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    Matthew Cherry

    Trussville Tribune yal shouldn’t get your reports from Wvtm13 they can’t get their facts/days straight today is Saturday not Sunday.

  2. 7

    Jamie Wilson

    Phillip H Wilson Cindy Meacham Wilson

  3. 8

    Bama Jason

    When you Run from the cops. Play stupid games win stupid prizes!

  4. 10

    Sergio Perez

    So that’s what that was

  5. 11

    Kerry McCormick

    The Tribune article says this was exit 156, near the Walmart, it was actually at exit 154, on the southbound entrance ramp of the Springville Odenville exit, 2 miles south of the Walmart exit.

  6. 12

    Dakota Lee Leslie

    The Tribune got this right. This happened at the Walmart exit. The one you’re talking about happened yesterday morning. A total separate incident.

  7. 13

    Kerry McCormick

    Dakota Lee Leslie crap, these days off are messing up my mojo

  8. 15

    Amber Read

    Wow, I never would have imagined that!

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