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Brown Automotive likes to make it easier for its customers

By J.R. Tidwell

Brown Automotive was started by Brian Brown, who has experience working on a wide-range of vehicles.

Photo by Shari Moore.

“We work on everything from Hondas to firetrucks,” Brown said. We do everything from tires and oil changes up to engine repair, transmission work, diesel work, big trucks, lift kits, we do a little bit of everything.”

“I have been in business for two years”, he continued.  “I was a firefighter and EMT for the city of Trussville and I worked for the school board as a fleet mechanic. My background is in diesel engines.”

At the request of several individuals and businesses, Brown saw a need for a local, independent automotive and diesel repair shop.

After several years as a firefighter, Brown decided to go in a different direction, become a full-time mechanic and open his own automotive business. Brown continues to volunteer as a Firefighter for the City of Trussville.

Brown says he came by his love of working on vehicles through his family.

“I grew up doing this”, he said. “My family has always worked on our own stuff. I had some family members who were mechanics, so I kind of tagged along with them. I had an interest in it. The career just opened itself up for me one day.”

Brown Automotive has found a new location at 5841 Service Road in Trussville, which is fully functional and open for business.

Brown says he made this move to for a few reasons.

“We were looking for a new shop to have a better location and a bigger space” he said. “We outgrew the old one pretty quick. We can get double the number of cars in and out here. We have a dedicated space to do the smaller jobs now, like tires, oil changes and brakes.”

Brown works alongside his lead technician, Jimmy Rowe. The new location is fully functional and open for business.

“While still working out the kinks, we are pleased to be in our new location and looking forward to filling up the shop.”

The best way to contact Brown Automotive is to call 205-508-5855 or visit their website “We try to make it easy for folks.”

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