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  1. 1

    Lisa Harvey

    Danielle Seltzer—noting ever happens here

  2. 2

    Kathy Sills

    Will be third time soon

  3. 3

    Melanie Rozelle

    This time they need to keep his ass in jail…. Our judicial system is a hot mess.

  4. 5

    Georgie Rowan Allen

    Throw him away and lock the key!!

  5. 7

    Danielle Seltzer

    Nope he will be out on the streets probably Before 2018

  6. 9

    Josh Burgans

    I’m sure Doug Jones would classify him as a non-violent drug offender; a victim of the system, and would offer him cookies and an apology in lieu of jail time.

  7. 10

    Mary Julia Skelton

    And I am sure Roy Moore would put him in the drug offender programs with his own son who has been arrested 9 times and never served a day. See how gratuitous remarks work?

  8. 11

    Josh Burgans

    Mary Julia Skelton I am sure Roy Moore was the one who issued the sentencing for his son…

  9. 13

    Donna Aderholt Boswell

    Just A Little Hint, Thay Do It Once Thay Will Do It Again, So Just Keep Them, The First Time !

  10. 14

    Corey Morris

    What a dumbass keep his ass locked up

  11. 15

    Chele Hicks

    Lock his ass up my lord

  12. 16
  13. 18

    Doris Hall

    He is more in tune with ROY MOORE

  14. 19

    Briana Moore

    Shouldn’t have even had a 2nd chance that soon. SMH

  15. 20

    Kathy Sills

    Josh Burgans…well said

  16. 21

    Darrell Pennington

    Aˀrˀeˀ yˀoˀuˀ sˀeˀrˀiˀoˀuˀsˀ oˀrˀ jˀuˀsˀtˀ iˀgˀnˀoˀrˀaˀnˀtˀ?Iˀ wˀaˀlˀkˀeˀdˀ iˀnˀ hˀiˀsˀ sˀhˀoˀeˀsˀ 13 yˀeˀaˀrˀsˀ aˀgˀoˀ aˀnˀdˀ bˀeˀeˀnˀ cˀlˀeˀaˀnˀ eˀvˀeˀrˀyˀ sˀiˀnˀcˀeˀ. Sˀoˀ yˀeˀsˀ pˀeˀoˀpˀlˀeˀ cˀaˀnˀ cˀhˀaˀnˀgˀeˀ iˀfˀ tˀhˀeˀyˀ wˀaˀnˀtˀ tˀoˀoˀ. Aˀlˀsˀoˀ tˀhˀeˀyˀ dˀoˀnˀ’tˀ nˀeˀeˀdˀ yˀoˀuˀrˀ aˀpˀpˀrˀoˀvˀaˀlˀ!!

  17. 22

    William Hawkins

    Recommend a new career lol

  18. 24

    Janice Gafnea Gallagher

    Dugh!!! He’s a dealer. Maybe good idea to just keep up locked up and keep our kids safe out there….

  19. 25

    Linda Ogletree Burchfield

    shows you how dumb our justice system is!!! he shouldn’t been allowed out the first time!!!!!

  20. 26
  21. 27

    Matthew Pledger

    Another mark for Center Point…

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