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    Ronald Hagood Jr.

    There ain’t no way that’s his real name lol

  2. 2

    The Trussville Tribune

    Here is his list of aliases per the Alabama Department of Corrections:

  3. 4

    Gail Smith Wright

    Maybe his mom really liked the movie, Roots.

  4. 5

    Jeff Jessen

    No way that’s his name.

  5. 7

    Shannon VanderWall Dean

    My thought exactly. Going through life with that name made him mean!

  6. 10

    Jim Wood

    I read an article once about how many babies were named Kunta Kinte in the year after Roots was in theaters and it was in the thousands.

  7. 11

    Allen Long

    I guess his Roots run deep…

  8. 12

    Jesse Cole Bonham

    Jaki Deniz Akalin check out this guys name!!!

  9. 15

    Linda Ogletree Burchfield

    glad they caught the scumbag!!! hope they take away any welfare etc!!! wish these people would get a job and quit taking from the honest,hard working people that’s working to pay for the scumbags welfare,food stamps, babies etc…GET A JOB

  10. 16
  11. 17

    Li Dree

    Bitch You throwing shade or being Racist ? Seem like you being both

  12. 18

    Linda Ogletree Burchfield

    read it as you want…name calling,classy

  13. 20

    Lyrone Sims Steed

    Maybe he should’ve gone to Jared’s

  14. 22

    Wendy Keith Bayer

    You realize the majority of welfare recipients in the state of AL are the elderly and children, right? 🙄

  15. 23

    Anita Bean Pollard

    His parents did not like him.

  16. 25

    Mary Frame

    Wendy Keith Bayer – the parents should be responsible for their kids.

  17. 26

    Allen James Hudson

    Megan good thing you don’t work at that one!

  18. 27

    Keith Wilson

    I heard this guy’s name is actually Toby.

  19. 29

    Elaine Kelly Turner

    Should have went to Jareds ! Lol sorry I had to.

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