to think about what his family is going through right now. I’m a complete stranger and I’m sitting here typing through tears with a huge lump in my throat. I know they’ll probably never read this, but I am so, so, so honestly very sorry for your loss, and I will keep you all in my prayers. As well as all the young people who were his friends. This is horrible.

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