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    Charles Bush

    The race baiting was the final straw for me. I hope Jones loses just for that. I wish we were all purple or some disgusting color so we could maybe move on to more important issues. What could the human race do if we put away ancient superstitions (religion) and stupid hate over a persons skin pigmentation.

  2. 2

    Dylan Haynes

    Or maybe stop saying racist bullshit like “racebaiting” and treat minorities with respect and teach yourself the true history of oppression in this country.

  3. 4

    Kevin Small

    I cannot believe there is not some kind of condition that if you are “fired” you loose this pension.
    That needs to be fixed.

  4. 5

    Emmett Haislip

    We are voting for the one who doesn’t support killing babies.

  5. 6

    Suzanne Jackson Lindsey

    I’m voting for the one that’s not a sexual child molester. Voting for Doug Jones!

  6. 7

    CeeJae Bush

    Don’t know much about either but how do you know he is a child molester….heard anything from anyone in the 30 years between the time of the women coming forward ….did any of these young ladies lie about their age….did they even know him? One claimed she got a ride with him…..why would a young girl get into a car with a grown man?…. they said her mom knew…what mom allows this type of behavior happen to her daughter? One woman admitted she lied and another proven to have lied. You are ok with abortion though right?

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