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    Aaron Bruce

    A black eye on the state of Alabama. Birmingham is one of the most dangerous cities in the nation.
    I hope and pray the new mayor will make the safety of his citizens top priority, instead of building parks and retail districts.

  2. 2

    Dean Bradford

    Well gee, who would’ve thought..

  3. 4

    Matt Phillips

    Build a wall around Trussville now

  4. 6

    Mike Jay

    Has Birmingham starts to grow…the crime will spread to cities like Hoover, Trussville, Clay, McCalla, Fultondale, and Hueytown…

    next 4-6 years these cities will have high crime rates

  5. 7

    Heather Marie

    That’s what happens to liberal cities.

  6. 8

    Sharon Blackwood Wilbourn

    Yep. It’s already taken over Center Point. CP used to be a safe place 😢

  7. 9

    David Garrard

    Wtf does that have to do with it? I lived in a neighborhood in blount county with my wife who was mexican. Nearly everyone in that neighborhood was undocumented. It was so safe we left our doors unlocked. U sound as ignorant as Trump

  8. 10

    David Garrard

    In a red state. Poverty breeds crime. And all big cities have this issue. U think conservative cities like Dallas etc. Dont have crime?

  9. 11

    Mike-Holly Downing

    Go get your Nobel peace prize from Nobama

  10. 12

    Lauren Pearson Burch

    David Garrard I don’t think Heather said anywhere in her post they don’t have crime. It’s proven that with high poverty follows high crime rates 🤷‍♀️ look at Detroit. Democrat ran and we are coming in close to being the next Detroit. I’m hoping the new mayor can change things around.

  11. 13

    Anne Snider Steward

    Most of you make me laugh…clueless, living in your bubbles of know it all lands. Birmingham has been in the top highest per capita crime cities for the past 5 or 6 yrs. Last yr we made number 2. The crime is NOT going to spread, outside of maybe robberies, because we live in more affluent areas. . The people who are killing others are typically gang, drug, culture related. Speak to your Birmingham police officers and learn what’s really going on. Your Federal government laws which were put into affect by Obama about community policing are some of the reasons the crime is where it is. Birmingham is one of 10 cities chosen for this Federal study 3 years ago. I bet you can guess the other cities. Police have their hands tied as to the way they are supposed to deal with the crime. My post could go on and on…but please learn rather than assuming Birminghams a bad place or blaming the mayor etc… it’s much deeper than that.

  12. 15

    Daniel Ingram

    All those white people out there committing all that crime…

  13. 16

    Scott White

    And ran by liberals. The highest crime rates in the country have democrats running the show..

  14. 17

    Marie Armstrong

    Not much the Mayor can do without the citizen’s help. A cop on every street corner will not stop the shootings. People need to rise up and take responsibility for cleaning up their neighborhoods too.

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  16. 19

    Mary Frame

    David Garrard – sounds like you are the ignorant one. Band of brothers illegals and criminals usually don’t rob each other.

  17. 20

    Mary Frame

    Lauren Pearson Burch – the new mayor is also a democrat, but we can all hope.

  18. 21

    Chris Hyde

    Birmingham hasn’t been one of the most dangerous cities in the past 5-6 years….Birmingham has been on of the most dangerous US cities for decades

  19. 22

    Anne Snider Steward

    2017 Forbes…wow we are number 5 now in 2017 😂

  20. 24

    Anne Snider Steward

    And this is why I get sick of hearing people say it’s just a matter of time until Trussville is just like this??? You’re right Chris Hyde. But most people apparently do not read or know where they live unless it’s on fb …or rumors. So it must be true!

  21. 25

    Arlene Sanders

    Until The People Tell Who does these crimes the Police and Mayor can’t catch and punish them

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