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    Whitney Darnell

    I was getting gas like 3 minutes after it happened before police or anyone got there. It was awful!

  2. 6

    Dana Murray Henry

    Which Regions on Main Street?

  3. 8

    Jennifer Wilson Vaughn

    It was awful. Debri everywhere. Telephone poles snapped. We passed by it soon after it happened. Praying for all involved.

  4. 9

    Patty Eatherton

    I think there’s only one. Next door to the Marathon gas station.

  5. 10

    Pamela Whittington Shepard

    Praying for those involved. It was bad!

  6. 11

    Dana Murray Henry

    Patty Eatherton there’s one in front of Winn Dixie, too.

  7. 12

    Patty Eatherton

    Dana Murray Henry you’re right but wasn’t sure they still considered that Main Street versus Highway 11.

  8. 13

    Patty Eatherton

    Was it Regions next to Marathon? How awful for everyone involved.

  9. 14

    Whitney Darnell

    I’m not sure. It was the regions next to the old kangaroo, now BP, I think, at the corner of Main st. And Roper Rd.

  10. 15

    Whitney Darnell

    I saw that no one was injured and it really is a miracle! I saw it up close and it was really bad!

  11. 16

    Emily Whitten McDaniel

    It was terrible.. I pulled up right after happened.. there was a dog in the flipped car.. service dog for someone in that car.. they took him to the vet. Prayers for all involved.. it was a miracle no one was walking to their cars and no one else was involved.

  12. 17

    Sandy Walters Dempsey

    The one by Eskridge and White and the Cycle Store

  13. 19

    Jenni Bridgewater

    Joni Chonoski this is what we saw earlier. Prayers for everyone involved!

  14. 20

    Mallory Nicole Austin

    Please continue to pray!!! These are my in laws in the flipped car, the dog was taken to a vet (we don’t know where tho, so if anyone knows please let me know!!!). The dog is my MIL service dog. Both my in laws are in the ICU at UAB. It took them 7 hours to finish up in trauma and finally tell us something. They were in there way home from vacation when this happened. Absolutely terrible and I will continue to pray for everyone involved. Thanks for all the prayers guys!!!

  15. 21

    Mallory Nicole Austin

    Definitely injuries, I just don’t think they’ve been reported to the news. Both my in laws are in ICU. Send prayers please!! They were in the overturned car.

  16. 22

    Pamela Taylor Franklin

    My husband was there and he said he was told they took the dog to the vet at the corner of Roper Rd and Watterson. Praying for your in laws.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  17. 23

    Whitney Darnell

    Mallory Nicole Austin definitely sending prayers! I’m so sorry!

  18. 25

    Molly Staley Schappacher

    I’ve been Praying for the passengers involved. We were at the Physical therapist when it happened. We saw someone carry the dog off and were told they were taking it to the vet, but not sure which one. Continued Prayers for your family.

  19. 26

    Michael W. Tucker

    Any updates on the Injuries? How the dog is?

  20. 27

    Mallory Nicole Austin

    Molly Staley Schappacher we found the dog!!! Thank you!

  21. 28

    Ashley Rogers Lybrand

    Mallory Nicole Austin, how are your inlaws? My family prayed for all of them as soon as we saw it.

  22. 30

    Mallory Nicole Austin

    They are both still in the ICU. She went back for surgery this morning. They are both still stable thank God.

  23. 32

    Karen Williams Naramore

    Does anyone have updates on the driver that initially caused it? I saw her walk to the ambulance with a neck brace on. Her passenger (I believe it was her daughter but can’t swear to that) had to be carried out on backboard. Our car was one of the ones hit but fortunately very minor damage. The police said she mentioned blacking out (?) so maybe she had some sort of medical episode? Does anyone have updates in her?

  24. 33

    Molly Staley Schappacher

    Mallory Nicole Austin so glad to hear. Continued prayers

  25. 34

    Kayla Baker

    Carleton Witte that explains all the blue lights

  26. 35

    Carleton Witte

    Yeah that might have had something to do with it lol

  27. 36

    Michele Goeb Parker

    The driver of the white car is still in hospital. Yes she did black out and the doctors are running all kinds of test to determine what medically happened. She is stable. Her daughter has some minor injuries and was released last night. Praying for everyone involved in this unfortunate accident.

  28. 37

    Karen Williams Naramore

    Michele Goeb Parker thank you for the updates! I’m so glad there were not more serious injuries or deaths!

  29. 38

    Mallory Nicole Austin

    Can you please PM me (one of you) and let me know how you know 100% she blacked out?

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