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    Joe Pearson

    One news outlet I saw reported it as a fight between two juveniles…That incident cost businesses thousands of dollars and the idiots that were involved should have to suffer a heavy fine and jail time.

  2. 2

    Tjo Johnson

    This kind of thing has become too commonplace in Birmingham and Hoover Scott. So much so that we are no longer shocked by this type of behavior. I limit my shopping to locally owned businesses not located in malls or large shopping arenas. Still can’t beat a nice shirt for my son or husband from the Shirt Shop, or a cool new pair of jeans from Faucets. Gotta shout out our jewelry store too!

  3. 3

    Scott Buttram

    The video tells a very different story than HPD. I think it would have been handled differently in Trussville. I think you would have seen juvenile charges with a chance to make them go away if they complied with the court. You definitely would have seen parents called in under the curfew law.

  4. 4

    Tjo Johnson

    I think in cases like this the parents should be called in and held accountable as well. Maybe that would slow down some of this crap… along with some good old fashioned ass whippings from mom or dad.

  5. 5

    Matthew Norman

    This chaps my ass to no end. I’m sure they’re going to let the businesses be responsible for recouping the cost of the damages. It’s just become par for the course.

  6. 6

    Ryan Jennings

    I wonder if the Galleria itself paid off both parties to not press charges. And even contributed dollars to the store to compensate for the damages. Lord knows the galleria hasnt been in the positive light anyways the last few years.

  7. 7

    Meg O'Neal Pritchard

    We left a couple of years ago on Thanksgiving night because of the number of unsupervised teenagers loitering all over the mall. It wasn’t safe with that amount of people in an enclosed space.

  8. 8

    Kevin Small

    The Galleria / Hoover best get this under control. Loitering killed Century Plaza and now that Trussville, Leston Farms, Fultondale and Gardendale as well as Alabaster have strong retail…people don’t have to go to the galleria any more.

  9. 9

    James D. Dunn

    Guess they were glad no one got shot! The county had just had 3 murders in an 8 hour period

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