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  1. 2

    Matthew Cherry

    Must have been texting and driving if not I wonder how it happened.

  2. 10

    Jennifer McRae Copeland

    Unreal she is ok..good thing but unreal still looking at that

  3. 12

    Greg Widick

    I thought the same ! I see people paying more attention to their phones than driving on a regular basis daily . Blow the horn at them and don’t even look up .

  4. 13

    Janet Peek

    Goodness. Please be careful everyone

  5. 15

    Margaux M. Buttram Shelton

    Well that is quite impressive ….

  6. 16

    Clay Gentry

    Glad she’s OK, now can she please tell us how in the world her car ended up like that? That’s crazy

  7. 17

    Laura Long Goolsby

    I’m glad she’s going to be ok. I’ve been studying those pictures trying to figure out how that happened and how she lived through it. I hope she realizes how blessed she is!

  8. 19

    Dana Hatzimichaels

    Uhmm Jesus took the wheel!!! Thank you

  9. 21

    Allen Long

    Oh wow, how did that happen? I hope they’re ok. I’ve never seen a car land like that in the picture.

  10. 24

    Susan Harper

    And ejected from the car!!! She is one lucky young lady!

  11. 25

    Allen Long

    From looking at the pics a little more it looks like it was a rollover crash at high speed. You can draw your own conclusions as to what caused it.

  12. 27

    Chris Barnett

    Certainly hope she is ok but whoever was driving KNEW they were going way too fast to have ended up crashed like that.

  13. 28
  14. 31

    Marie Armstrong

    Talk about climbing a tree….

  15. 34

    Gail Smith Wright

    Who drives or rides in a car without using a seatbelt? It is just common sense!

  16. 35

    Bonnie Andersen Powers

    Whoa, prayers for this lucky young lady, she definitely has an angel watching over her

  17. 38

    Sarabeth Taylor

    to the people with low key rude comments, you don’t know what this girl has been through lately. it was one of my friends so please be respectful to what you say on here. stop assuming what happened or commenting false accusations. thanks.

  18. 39
  19. 42

    Gretchen Vann

    Prayers for your friend.

  20. 43

    Laurie Pryor Brockman

    Looks like she took part of that pine tree in the forefront of the photo. Have mercy !

  21. 44

    Kathy Whitt Jackson

    A lot of young people do. They just don’t think anything can happen to them. Maybe you should just say thank God she was not seriously injured.

  22. 46

    Brandy White

    I can’t imagine how scary this had to be for her. Glad she’s ok. Praying for her ♥️

  23. 47

    Chrystal Simmons Cox

    Getting thrown from the vehicle may be what actually saved her given what the vehicle looks like. Maybe.

  24. 49

    Amy Bannick Griffin

    Unfortunately, I buried a friend years ago because he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. He was ejected from the vehicle and it landed on top of him.

    Maybe this accident will be a huge eye opener for her and will drive more safely in the future.

  25. 50

    Christopher Russo

    Someone is looking over her for sure!! Lordy praying for the driver. Traumatizing….

  26. 51

    Josie Smith

    She was really blessed by God not to be injured worst

  27. 52

    Susy King Pruitt

    How did she end up a tree backwards???

  28. 54

    Josh Burgans

    Someone doesn’t know how to take a joke.

  29. 55

    Patty Vandrell Pearson

    This is one time it paid not to be wearing a seatbelt.

  30. 57

    Erika Dawn Herda

    If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself please. This is someone close to me. God had his hands on her and kept her safe no matter how it happened so please, be mindful of the family and that they can read the things y’all say too. Thank you.

  31. 58

    Brenda Nichols Waymark

    So glad she will be ok- she had a guardian Angel protecting her.

  32. 59

    Erin Riggins Beeson

    Chrystal Simmons Cox my husband was in a wreck when he was younger. He was ejected. If he had his seatbelt on he wouldn’t have survived. Not saying I agree with not wearing one, but he doesn’t wear one every time he gets in a car.

  33. 60

    Jen Brown Dexter

    Prayers for her and her family/friends.

  34. 61

    Jeff Jessen

    Was that a Hyundai Elantra? Or maybe a Honda?

  35. 62

    Chuck Browning

    I have not seen anything rude plus we don’t even know who it is. All I’ve seen is some assumptions on how it happened and most sound correct unless she had a tire blow.

  36. 64

    Erika Dawn Herda

    Is there a problem with what I said?

  37. 65

    Chuck Browning

    Nope but I have not seen one thing on here bad other than people trying to figure out what happened in a horrific one car accident. If it was a family or friend nothing on here would have offended me, maybe I missed it 🤔

  38. 66

    Peggy Willis

    Someone was watching over her.

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