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    Jennifer Knight Mamucud

    Bobby Knight Sr. Gloria Knight

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    Jenny Elk Morgan

    Doug Bailey Jennifer Stephens Mashburn

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    Janice Palmer McMunn

    Holly Lucky Bell — Julie Lucky

  5. 16

    Jennifer Mayhew

    Ridiculous….. what is the matter with people!? Stay safe!

  6. 17

    Trevor Broadley

    By all means rear end me I’ll get new bumper and tailgate and to try out the GEN 5! 👍😂

  7. 18

    Jessica Dunn Pyron

    I just saw this!! Thanks for looking out for me sister!

  8. 19

    Matt Coleman

    Meth and pill heads are taking over

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  10. 24

    Ashley Hunt

    Brittaney Wilhite Falk Christopher Falk y’all stay safe.

  11. 26

    Anita Bice

    I saw this on the news! Crazy!!

  12. 27

    Allen Long

    Hopefully the next victim is armed and puts those guys out of their misery.

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