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CRM Motors raises the bar for customized jeeps, trucks and SUVs

By Tanna Friday

CRM Motors is obsessed with custom Jeeps and trucks. Whether you are looking to ride the trails in the great outdoors, or elevate your commute to the urban jungle, CRM Motor’s goal is to customize Jeeps and Trucks so it’s easy to find the right vehicle for you.

Photo provided by CRM.

CRM Motor’s primary focus is off-road vehicles, but their business doesn’t stop there. “So, on top of highlighting the jeeps and trucks and off-road type vehicles,” said General Manager Kasey Graydon. “We also sell really nice pre-owned SUVs and cars.”

CRM can create every level of customization you could dream up. With financial options available, CRM Motors has what you need to meet your needs and your pocketbook.

“Our custom shop can do it all,” said Graydon. “From lifts and exterior upgrades, wheels, lift kits, tires, winches, fender flares, lighting systems, custom tops, and everything in between.”

Graydon explains that these upgrades are for any vehicle – purchased from CRM Motors- or not. There are more advantages to buying and accessorizing your vehicle directly from CRM Motors

“What sets us apart is that you’re buying these vehicles ready to go as opposed to lumping them into your car loan or spending $3,000-$5,000 in addition to your purchased vehicle price,” he said.

Graydon says that purchasers will see the finished product, ready to go, fully serviced and inspected. In addition to service and inspection, CRM Motors has parts available in inventory.

“All of the parts on all accessorized jeeps and trucks are going to have new parts that comes from us right here in Pelham,” he said.

CRM Motors has been around making some big bad lifted trucks and jeeps for 24 years now. That’s over two decades of knowledge and experience that CRM has committed to its customers.

There is financing available for every budget. “We have some options to keep peoples payments low,” he said. “We have a first-time buyers program, college graduate program, and a zero down program. Financing is something I think we have an edge over our competitors.”

Once you have bought your vehicle, CRM Motors has a full-service center available to the public as well as their loyal customers.

“We service our own vehicles,” he said. “We perform multi-point inspection before they ever get to detailing on our lot for sale. We also have a full-service center for anyone who wants to bring their own vehicle to service or customize. If they want to make modifications to existing truck or jeep, we can do that. This service can also be financed.”

Graydon, who is also the owner of ‘Trussville to Go’ believes that CRM Motors is valuable choice for buyers for many reasons.

“I can honestly say that these guys at CRM Motors are good people with a good business and a
good product. We try hard and do our best. When it comes to business, anybody can open a car lot, but it’s people that make the difference.”

CRM Motors is located at 2710 Pelham Parkway in Pelham. Visit their website for inventory at

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