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    Scott White

    Defend Hillary in about a year. She is gonna need it.

  3. 5

    Sid Minton

    Scott White She certainly appears to have gotten away with something…so far. With a little help from her friends.

  4. 6

    Scott White

    Sid Minton 😁😁😁😁.. saw your bride Friday. She tell you i said hello

  5. 7

    Zac Abramson

    I love the feeble reference to HRC. It’s just like a drug to these people.

  6. 8

    Zac Abramson

    As I’ve said before, if you have to tell the world you’re “stable” and a “genius” you are neither.

  7. 9

    Kim Reid

    In what weird parallel world does he live in? Stable Genius? Really! I think the guys with the funny white coat, y’all know the one with the sleeves that fasten in the back come to pick chump up

  8. 11

    Shannon VanderWall Dean

    Stable, genius, very smart, oh…..and humble too!! Geez the ego!

  9. 12

    Chuck Browning

    Zac Abramson the libs are the ones addicted to the Trump drug by far. It shows every day

  10. 13

    Sheila Day Dunaway

    The Trussville Tribune, that is a very chopped up version of this story. Tell it all or dont tell it at all. #MAGA

  11. 14

    Charles Browning

    So never defend against the lies? Forgot it!

  12. 15

    Zac Abramson

    Charles Browning , thrashing about like a fish on deck is the worst possible way to “defend” oneself. Sorry, but nutty rants do more to confirm than to deny.

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