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    Emmett Haislip

    I’m sure he will counter sue and if she doesn’t have proof that he did or said something to her forty years ago, he may win.

  2. 3

    William Kennedy

    Well those “Where are they now that the election’s over?” people have your answer.

  3. 4

    Darlene Harvey Cole

    The burden of proof is on her and it’s very heavy. Sounds like she’s seeking a “settle out of court” deal.

  4. 5

    Lay Dean James

    She will go all the way with this she is doing this out of pride nothing else and all you people that think he is greater than sliced bread will come up with some other excuse

  5. 6

    Josh Burgans

    Did she already run through that Washington Post money?

  6. 7

    Brenda Burgans

    I heard that the check bounced…lol

  7. 8

    Tjo Johnson

    I just want him to go away.

  8. 9

    Richard Norton

    I hope she does not settle and lets this go to court. How long will it take for him to send an email or letter out asking for more money?

  9. 10

    Doyle Cherry

    If she participated she opened her loaf for some hotdog , maybe he should sue her 30 or so years people should leave alone ye know

  10. 11

    Lay Dean James

    Well I truly believe the truth will come out and just my oppinion I don’t think it will come out in his favor but needless to say she did have something to do with him it still don’t make it right for somebody of his age to Persue a girl of her age

  11. 12

    Doyle Cherry

    When did he bring this up, seems to me all the ladies trying to make a pay day, like the lucky 13 did . you. know what l am talking about just aggravating you southern.

  12. 13

    Tim McKee

    Hook her up to the polygraph. He’s passed one, so let’s see what her’s looks like and then go from there.

  13. 14

    Lay Dean James

    Well from what I have read the newspaper was doing a documentary on him and finding out his back ground they started hearing rumors about him and young girls and they never intended to discover this but it kinda fell in their lap so they Persued it and they came forward I happen to know and I won’t mention his name on here but he is very trustworthy and very prodominent in the gasden bussiness district and we have talked and he clearly states that it has been known in the bussiness district and the courthouse his entire life

  14. 15

    Doyle Cherry

    Political above us common folks we still have to pay for it win or lose

  15. 16

    Tammy McCown

    She is suing for legal costs only. She wants his slander to stop.

  16. 17

    Jonathan Hayes

    Tammy McCown the actual lawsuit she filed says further relief as permitted by law, translation, she wants a monetary settlement.

  17. 18

    Janice Archer Thomas

    Lay Dean James Corfman didn’t come forward on her own she was sought out and asked to tell her story and that is the only reason she did. I am thinking she now wishes she hadn’t. This woman’s Mother shares some of the blame for what happened to her Daughter.

  18. 19

    Zac Abramson

    Highly doubtful. He would then have to testify under oath.

  19. 20

    Zac Abramson

    Prove that. Nine women and 30 corroborating witnesses did not collectively lie. Hard to take, but that is an obvious fact.

  20. 21

    Zac Abramson

    9 women all telling similar stories and dozens of corroborating witnesses would be enough for any DA to bring charges. The statute of limitations is up on that, but there is no statute of limitations on the truth. Statutory Roy will avoid law suits at all cost because he would then have to testify under oath. Watch as he gets quiet.

  21. 22

    Ian Maddox

    Doyle Cherry that’s pretty disturbing thing to say about a 14 year old girl. You have kids?

  22. 23

    Cathy Bean Gamble

    There it is as an adult she can stand up for herself something she could not do as a teen and RM credibility is finished and he most likely will settle for damages….

  23. 24

    Lewis Robinson

    Oh BS, his “affidavit” signed by him only, not even the person that administered the test only covered 3 of the 9 women and doesn’t even say which 3 or what question he was asked. Get a grip! That would never be admissible as evidence in court.

  24. 25

    Tammy McCown

    Not according to news sources and her lawyer. She is suing for a retraction of his words calling her a liar.

  25. 26

    Joey Blalock

    Zac Abramson you probably believed Hillary Clinton too. What am I saying! You still believe her!

  26. 27

    Darlene Harvey Cole

    The suit also asks for “further relief as permitted by law and as the court deems appropriate.” This in addition to costs and expenses of lawsuit.
    Copied from al.com

  27. 28

    Zac Abramson

    Joey Blalock , let’s see….who brought up HRC? That would be you. You poor folks can’t defend a single republican without her. Sad.

  28. 29

    Zac Abramson

    An Alabama senate race in 2017 and still talking about HRC. 😂

  29. 30

    Zac Abramson

    9 women and dozens of corroborating witnesses didn’t collectively lie. They just didn’t. It’s so sad to see people more interested in party than doing what’s right. You folks don’t get to claim the moral high-ground ever again. Nobody believes it.

  30. 31

    Lay Dean James

    Janice Archer Thomas that’s what I have been saying all along if you will read my post

  31. 33

    Tammy McCown

    Regardless, both her, her lawyer, and news sources say she is asking for nothig other than legal fees and the truth.

  32. 34

    Tammy McCown

    First the Moore cult calls them liars, saying if they were telling the truth, they would take legal action. Then they yell and scream how they are silent after the election. So now one takes legal action and they are still bitching.

  33. 35

    Lauren Danielle Smith

    She’s not asking for anything monetary. She wants her reputation restored.

  34. 36

    Joey Blalock

    I’m not defending anyone! I’m simply pointing out that the left is only interested in justice if it fits their agenda! I personally think 99% of politicians are crooks! For the record Zac, do you believe that HRC and the DNC conspired against Bernie Sanders? Do you think Bill is a pervert? Do you think HRC was negligent in the handling of classified materials? Do you think the Clintons have funneled money from the Clinton Foundation for personal use? Typical of your kind to automatically attack someone for an opinion. When you say there are too many accusers to be coincidence, would you not too find that the fact none of these accusers (9 I think you said) filed charges? It’s all about what you want to believe. And so you know I didn’t vote for either.

  35. 37

    Emmett Haislip

    He already took a polygraph so under oath doesn’t mean anything when the polygraph already proved he is telling the truth.

  36. 39

    Darlene Harvey Cole

    Item #4; just as stated by al.com

  37. 40

    Dona Smith

    Oh a sad GOP misogynist

  38. 41

    Terry Yerby

    Haha, is she going to bring the forged year book with her to court.

  39. 42

    Zac Abramson

    Joey Blalock, Show me some evidence of HRC’s guilt. I’ll wait. Is Bill a “pervert”? He’s a man and he had an affair with a woman over the age of consent. Maybe several women. That’s not illegal. I’ve seen no evidence produced that the Clintons took money from the foundation. Their tax returns do not reflect that at all. Prove it, or stop parroting that information. The 9 women who accused Roy Moore of sexual impropriety didn’t file charges back in the 70’s like lots of other women of that time didn’t file charges. That doesn’t mean they’re lying. it means that times were different then. There is also a statute of limitations for charges, but not for the truth. I’m assuming that you don’t really know much about victim intimidation and how calling every accuser a liar silences many women.

  40. 43

    Josh Burgans

    Zac Abramson When did I say she lied Zac? Lovely strawmen you build.

  41. 44

    Josh Burgans

    Dona Smith Check your female privilege Dona.

  42. 45

    Joey Blalock

    You proved my point! You say show me the evidence about the Clintons! You need evidence and not just hear say to convict Clinton but no need for it when it comes to Moore or any Republican that is accused of anything! Hold on tight because the DOJ ain’t quiet through with that pathological liar you idolize!

  43. 46

    Joey Blalock

    Dona Smith you don’t know me and typical of you little whinny libtards, start name calling! Funny y’all had no problem with Clinton and his treatment of women or the fact his wife basically ripped them poor women apart as a result. Be careful calling people that you don’t know names just because you disagree with their opinion! It’s obvious with the random name calling of someone you don’t know that you yourself have issues to deal with! Have a nice day and Roll Tide! #MAGA

  44. 47

    Dona Smith

    Wow first you proved me correct…how typical Alt Right of you. Moore was a pedophile…not a stand by your man issue, of cheating like Clinton…Moore is a creepy predictor.
    Oh and what year did you graduate from UA? I earned my degree in ‘92…from UA Tuscaloosa or are you a Walmart fan?

  45. 48

    Dona Smith

    Josh Burgans my privilege comes from hard work and education…

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