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    Marty Henson

    The cost of having the pleasure to play Alabama

  3. 5

    Kristie Jackson

    All the Auburn fans would probably gladly give a dollar, which would raise well over $250,000……..War Eagle

  4. 6

    Ronald Hagood Jr.

    Need to quadruple that, 250k is a drop in the bucket for Auburn.

  5. 7

    Sophia Jackson

    War Eagle Bama fans just got to find something on Auburn !

  6. 10

    Debbie C. Lawley

    Going to tear it up and replace turf anyway! Last home game of season….

  7. 11

    Kimberly Butler Anderson

    Did that girl make it out of the bushes? LOL

  8. 13

    Zac Thomas

    Those bushes had better defense than Alabama.

  9. 15

    Tim McKee

    Did the SEC fine Ole Miss anything for their player hiking his leg like a dog in the end zone?

  10. 16

    Darlene Harvey Cole

    Just another way for the SEC to confiscate money from their members! It’s not like they’re gonna use it to fix the field. Auburn will do that themselves. They act like the IRS!!!

  11. 17

    Mike Johnson

    It’s stupid to fine them for rushing their own field. It’s not like they rushed someone else’s field. Get a life SEC. If they wanna rush their own field, then let ‘em! Auburn should refuse to pay it.

  12. 19

    Matt Coleman

    Act like y’all have been there before oh I forgot y’all haven’t much carry on hahahaha

  13. 20

    Ric Wyers II

    Where’s the go fund me page for the fine ? Lol

  14. 23

    Leslie Loggins Leake

    The price you pay for acting foolish.

  15. 24

    Denesa Dawn Cook

    I’m sure Auburn well not have a problem writing that check!!!!

  16. 27

    Ben Bubbett

    This is interesting. They get fined for tearing up their own home field and will have to pay for the repairs too…

  17. 29

    Mitch Black

    Dust off the water cannons

  18. 30

    Gene Startley

    Maybe they need to teach some respect instead of politics there.

  19. 31

    Jami H. Williams

    Well worth the fine!!
    Bama fans, not your problem.
    AU is not worried.
    WAR EAGLE! !

  20. 32

    Jonathan Tyler

    Yea they didn’t have a problem writing Cam Newton that ck either

  21. 34

    Denesa Dawn Cook

    WAR EAGLE!!!! They write you a check too!!!!

  22. 36

    John Alexander

    It’s not uncommon for opposing teams to rush the field when they steal a win from Bama. It’s a badge of honor for the Bama football program

  23. 37

    Kathy Smith

    Good to see your sweet face on here! (Patients of Dr. Douglas…miss you!)

  24. 38

    Donald Sims

    The bushes have several several years to grow back before this could happen again lol

  25. 40

    Charles Bush

    Act like you been there before.
    Just fake class if you dont really have any.

  26. 41

    Charles Bush

    Please refuse….and get booted from the sec. Ha ha ha. Act like you been there before

  27. 42

    Jimmy Goeb

    still butthurt 7 years later

  28. 43

    Jimmy Goeb

    Steal, that was straight up ass whopping

  29. 45

    Janice Gafnea Gallagher

    It was so worth It! WDE!!! 👍🏈

  30. 47

    Danny Crawley

    Cant take credit for this one. But thought it was fitting. .. WDE!

  31. 48

    Jeff Brittain

    Why in the world is this even “news”?! Seriously?

  32. 49

    Mike Johnson

    Charles Bush The SEC needs Auburn more than Auburn needs the SEC.

  33. 50

    Jordan Bartlow

    You wrong for that one😂😂😂

  34. 53

    Chuck Browning

    Please type English so your point can be understood

  35. 55

    Chuck Browning

    Jimmy Goeb seems just a touch

  36. 57

    Chuck Browning

    Ok if that makes the arse whopping feel better for you then yea go right ahead

  37. 59

    Matt Coleman

    Every word on there is English lol ! I can’t help it you can’t read and comprehend!sounds like a personal problem to me !

  38. 60

    Craig Mix

    It was worth it. Heck, even if the fine were 10 times that amount, we’d do it again! WAR EAGLE!

  39. 61

    Laura Shoemaker Parker

    I’ll donate to help pay for it

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