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  1. 1

    Gwen Lackey

    This world is messed up enough

  2. 2
  3. 5

    Michael Lindsey

    Alright little snowflake, ride Sassy in to the sunset. You lost. Buh bye. NOMOORE

  4. 6

    Mike Jay

    He is going to do fine

  5. 7

    Mary Frame

    Mike Jay – hopefully he is a centrist and not a uber left leaner. That is what I am hoping for, we shall see.

  6. 8

    Gene Startley

    And he’s proud of a crocked election.

  7. 9

    Gary Bowers

    Chuck Schumer just had an orgasm

  8. 13

    Wesley Fitzpatrick

    Polished democratic smear campaign worked. Doug Jones didn’t win on his own merit, he was inserted up the system with a well funded, carefully orchestrated democratic smear campaign. That’s the way it’s going down in history.

  9. 14

    Gene Startley

    Snowflake, I’m 100% Alabama bred, ex Marine and B’ham fire Medic. You snowflake my ass. Momma’s model boy.

  10. 15

    Chuck Browning

    Where did all the Moore accusers go

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