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    Jennifer Chinnis Lawley

    It’s people like this that keep the people who actually need the pills from getting them! When I went to the ER with this a year ago, I got Advil.

  2. 2

    Carolyn Voyles Weems

    That is why the people that need them can’t get it . They need to get rid of all these pain clinics . I went to the one in Trussville one time because my doctor said he could not write my pain pill prescription anymore . We decided I would go there and see if I could get it managed . Walked out of there with a prescription for double of what b I was on . Got to check out and was told I would owe 500 dolls besides my Medicare . Layer all the stuff down on the desk actually threw it down and told them to stick it . If that is not fraudulent I will kiss your butt

  3. 3

    Patricia Sissy Farmer

    Get the patient addicted.. they will never leave!!! Legalized drug dealers!!

  4. 4

    Matt Coleman

    Oh people that needs them can get them ,it’s the people that don’t really need that’s really screwed up everybody ,if your not terminal you don’t need a pill that if you take for more than two weeks your addicted with a ever growing dependency.advil works wonders when you don’t take narcotics ,and is all most people need

  5. 5

    Ruth Breda

    I’ve been taking ibuprofen for the past 15 years for my arthritis. Can’t say that I’ll still be good with it 15 years down the road…js

  6. 6

    Sharon Lynn

    Excellent! Great work DEA.

  7. 7

    Casi Carden Selph

    I might be crazy but I swear he got in trouble over the same thing several years ago!! How does he even have a license?? Good job DEA!

  8. 8

    Jackie Pope McKinney

    These clinics should all be closed. When someone has injuries that result in terrible pain, we have to rely on aspirin, advil, tylenol, etc. because of the abuse of real pain medicine prescriptions churned out by unethical doctors. It is sad that the patients who really need the meds legitimately, must suffer because greedy doctors abuse the system.

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