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  1. 4

    James Baker

    Put a bullet between the eyes and problem solved

  2. 5

    Kathy Stanley

    Special place is hell for scum like you.

  3. 6

    Daniel Ingram

    Theres a special place in h…. oh, $30k bond…. why the f arent there charges that come with no bond? We are here to protect the public, but for a small fee…. the public can protect themselves…. apparently…

  4. 7

    Liz Stegall

    This kind of crime against a small, defenseless child should not have any bond. People are tired of this, and I hope our communities will begin calling/emailing our Congressmen, and State representatives, and let them know we will no longer tolerate these monsters abusing our children and grandchildren, and the laws need to change.

  5. 8

    Lucky Taylor

    He should be castrated

  6. 10

    Rose Marie

    I hope we can stone him to death

  7. 11

    Brian E Dunn

    He needs to be drug by his balls till they tear off and let him bleed to death

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